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  1. http://www.sandithom.com/tour-dates/ Going to see her at the Lemon Tree in Aberdeen on the 22nd April .....Tour starts Today
  2. Most of the Lochs are owned by Estates in that area but on this one we could not find anywhere to obtain a permit so we just went for it,most as only £10 a day but dont let you float tube it as they have boats on them mainly for Trout and Salmon ,Pike fishing is only done on one or two better known waters and the smaller ones are left pretty much alone,when you find one it can turn up some nice fish.
  3. Had a wee shot at float tubing at the weekend for the first time,It was brilliant fun although hard work getting used to paddling in the right direction at times,started of from an old boat house and headed out about 40 ft as it was quite shallow and weedy close in,two casts and my first pike on a tube . Caught on a small mepps,10 mins later my first ever Perch, After a few more small perch and wee Jack Pike we worked our way down the loch (loch was about 1mile long).lots of nice weedy bays and deeper wate drop offs ,Lots of wee Perch and pike. Lost one decent Perch at the Tube then hooked into a nice Pike which towed me about for a few miutes before it went into a weed bed,took abit of work but i managed to get it out and land it ,never weighed it but probably 7/8 lb. Weather was realy good with sun off and on and no wind,very mist early on. Great day out but after lunch the wind picked up and we gave up as by this time my wee legs were starting to cramp up Loch was north of Inverness on the Ullapool road cant rmember the name. __________________
  4. Cracking fish Linda a big well done on landing that nice Blue
  5. Good to meet up with you for a few hours Barry,pity the Skate were a bit shy but thats the way it goes just means you will have to head up that way again !! Good to meet up with Davy,Linda,Uncle Norrie and Mick again pity it was only a short visit but we were on a 24hr species hunt so headed up to Loch Sunart after the boat trip,ended up with 18 species for our day including the Grand Slam of Wrasse at the West Pier...Ballan,Cuckoo,Goldsinny,Corkwing and Rockcook Norrie keep practicing the dancing you will get there one day would not mind a copy of the RHCP dvd if you dont mind Davy if there is a spare date in yer buzy schedule a BMD would be nice mate Anyway nice to meet up again and hope to meet up again soooooon.
  6. Got a dodgy knee so it might need some lubrication at some point on a 24 hr rover with the club so idea is Ballahulish daytime Sunart at night so hope to see you later on Sat night if it all goes to plan.
  7. Keep Uncle Norrie off the whisky before breakfst or he will be sleeping at the helm before 10am have a good one lads,might be at Sunart during the weekend so might try to pop in past to say Hi
  8. Caught on trolled dead brownie, weighed in at 20lb 4oz Flat calm day and boiling hot so happy to pluck this one out had one more at 8lb.
  9. Went down the beach at Cullen Tonight at about 6ish with my youngest son to fish the first few hours of the flood ,bait was mackerel ,sorted up a spining rod with a two hook rig for kyle and he cast it out into a nice wee surf about 20ft out,sorted out one rod for myself with a 3 hook paternoster rig baited with mackerel and cast it out just beyond the first breakers,young lads rod was sitting in a small surf spike holder when it sudenly landed on the sand and the spike had snapped ,he picked up the rod and it had a fair old bend in it thinking it might be weed i walked to the waters edge and the first thing i see is a wee lump oh weed then a tail started splashing ,grabing his line i pulled the biggest TURBOT i have seen from the beach onto the sand a cracker that weighed in at 4lb 6oz he also had 3 flounders i managed 7 flounders nothing over a pound but good fun. One happy wee man and a proud Dad
  10. Aye I think Les was there for his charm and boyish good looks rather than his witty conversation.
  11. Who was that SHIFTY looking chap with the Yellow Jacket !!!! catching the LSD sorry Spurrie Must say it was a pretty good programe all the same
  12. blindog

    MOG report

    Nice one snatcher Keep practicing them arras lad
  13. Well sounds like a decent week,pity i had to miss it but hey such is life glad to see Norrie with his shield ,well done M8 ,Good tae see Jabee with a decent fish as well instead oh sleeping and slavering A big congrats to Liam on his heroics Going tae the Gym tae beat me at arm wrestling was worth while eh And last but not least a great big thanx to Davy and Linda for putting us up and up with us while we were there the weekend before
  14. it was guy got some pics but they are threw Photobucket so i cant post them on here. Norrie sent you some by e-mail let me know if you get them .
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