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  1. No script is an absolute must for me Also auto refresh, I use that all the time when bidding on eBay
  2. Emz

    Moving Fish

    Nope, not moved them yet. Got a place now, moving in 2 weeks time. I'm not taking him out and putting him in fresh water as such, he's going with the slime and old water from the tank so some of his natural (whatever you call it) is with him. Already picked up a large polystyrene box from the fish shop. Going to put him in a thick double bagged bag in this with lots of air in. Journeys only six hours so fingers crossed he should be alright (already got a tank set up down at the other end too). Just a quick question though. My plec atm is about 3 - 4 inches wide and he must be at least 10"
  3. How very sad I didn't know him personally, but I always considered him as one of the "friendly AN regulars". Im sure he will be missed deeply be all
  4. Crap? Getaway!! It's the best browser out!!!
  5. Ordered a hdd from them once, never received (they never sent it out) was that mad I requested a full refund. Other half has never had a problem with them and they do appear to be quite cheap. Maybe they just don't delivery to Wales Overclockers, highly recommended.
  6. Indeed, heard it happening quite a few times now Genuine innocent people too, just unaware of the risks. Wicked? If you say so LOL at the iptables example above
  7. By all means I still consider myself a noob, you can never know everything Running FC5, reluctant to upgrade to FC6 just yet.. But like i've said, I'm debating whether to upgrade to FC6 or switch to unbuntu. Nope, not looked into Gentoo. http://distrowatch.com/ Ubuntu appear to be the top linux distro atm but at the end of the day, ultimately it's up to ones preferences / taste. What wireless card do you have? I had no trouble installing mine. I have an atheros card. I simply installed madwifi drivers - works perfectly. With the dongle, I did have a bluetooth script that enabled y
  8. Thats exactly what I use to run Dreamweaver & Adobe Awesome, it's great for testing too!! Only annoying thing is that it's a bugger to install (FC runs an unsupported kernel so I have to re-build it). Been debating for a while whether I should switch to Ubuntu
  9. Cheers for the heads up. It's been that long since I've used windows that I've forgotten
  10. Too true. I've actually left mine open deliberately sometimes, amazing what you can find out, even more fun is turning their world around, literally. Ip tables are fun
  11. www.confused.com - I swear by them!! Your insurance seems awfully high. My first year only cost £800 (I was 17 too)
  12. Shall I reply then? Chris - you have a pm
  13. Emz


    Sorry to hear that mate, but I couldn't help but giggle then! They sound good! My pillows are always [email protected] too, *goes to look at eBay*
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