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  1. David Shaw Smith, Irish documentary film maker 16/01/2021. Created the "Hands" series of Irish Traditional Crafts.
  2. Sadly John Roberts has recently died suddenly. Probably only a celebrity in his families eyes and of the thousands of anglers whose angling was made easier by using his products. A real gentleman and thoroughly nice guy. RIP John you will be greatly missed.
  3. Sadly John Roberts has recently died suddenly. Probably only a celebrity in his families eyes and of the thousands of anglers whose angling was made easier by using his products. A real gentleman and thoroughly nice guy. RIP John you will be greatly missed.
  4. Just a heads up for anyone who might be interested. 30/09/2017 https://pacgb.com/pac-convention/
  5. Guessed I might have to do that but was trying to avoid the hassle. Thanks Ajay
  6. But keep getting error on server?????? File size is 325kb 500 x 425 after mush reducing from 2.45mb
  7. And the Cambridge one featured in a Pink Floyd video High Hopes from the Division Bell.
  8. The Cambridge version is much better and not just because it's over the river. Nice shot however.
  9. I just returned to the fold as well. Suddenly saw I still had a link in my favourites and thought I wonder is there anyone out there and low and behold lots of space talk.
  10. If our universe is 13.7 billion years old, can anyone tell me what was there before the universe and who has been doing the counting? Also as it's expanding surely whatever it's expanding into is even older? Also what's it called? So many questions.
  11. So what is Elton up to? Looks like he's making his fortune in other ventures, Wedding cars, car restoration etc.Shame if he has abandoned this site but Good luck to him in his other exploits.
  12. What a total and absolute cock up. Handed to Rosberg by his German team mates. Rosberg seems to think he's won the race, he might have crossed the line first but he certainly didn't win it.
  13. What Barry said. Good drive by Kimi as well. Was anyone driving too slowly for Rosberg this week?
  14. It's football Phone football. Pleased to be naive especially by 3 tenths of a second, that's some great rigging.
  15. Just watched the Hamilton interview, great stuff Lewis. Looks like he is enjoying winding Rosberg up. Rosberg really is a whiney little sh!te. "He's going to slowly and compromising my race"???? He was 4 seconds behind. Nice win Lewis.
  16. Copied and pasted from a bird forum I use. Bitching is alive and well on Cambirds. Ha Ha. seymourbirdies 30 Mar Hi All I have just uploaded some close-up photos of the Gunners Park Serins at Alan andrew.tongue 30 Mar Alan I dipped these birds and I don't need to be reminded on Cambirds! Off topic, and, as far as I'm concerned, of no interest. Sorry fella. Sore point. Keep on topic, yeah? Andrew
  17. The only problem with the Ferrari win was the return of the one finger wagging salute. As James May would say Rosberg is a c0ck.
  18. OK tried all the stuff suggested but still unable to get rid of snap.do so I've done a clean install for her. Thanks for all the help, no doubt I'll be back with some other catastrophe soon.
  19. Windows laptop a friend has forgotten his password and can't get in to his computer, any ideas how he can sort it? And no it's not me.
  20. GRAFHAM WATER FLY FISHERS have their last winter meeting coming up on the 24th February. JOHN EMERSON will be visiting us to give us a fly tying demo plus showing us the latest products from the HANAK range of FLY TYING materials. 7.30 for 8pm start at Grafham Water Visitor Centre Marlow Park, Grafham, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire PE28 0BH All welcome
  21. Sorry that should say 10th February not the 9th.. Our next meeting features Allan Shephard on Saltwater Fly and Lure fishing. 7.30 for 8pm start. At the Grafham Water Visitor Centre Marlow Car Park Grafham Huntingdon PE28 0BH Allan has recently taken over the game tackle company ROK MAX and will be talking about saltwater fly and lure fishing. Allan Shephard was recently Marketing manager for Sportfish & Farlows. He is a qualified fly casting instructor and hold the AAPGAI advanced qualifications in Trout and Salmon casting. His interest is spread across game, sea and coarse fishing
  22. I t now turns our she also has snap.do causing all sorts of problems as well? I've put a new password on the computer to stop him doing anymore damage.
  23. Sounds like fun. Malwarebytes and C Cleaner are already installed and up to date. I ran both yeterday to no avail so I'll try roguefix with fingers crossed. Thanks for the info. Colin
  24. My neighbour's ex husband has managed to get back into her house and use her computer. It seems he waited for one of the boys to get in from college and followed him in while the door was unlocked He's managed to infect it with stuff that I'm struggling to remove. safesearch is one thing, it hijacks the browsers and pops up loads of adware. Also snap.do which refuses to go away and can't be removed via uninstall program I've just changed her password so hopefully he can't make it any worse if he gets in again. Any ideas??
  25. Our next meeting features Martin Cottis who will be giving a presentation on Reservoir Dry Fly tactics. Martin is a well known Guide and International fly fisher who specialises in fishing the dry fly onhis home waters around Bristol. All winter meetings will be held at Grafham Water Visitor Centre, Marlow Park, Grafham, Cambridgeshire, PE28 0BH 7.30 pm for 8.00pm start
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