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  1. I am selling a small collection of lures for my brother who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's. All brand new and obviously unused I'd like to sell as 1 lot and am asking £80 plus P&P. More images in further posts. PM me if interested.
  2. That's odd as I watched the whole of Sunday's F1 OK?? is this link any different? http://www.coolsport.tv/schedule.html I've just tried linking from this post and it works fine for me. I think I might have given you the wrong link originally Footie tonite ENGLISH Live UEFA Champions League Semi-Final First-Leg Atletico Madrid v Chelsea 7:30 pm-10:00 pm Stream 21
  3. Yep, take Tony Bliar for instance.
  4. There aren't until you lot turn up :hypocrite:
  5. Don't forget the flood defences! "Environment secretary Hilary Benn has come under fire after flood defences outside his family's home were shored up while a historic harbour nearby is being abandoned to the sea. Last October 100 concrete tiles were replaced on a sea wall outside the Essex farm belonging to Mr Benn's father Tony, after they were ripped off by the tide. But at the same time the Environment Agency decided to abandon to the sea the harbour at Southwold and parts of the nearby village of Walberswick, 70 miles up the coast on the Blyth estuary in Suffolk. Scroll down for mor
  6. Tuesday 18th February 7.30 for 8pm start Mike Green giving an illustrated talk on his recent Adventures in the Amazon. No doubt he will probably have something else to wet your appetite, perhaps Rooster Fish in Mexico or Tarpon in Venezula. HARBOUR VIEW RESTAURANT Grafham Water Fishing Lodge Perry, Nr Huntingdon, Cambs PE28 0BX
  7. Hi All, Finally we have a list of the last of our winter meetings. They are as follows WINTER MEETINGS 2014 Tuesday 4th February - Fly Tying evening in aid of the England Ladies All flies tied on the night will be auctioned at the British Fly Fair to raise funds for the England Ladies Team. Tuesday 18th February - Mike Green - Exotic Location Fly Fishing Mike is just back from the Amazon and not long before that he was in Mexico, The Seychelles, Cape Cod etc. etc. So it remains a mystery as to where he will take us on this evening. Tuesday 4th
  8. I'd rather watch him than most of the [email protected] that's on these days.
  9. Isn't Elton away for personal reasons?? If so that could be why the site isn't right up to date.
  10. Tuesday 10th December Harbour View Restaurant, West Perry, Huntingdon, Cambs PE28 0BX 7.30PM FOR 8.00PM start New Zealand: A poor mans approach -Brian Calvert & Chris McCleod All welcome
  11. Sod quickly, just score will do and the longer it takes the better.
  12. I bet the taxi drivers in Manila were rubbing their hands.
  13. Thanks for the reply. The reel belongs to an old friend who is looking to move a lot of his tackle because of his age and lack of mobility. He thought as many do, it would be worth a lot more. I'll break it to him gently
  14. Anyone any idea what I should be asking for one of these? It's in a presentation box and is Number 5 or fifth one to be made. Brand new and unused. Thanks.
  15. You'll have to wait for Halley's next time round Ken. )
  16. You can if you so wish download and then install Stellarium to your computer using the following link http://www.stellarium.org Enjoy
  17. Great news from Grafham Water - the fishery will be open to both boat and bank anglers during January, until Sunday 2 February. Around 10 boats will be available for hire throughout December and January with the remainder coming off the water for essential maintenance. Fishing and boat charges will be the same during January as they are in December. This means half day permits are valid all day and day boats are just £18 or £16 for single man. All anglers who bought a Season ticket during 2013 are invited to ‘have a go’ and fish Catch and Release only free of charge (boat charges will apply)
  18. Tomorrow evening Tuesday 26 November No doubt the NEW extended season will discussed at length as well. Harbour View Restaurant, West Perry, Huntingdon, Cambs PE28 0BX 7.30PM FOR 8.00PM START. Next meeting Tuesday 10 December New Zealand: A poor man’s approach -Brian Calvert & Chris McCleod Same time, same place
  19. I can't see anything now it's raining. What's a grammar nazi? Jupiter is NOW just North of due East . F**k knows where Venus is? )
  20. I thought you were talking about Jupiter? Venus is below the horizon, it's Altair that you can see and yes that's SW. Jupiter is about to show itself to the NE well it would if it wasn't so cloudy. ;o)
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