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  1. Five of us fished Rookery Meadow about 18 months ago.Quite silty.Only gravelly area is right round the margin.This is about 3 or 4 feet deep.That's where the swans come into play.They are an absolute nightmare.I did manage to extract a 29lb mirror and I lost a large common off the top.We found the baillif extremely unhelpful.Saw him once in the whole week.Not a place I would ever fish again.Lot of small stuff in there as well.I was the only one out of the five of us that managed to catch anything decent.Hope this helps.
  2. Elphicks near Goudhurst (Tunbridge Wells area).Carp to 40lb.Catfish to 50lb+.Day ticket water with night fishing.Personally found it extremely easy (if that is what you want)
  3. For sale.Chub 5 star holdall for sale.Excellent condition.£45 inc.p.p.
  4. Sorry guys,this bivvy is no longer available.
  5. Did I not already say that I am aware that they are farmed fish?It's just a queezy sort of feeling I get personally because of my love for carp.
  6. Unless it's a leather.Not many scales on them .Funnily enough I started a thread on the Carp Forum about the very same subject because I recently saw a mirror carp on the slab in Sainsburys.This one was quite large.9 or 10 lbs.Unfortunately (as usual) everything was taken out of context.I am aware that carp were originally brought into this country many years ago by the monks as a food source.I'm also aware that these fish are fish farmed for food.However I think what the guy who started this thread is trying to say(as I was) that as carp anglers with a passion for carp it is not easy to come
  7. You put the rig in the bag anyway with this type of lead.All you are doing is instead of tying off the bag you slide the rubber ring down the lead (over the top of the bag) and locate it in the groove around the lead.Used them for a while and then ditched them.Several times I found the ring up the line after the retrieve and I suspect this happened on the cast so the bait could have gone anywhere.I do a lot of bag fishing (succesfully) and I prefer it to mesh.You need to get your bags really tightly packed and lick and stick the corners back to form an aerodynamic shape.Don't cut the corners
  8. Roony~~~~~~ have had catfish to 33lb on 15lb mono hooklinks and No6 hooks whilst fishing for carp and not had a problem.However,when I go specifically for catfish I normally use 45lb Quicksilver.
  9. Fox Frontier bivvy+winter wrap £125.Very good condition.Winter wrap only used 4 times.Includes pegs and storm poles.
  10. Polly~~~~~~~~~ September is a great month for carp fishing.Probably the best month of the year.Especially the latter part of the month.If the weather is reasonable October can also produce some good results.
  11. Depends how far you need to cast the PVA bags.I use the Chub Vantage 2.25lb.TC rods with Shimano Biomasters.Can chuck a large PVA bag along way with these rods.Awesome!
  12. Punture the bag with a baiting needle but don't cut the corners off.Dampen the corners and fold them back tightly until they have stuck to the bag itself.You need everything as tight as possible.This makes for better casting and accuracy.
  13. Sorry.I forgot to say that I have only ever used the red pepperami (spicy)
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