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  1. Well done everyone, hopefully we will be able to join you next year.
  2. The common name is the Angle Shades derived from the characteristic markings on the forewings.
  3. Dave, great to hear you are on the mend and out fishing again. I have been offline for a while, due to the move north but I will be logging in more frequently , just to keep an eye on you. Tony
  4. I have still not received mine despite the EA telling me I would get it in the next ten days on 4/04/2017.
  5. We are off to Thailand Fishing and Birding, before anyone asks, but look forward to reading the catch returns.
  6. I had a Winfield 12' Carbon Match, bought from Woolco Killingworth back in about 1981, It replaced an ABU All England glass rod that I wasn't too impressed with. It served me many years until I replaced it with a Silstar sliced tip Boron rod. It performed admirably.
  7. Well that's it; I retire from TfL today and we move back to Northumberland on the 8th June.
  8. Well done to all those who fished in what was some of the coldest April weather we have experienced for some time.
  9. Long Rods i.e. 10ft or more with weights between 2-4# are becoming more popular for Grayling or Trout fishing using French, Polish or Czech Nymphing Techniques. These methods generally involve Flocking out a long leader with a team of weighted nymphs and fished upstream at close range. The long rod helps with this as you can hold the flies out in the current away from your body. There are plenty of articles in the Fly fishing magazines and on the internet about these techniques. If you fish traditional UK methods such as upstream dry or nymph or down and across northern spiders, then the ro
  10. I would have bid for the fly rod but as I retire at the end of May and moving house things are a bit tight at the moment.
  11. Good luck to all, as we are preparing to move house, back to Northumberland we just haven't got the time to go this year. Still I will be able to get cheap Salmon and Sea Trout fishing on the Tyne and Coquet. Tony
  12. Sue and I are selling up and moving back to Northumberland some time this year, but I would love a last hurrah at Wingham.
  13. Rum or Bourbon for me I am drinking a nice Ron Vigia Gran Reserva 18 Años or a Nice old Makers Mark or Bulleit without ice and coke of course.
  14. If you want to read about fishing in the Cuban Cayos then Fallon's Angler issue 2 has a great article about fishing from the hotel Hobbie Cat.
  15. I would recommend Cuba it has all the attraction of Mexico and Costa Rica, but with the advantage of being much cheaper (stay away from Avalon though, unless you have inherited a fortune). You can do Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo as a package tour so that keeps costs down and from there you can choose, Flats fishing for Bones Tarpon and the elusive Permit, Deep sea trolling for Sailfish, Wahoo, Dorado, King Mackerel, Yellow Tail and a chance of Marlin, or fish poppers in the mangrove channels for Cuda, Snapper, Jacks etc. and costs are reasonable. Also you can still DIY fish the islands. The
  16. Tony U

    LRF fish-in

    Well the weather was OK until 12:00 and then it p**d down and we got soaked, still we managed quite a few species: Tompot Blenny, small Pollack, Ballan and Corkwing Wrasse, and Pouting, I managed one of about a pound and half, they actually go a bit on a 1-7g rod. Sue, Cat and Luke were dropshotting ragworm I had the majority of my fish on the small pink isome worms. Next time i will try for a meet in July, the weather may be better; that said the venue will be more crowded. Tony
  17. Tony U

    LRF fish-in

    We will be on the sea wall at the bottom of the ramp leading from the Car Park, see you there.
  18. Tony U

    LRF fish-in

    Weather for Sunday doesn' t look too bad: http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/2651048
  19. Tony U

    LRF fish-in

    Tides for next Sunday: http://www.tides4fishing.com/uk/england/dover
  20. Part of the cardinal family (Cardinalidae) of the Americas, I've only ever seen a Male Rose-breasted Grosbeak , a really handsome bird.
  21. And better than say Morpeth or anywhere in Northumberland come to think of it.
  22. I would imagine you will be aiming to start off on the small still waters so something in the 9' - 9'6" range with a rating of 6-7# this will cover everything you will need to begin with. In terms of value for money and the fact that they are pretty damn good i would recommend that you look at the Shakespeare Agility Range Lots of them available from the online stores like this one (chosen at random): http://www.garryevans.co.uk/shakespeare-agility-fly-rods-save-up-to-15-6836-p.asp They will also be able to kit you out with a suitable reel (nothing too fancy to begin with) and Fly line to
  23. We used to use this or Pig weaning meal as a groundbait for Bream at Lochmaben, back in the day (mainly becasue they were cheap); I am sure there are better alternatives around these days.
  24. Tony U

    LRF fish-in

    You wil be able to pull in the rocks with that outfit Barry, we will be fishing with 2kg line and 5-20g weights and size 6-10 hooks, the Congers will not stand a chance.
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