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  1. Sue won the vintage lures lot and has decided she wants to start a Devon Minnow collection, so I have had to cough up for some more lures she has won on auction on Ebay. Talk about starting something!
  2. It was the most impressive thing i thought about Wingham when i was a member the different wildlife but more so with the birds. Hirudines really were there in flocks one moment and gone in the next. Sparrowhawks are getting very common nowadays and many are spotted up to the gates and like you said i have never seen so many Hobbies in one area and i used to breed them. Bitterns are quite popular in that area of the SE. I once saw a Merlin there which although i have flown have never seen in the wild. You would get more birds of prey if it was not for the fact that the rabbits are shot due to i
  3. Well what to say, my first Coarse fishing session for over four years and I bag a PB Tench of 8.00lbs and caught on a piece of plastic sweetcorn another first. Mind you if it wasn't for a superb bit of netting by my ghillie Sue, I would have lost it at the net. Between us it was complete chaos landing a fish in the dark for the first time in years, petty someone didn't video it. I must pass on Sue and my thanks to Steve for a great weekend and to Peggy for the excellent BBQ on Sunday afternoon. I also am grateful to Vagabond for winning the mini fly reel that saved me a few hundred quid th
  4. Steve In Wild Waters is in very good condition, the other In Invisible Waters, the dust cover has got a bit torn in places, so it has been laminated, library stye. Tony
  5. I've got a couple of additional items: In Visible Waters, John Bailey with illustrations by Chris Turnbull In Wild Waters, John Bailey I believe they are both now out of print.
  6. No Man's Land also by Eric comes pretty close!
  7. SteveI bet you were using a fixed spool braid is a pig to use with shorecasting multipliers as it beds in when power casting causing mahoosive birds nests and break offs. .
  8. I have got to say we are looking forward to it, Sue is there as well, though she seems to have reservations about Coarse fishing; hopefully, it will get us back into it and I cannot think of a better place than Wingham to do that.
  9. I use the cheap braid as well apart from my LRF fishing, I have not had any problems with it. It also makes excellent fly line backing.
  10. I forgot how much stuff you have to take for a coarse fishing overnighter, good job we have a SUV. I am used to a bag, a couple of rods and a landing net.
  11. We've got a 9'6" 6/7# Airflo Tec-MT and a cassette reel with suitable fly line we can donate.
  12. Steve thanks for the offer but I have found a couple of nets that will cope, I have also ordered a replacement latex mesh net which will hopefully arrive before Saturday.
  13. Anderoo It certainly did the trick at my local put and take yesterday morning, five trout in three hours including two Brownies. Tony
  14. Well, thats the bivvying up stuff, sorted from the shed; most of it scruffy but intact. Mice have managed to chew through my good Korum net but it is just about serviceable and one chair is ruined, luckily it was the one we rarely used. Off up to the loft to sort out the rods and terminal tackle; it will be interesting to see what I have!
  15. Anderoo Thanks for the tip I will follow your example, I don't think I will alter the rig set ups I used from a few years back they cannot possibly have changed too radically, I may have to get down to a tackle shop though to get some new leads and hooks. Tony
  16. Yes just across the water
  17. I am using Rockfish Ultrabraid - Yellow - 8Lb from Tronix, though this is for LRFing in the sea, but essentially similar to dropshotting. I also use 4lb Fluorocarbon straight through. With this I have landed Wrasse to 2lb and Pollack to 3lb as well as the usual array of mini species. This article is worth a read: http://www.veals.co.uk/blog/2013/11/lrf-not-just-for-saltwater/
  18. I've seen loads of Swallows, Red Rumped Swallows, House Martins, Sand Martins, Crag Martins, Alpine Swift, Pallid and Common Swift; then again I have been in Andalucia for the last two weeks.. Tony
  19. Try these Craghoppers Kiwi Pro Active Trousers - Dark Khaki http://www.uttings.co.uk/p114447-craghoppers-mens-kiwi-pro-active-trousers-dark-navy-cmj322-2at/#.VS-JZKNAPB0
  20. Well I have an invite, so I will be up in the loft at the weekend and dusting off my Coarse Gear, I will also see if I can root out something for the bailiffs auction.
  21. Well I have thrown my hat into the ring, If I get in I will see if i can remember what to do, I take it dry fly is out of the question!
  22. I go long with Ken look at Catalonia and the Rio Ebro, resorts like Salou and Cambrils offer easy access to fine beaches and the historic city of Tarragona (the Roman Capital of Hispanica) and lots of guides doing day trips for Carp and Catfish on the Ebro.
  23. I really like the Puffin with what looks like Thrift in its beak.
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