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  1. The Redfish and Seatrout look stunning. I must think about a trip over to Florida.
  2. Most of these, so called bomb craters in Kent have a much older origin, in that they are Wealden dye ponds used for fulling wool back in the late middle ages up to the 18th 19th century: if you look an ordnance survey map around Headcorn, Smarden you will see loads of them. Most are unfished, KAPS have a couple of them on our club book and although they are not virgin waters they are rarely fished and can prove to be very difficult. The dominant species in them appears to be Rudd. Tony
  3. No he sold his share in Top Gear back to the beeb or a tidy sum, so he cannot take the franchise with him.
  4. And we moan about the weather in the UK.
  5. Yes I'm going fly fishing.
  6. Barry you also forgot to add total w****r.
  7. Bobj What did happen to Rex Hunt? Tony
  8. I wouldn't be so despondent about the future of Angling in the UK, its no use thinking that young anglers are going to mirror traditional methods that we used or still use. For example the fastest growing sector in Sea Angling at the moment is Light Rock Fishing (LRF) and this is largely led by anglers under the age of thirty, Similarly the growth area in coarse angling is lure fishing for Pike and Perch etc. and that is even outstripping the sales of carp gear, the previous sector leader. Again this is largely youth led, so I am very optimistic about the future of angling, it will be differen
  9. The River Wear rises in the Lead dales of Durham, and they may be a legacy from that; but it is difficult to see why only Swans are affected and why it is happening so far from the source of the lead ore. Perhaps relic deposits in the river bed that have been scoured out by a recent flood, but who knows? Tony
  10. Some familiar titles in my list: A Dream of Jewelled Fishes - John Aston Fish, Fishing and the Meaning of Life - Jeremy Paxman On Fishing - Brian Clark All Ways Fishing - Roger Standen In Visible Waters - John Bailey To Rise a Trout - John Roberts A Passion For Angling -Yates - James - Miles The Old Man and the Sea - Ernest Hemingway Salmon Fishing In The Yemen - Paul Torday Tony
  11. Definitely not A Passion for Angling for me, I like Chris Yates's writing but his voice just grates on me and don't get me started about bl**dy Robson Green. I thought the original Go fishing with John Wilson was excellent for the broad depth of angling that he covered and as someone has already stated all on a tiny budget. I also enjoyed Rex Hunt as he reinvigorated lure fishing in the UK. (at least he did for me).
  12. Get the Lightning add in as well and it gives you virtually all the diary and appointment functionality of Outlook.
  13. I have just received the first two issues and they look to be excellent.
  14. It looks to be very good as its not just Coarse fishing but Sea and Fly as well, I think i will sign up. Also I have done the Dorado by Catamaran, in the Islands in the Stream thing.
  15. Tony U

    Pool 32

    Chris, Thanks for the heads up. Tony
  16. Like all of the others I am largely self taught, but I have learned a lot from the guys on here like Leon, Vagabond, Budgie etc. However as I am not Coarse fishing much I am looking to the likes of Charles Jardine, Mike Marshall, Peter Cockwill etc.
  17. Tony U

    Huge perch

    One of my targets for this year is to do a bit of fly fishing for coarse fish and Perch are high on the list, personally I will be pleased with anything over a pound!
  18. Andrew do you remember Tudor Crisps, I think they were made in Peterlee?
  19. The warren is a lovely campsite and the fishing off the apron can be very good; not just for doggies but early morning lure fishing for Mackerel, Garfish and Bass and also LRF-ing for Wrasse and Pollack. Pity I cant get the caravan down there.
  20. Barry It keeps you off the streets..... no wait on the streets........ Uh! Oh well you know what I mean
  21. I thought this was about Pike fishing as well. and yes I adopt the bib and braces approach as well.
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