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  1. Anderoo Rods You just missed out on the superb Access rods in the Orvis sale the 9' 5# was available for £171 half their original price; not bad for a US build. There are some vailable form outlets such as Uttings or Fishtec but not at that price. Lines Airflo Superdry are well worth a look they seem to have got the problems they had with floaters sorted, I have not had any problems with them. I agree with Steve about the John Norris lines, but my experience of them is limited to a WF9F warm water line that I use for Bonefish and Tarpon. Reels Try http://www.fishskb.co.uk they do an exce
  2. I didn't know there was one, ( at least on the put and takes).
  3. A Rainbow Trout fishing last weekend with Leon Roskilly.
  4. Well we are both around on those dates: but its been over three years since we last did some proper coarse fishing and have forgotten the little bit we knew about it. We could make the Barbecue though just to catch up with a few old and not so old friends.
  5. It was closed this morning, in the old days they used to waive the toll if there were delays of over an hour; that no longer happens.
  6. The problem I had was that the onshore wind had coloured up the water and the fish just wouldn't chase a lure.
  7. Barry Actually they do catch the odd Conger and they anchor up for them as well, some big Ling to. But they never catch them LRFing.
  8. I had a few days in Northumberland over the Bank Holiday and went fishing in Amble harbour; due to the prevailing winds I didn't manage anything on lures and only had limited success with Isome worms. However, using live rag sections on a dropshot rig, I caught a load of what are locally called Puddlers (immature Coalfish) and nothing else. Hopefully next time i go up conditions will allow me to use a more lure based approach. I also met the MD of Sonik who had two of their new Rockchamp LRF rods with him and two prototype reels; very nice bits of kit; anyone want to buy a set of Tronix Rockfi
  9. Tony U


    Andrew After the efforts made by the Sunderland fans following the death of Liam Sweeney and John Adler they now have nothing but our deepest respect. Jim Montgomery was St James Park on Saturday, and i think a hundred years history of hatred are over.
  10. Tony U


    Andrew You can always try Stowell Street in Newcastle, plenty Chinese supermarkets there. Tony
  11. Tony U


    Most Chinese Supermarkets sell good quality green tea, at much more competitive prices than the major supermarket chains.
  12. I don't know the address but you will need to go to the Agencia Medio Ambiente in Arcos. You will also need public liability insurance before you can get your licence, this can be arranged at a local bank or Caja. Then you Handover your UK Fishing Licence, Public liability note along with your UK Passport. They will then provide you with a yellow slip of paper with your NIR number on it. Whilst you are there pick up a Brochure titled Pesca Continental en Andalucia issued by the Department on the areas within Andalucia that you can fish, it also contains the species in each area, also the clos
  13. Barry TfL aren't responsible for parking provision, it's down to the London Boroughs for that. I'm not a Boris fan but you can't pin the blame on him for this one.
  14. Barry You are clearly a habitual criminal; you will probably get life Tony
  15. I have also seen Cranes in South Yorkshire I believe there are some nesting in the vicinity of the Fairburn Ings reserve. Didnt Storks once nest on the chimney pots in Edinburgh?
  16. Didn't Leon Roskilly cause a similar rumpus a few years back when he started using circle hooks for Pike. I always thought doubles would be a good way to go with a small barbed fook to attach the dead (or live) bait and a single barbless hook for the hook up.
  17. I think this issue has been rumoured on the internet chatrooms for some time.
  18. Phone Do not use PG tips to make sweet or iced tea it has too much tannin, use the Liptons tea bags specially made for that or the ready made Red Diamond, I really liked that, with a slice of lemon. Tony
  19. Phone Tony, Why do you come clear to Texas to make your rigs? You are correct about trace material. In fact, I had a protracted "discussion" with Andy. It is clear the facts are of no interest. If you insist (or the venue insists) dental wire is worth considering in the tiny stuff. Do you have dentists in England? Phone PS: HUGELY expensive. Because my mate Paul Keith from Caddo Lake, showed me the way to do it Texas style
  20. Anderoo, where are you buying it from and do they do a 6lb version for my ultralight stuff?
  21. I posted on AN a few years back about Canadian and American anglers using Mason 80-120lb Fluorocarbon leaders for Pike and Muskie, some catching over 100 Pike a season without as much as a scratch on the leader. And was shot down in flames over it with some posters reasoning that Canadian and American fish didn’t have the dental work ours have. I also pointed out that I had caught Wahoo and Barracuda using hard 100-200lb Nylon and Fluorocarbon without any problems and was informed that pike have a much heavier set of dentistry; obviously they have never seen a Wahoo. Anyway I digress; I am us
  22. So they dont make a lever drag centre pin; I'm shocked
  23. I know Zahara very well and yes you do need a licence anglers are regularly checked by the Guardia Civil (not to be crossed) who have the power to confiscate your tackle. Licences are difficult to obtain in Andalucía, not like other provinces as the Junta de Andalucia lumped fishing licences and hunting licences together and you have to sit a test to obtain one or bring over your rod licence and a club membership to be exempted. I believe the nearest town where you can obtain a licence is Arcos de la Frontera and if you can get over the all of the hurdles it takes about three or more days to
  24. Anderoo How do you tie a drop shot rig without using a Palomar not or do you always use fluorocarbon when dropshotting?
  25. I guessed she wasn't the first, but it was a bit of a surprise when we brought it in.
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