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  1. Because I like winding tw*ts like you up Too easy
  2. So who do we have in the little gang? First we have the moron who has decided I obviously have no friends based solely on the fact that I occasionally write on a fishing forum. I don'y quite know how to break this to him as he obviously doesn't understand, but so does he Then we have the littke sad thing that cried like a baby and said that he had to leave because I was a bully, for pointing out the truth about his bull**** He only joins in from the sidelines when he feels he has other on his side. If you added both of their IQs together, you would still not reach double figures (By the way, if either of you have any problems understanding this post ask a grown up to help) Then we have Chesters1
  3. Nice little group we have here. I thought the remarks might be malicious, but I was mistaken.
  4. Ken When did the British people say "yeah" to no deal Brexit? It wasn't mentioned in the referendum, in fact Johnson et al were saying that they would retain access to the single market. That they would be stupid NOT to retain access to the single market. Of course, they may have been lying, knowing that there was no way that they could retain access to the single market without meeting other conditions. If they didn't know that then they were obviously incompetent. EU: " Of course you can have access to the single market, but you will have to conform to the same rules as others who enjoy that privilige" UK: " But we are the UK, we don't have to abide by the rules" EU: "I am afaid you do" UK : "But it's not fair, If you don't let me I'll scream and scream until I'm sick and it's all your fault" EU: "OK" Boris et al: "But we have already promised everyone" EU: Oh dear, let us know if you come up with anything else. Bye.
  5. EU intransigence? I understood that access to the single market was possible but would have required the UK to meet certain conditions, which they were not prepared to do. If the EU were to give the UK access to the single market once they have left, without the UK meeting any of the requirements. then any other country in the world can have access to the single market when it suits them. Doesn't sound likely, does it. It is a bit like someone leaving a fishing club to start their own, but damanding access to all of the original clubs water whenever they feel like it, without meting any of the club rules Maybe it was the UK's intransigence in failing to meet those conditions which means that access was not possible.
  6. Ah yes, the dreaded antifar terrorists. From a report on racially or religiously motivated murders published in America. "from 2009 through 2018, right-wing extremists accounted for 73 percent of such killings, according to the ADL, compared with 23 percent for Islamists and 3 percent for left-wing extremists"
  7. Just for balance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_lNtyG0gUyg BTW, before the usual abuse starts, I am not a socialist or left wing supporter, I am just anti right wing.
  8. Regardless of who becomes Prime Minister, does anyone think that the UK will leave the EU on 31st October? To add to this, my own opinion is that you won't. There is no realistic expectation of a new deal by that date so the only alternative is no deal. If Boris tries to do that he will lose a vote of no confidence. If he prorogues parliament to do it then he will lose a vote of no confidence. Either way, Boris will go down as the shortest lived Prime minister, possibly in history. (I can't be bothered to look it up)
  9. Why would Farage be bothered about who takes charge of the EU? You will be leaving in 3 months, won't you? You can trust Boris I'm sure.
  10. I didn't mention Trump getting reelected. He may well. As for in 3rd year and nothing has happened, that is down to the spineless republicans in Congress. Had a Democratic president done and said a fraction of the things that Trump has, they would be falling over themselves to impeach. American politics has descended into a cheap copy of a 3rd world banana republic. As for the UK doing anything by November, they are busily electing probably the worst candidate in British history who is just stupid enough to drag the UK out to who knows what, after lying continuously to get himself into this position and displaying a complete ignorance of the subject. Thankfully, he is likely to be the shortest lived PM on record as well I see that Farage was ranting on the radio about the new EU boss. He said that she had no legitimacy because she only won by a narrow margin and now she has a nice well paid job for 5 years. His hypocricy knows no bounds.
  11. The farce continues https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1W8wSa5JTl0
  12. Sleepwalking into potential disaster https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BrF8bb6b8ig This guy makes sense, as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrTcXwTDeb0 So, the UK will have a prime minister who looks like Trump, who sounds like Trump and who lies like Trump. This is the man who will be negotiating the YUGE trade deal with Trump. Heaven help you, and all of us.
  13. Strange, I always see them descibed as Muslim grooming gangs. When I read about muslims I don't remeber ever reading about their country of origen. It is always "The Muslims did this" or "the Muslims did that" Years ago I was mugged by three white football hooligans. I don't remember them being described as Christian muggers at the time.
  14. No-one could disagree with that. I would make the point that the vast majority of these offenders are from the same country, so it isn't predominantly Moslems to blame, although that is what happens. All you hear about is moslem grooming gangs rather that Pakistani grooming gangs.
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