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  1. Not a hope, when in front, we seem to go all defensive and sit back
  2. Hi all, Have now sorted problem, automatic updates screwed. Had to stop automatic update services Re-name c:\windows\softwareDistribution to:- c:\windows\softwareDistribution.old re-start services & re-boot all now ok.
  3. Hi all, have a problem with my PC since i dowloaded updates from microsoft updates. Was downloading 5 or 6 updates in the same session Updates seemed to stop downloading after an hour had no choice but to switch PC off, now whenever i try to reboot or shutdown PC it takes approx 3hours but it does succeed in rebooting or shutting down with no errors in the event logs, is there a timer on how long a shutdown takes, or any other ideas? Am running XP Pro sp2
  4. If you can, in safe mode or from a dos prompt Try un-installing the nVidea 6600 GFX drivers, it worked on my AMD system. Found that the original drivers on the disc supplied, dont work I let windows auto discover & used windows version drivers no problem since. Well it worked for me.
  5. I do have TomTom 5, but i only have a single user registered liscence. Do you have a registration code, other wise sending you the CD`s is useless.
  6. where are you in kent mate, i have nothing, but i have to go to work in minute in tonbridge is it clear there?
  7. And yet there are whole villages, like mine, with 50 houses(+ 50 that dont) a school, pub all wanting broadband, but can only get dialup
  8. Can be caused by incorrect IRQ settings. Are there jumpers that can change IRQ settings on the board, or is it software set? These may be conflicting with other hardware.
  9. melpen


    Working mostly, loadsa money!!! Working on chip & pin
  10. Tom Baker from Dr.who lives 1/2 mile away Jeff Beck lives 200yds away Heres one for you jeepster Yvette Fielding used to live 50yds away, just before most haunted started Have only exchanged pleasantries Do these count?
  11. Try this command from a dos prompt. ipconfig /flushdns
  12. i had same problem, you will have to turn your firewall off, then you are ok. Tried to get it working, no matter what i done could not configure it correctly, gave up & scrapt it.
  13. My daughter has the same printer, we as yet have not found a way round this either.
  14. I do have a brand new DEll 17"TFT LCD for sale the specs are:- Dell E173FP Flat Screen Monitor. Specification Screen type - TFT LCD Screen dimensions Diagonal 17 inches (432.0 mm) Horizontal 13.3 inches (337.9 mm) Vertical 10.6 inches (270.3 mm) Pixel pitch 0.264 x 0.264 mm Viewing angle 120° (vertical) typical, 140° (horizontal) typical Luminance output 250 cd/m2 typical Contrast ratio 400 : 1 typical LCD surface coating Hardness 3H, antiglare treatment Backlight 4 CCFL type Response time 16ms make me a resonable offer, i paid £220
  15. PC For Sale:- under 1 month old Brand New:- Pentium 4 3.0 GHz Hyperthreading PC. 1Gb memory 2 x 40 Gb hardrives Windows XP home, with Liscence Microsoft Office 2003 with Liscence 17 inch TFT flat screen £500
  16. It could be the clock chip itself on the motherboard, you might need to upgrade or re-flash the BIOS, NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED If flashing goes wrong PC can develop a terminal illness.
  17. Depends on how big the hardrive is,and wheather or not you are doing a low level format
  18. melpen


    Now stopping, light flurrys, might even turn to rain!
  19. Adverts in general but especially in middle of films or the film in two parts with the news programme in the middle
  20. melpen


    Snow flakes getting very large now, ooh eck winds picking up!
  21. melpen


    Just looked out of window, its snowing very hard. Havent seen any weather forcast predicting snow in Kent or did I miss It.
  22. SCSI old but reliable technology, now were using cascading optical drives, Terrabites not gigabites, defragging these is just not worth it, takes to long.
  23. I have the Tom Tom version 5.00 on my HP pocket PC, all the maps that came with the last upgrade ie:- version 4.00 to version 5.00 including Europe are included, only thing is i need to upgrade my memory card from 256mB to 512mB to fit them on. But your buying the Tom Tom 300, no idea how that works.
  24. The question to be accurate should not be how many, but long does it take to change a light bulb..... When the bulb needs replacing it takes me 3days of surching around the house to find one, then still having to go to B & Q to get the right one.
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