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  1. With ass Cleve age like that I’m sure he could lay bricks Coster did Mrs coster understand ?????
  2. Hi wolfy This gives you an idea of what pellets are! Boilies are made to target a carps full nutritional needs hence is a far better food sourse to be feeding.At the end of the day any of these pellet's can be made into a boilie by simply boiling it rather than heat drying it!!! Yet by banning boilies and increasing the use of pellets they are doing more harm than good!!!!!! Coarse fish pellets .Ingredients Fish meal, Wheat and Wheat by-products, Soya meal, Betaine, Maize gluten meal, Fish oil, Vitamins & Minerals. Chemical Analysis Size Protein Oil Ash Moistur
  3. Nice one Edd Lets hope its not another 10 year till the next Pb Daz
  4. Steve all i can say is HELL YES!!! No one knew there was a cat that size in there? Lake record was 32lb until yesterday that is
  5. Big thanks to Rabbs The only thing left to say is let the STELLA flow
  6. Nice one Mark cant wait for the photo's
  7. Only used it the once two seasons back but to no results! average size of fish differs though Newt so on your waters could turn up a good en.Got 10K sent to me to try, soaked it for 12hrs with Betain and sweet aid + a small dash of strawberry might give it a try again in a few weeks? Tight lines bud daz
  8. Use a similar type of presentation but with fake maggots! Critically balance the fake maggots on a size 8 or 6 mini D hook ( i use the ready done Fox mini D's) Use rig putty on the hook shank to balance. Before u cast out glue a few live maggots to your balanced (madusa rig) and hey presto movement and longeverty! It's the mutts nutts as u know that u have a working rig that small fry cant demolish before hitting the deck Tight lines mad F daz
  9. Dont forget lads you have to convince the fish to feed on what you are offering as well. You can have a swim full of fish yet blank as we all know. I to cant wait to find out Tim& Steves tactics but what ever they are doing it sure is working Newt how come you never entered
  10. Mark sounds like they have nicked all your fish mate Have a blinder mate hope you have been working out at the gym dont forget your camara
  11. Rudd ile join you mate As for the latest Tim & Steve have had a good run of fish opening the leed to 751lb next is UK Dave & Carl have moved up to 2nd with 23 fish Come on the lads !!!!!
  12. http://www.worldcarpchampionship.com/leaderboard.php England is running in first place at present with a 556lb leed over Rumania currentley in 2nd place come on tim & ste keep it up [ 07. June 2005, 09:39 PM: Message edited by: dazler ]
  13. Evening Polly Getting as bad as me with the Fox gear but i do rate it very highly. Dont know about the Evo Quiver but i have the Fox Royale Quiver combo! Google it for the spec but a top notch piece of kit.Without the padded rod sleaves you could get 8 madeup rods on it if you wanted Had it 5 years and not a sighn of a loose thread !
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