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  1. Hello Fastd, I understand your logic and fully accept it, that was a topic that was pinned and I was moving away from the conservation side of it. When you put it like that I think your right. It wasnt on the general board and for that reason, fine and thank you for explaining it.
  2. If you packed in the drink we could both retire and spend the spring,summer & autumn fishing and drinking ?????????????????????
  3. sorry thats sweet dreams from Uncle nester (wrong board for coco)
  4. It is essential that there is some form of moderation when something is racist, sexist, slanderous, ageist or darn right personal. I just think, I never that crossed the line, but I,m not a moderator. If someone has a pop at my friends I,ll try and stick up for them, thats fair enough. If you think I,m being a pain thats fair enough also and its healthy to push the status quo / system. What would be the point of a "discussion" board you may as well call it only an "agreement" board. If I can reply to Eltons post, an infantile response, I thought. We should all be entitled to our opinion. And
  5. Nice report mate, It was a lovely week
  6. It is sad that a legimate view I posted has been removed as it was considered by the administration to be a personal attack on a fellow board member. My intention was not to undermine the individual concerned but to highlight the inconsistecies in his arguement for conservation. To the individual I apologise if I offended him, to the board administration I,m diappointed in the cronismn that exists here, big brother is here. Will I be able to read this message or replies.............. I,ll see.
  7. [admin note: content was a personal attack and was removed. Newt]
  8. Forgot to say if you fancy a day on the boat gis a call you shiny headed pisspot
  9. Hello Mate, nice post, I knew every one you were on about except the bloke that gets up at 4 to go fishing????v Was that you??? John I cant get away at all for lads week at the moment, I know youll have a great time and wish you all the best, keep in touch you old git............. I,m very dissapointed I cannit get ck
  10. Report Had a few fish although the weather was brilliant. Best Spurdog 5+lb, 4lb Thornback no other species caught. Many thanks to Conger Conger for some really usefull advice........ Top man the scenery and wildlife was spectacular........ but it doesnt beat the south west of scotland for me....
  11. Hello Snatcher, you would have been fishing for how many hours?????????? Ian did your kid get the fish from the Vee?
  12. Thanks very much guys, will let you know how we got on. Its looking a bit negative compared to the stories I,ve heard. Thanks for your time..............
  13. Anyone offer any serious advice on the shots to try from. Its shore fishing so bait and rigs and species would definately help. We here its good and would like to get our rods bent, as we travel up from geordieland.
  14. lets get this year out the way before you put it in the angling times There should be a prize for best fish from the boat and best shore caught fish, all put 50 p in or something like.... Get the new owners at the clash t oput a fiver in and have a little presentation, we do that in the winter on the ne coast with the boys Ah know its only fun so dont go daft and ask for a pound
  15. I,m getting ready for the trip now. How much am I going to win in the darts competition you baldy beauty., I divent mind how manys going snatcher but no smoking fags in the van, I,ve caught you twice upto now you queer bitch
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