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  1. No thanks pal, think i'll handle it myself
  2. Just googled them, Not sure it's what I was after but who knows? http://www.ukcc.org.uk/cosmetic-surgery/breast-implants
  3. Certainly won't lose any sleep Martin. Just trying to get my head around why we need outside organisations to stand up for us. UKCC, never heard of them. Glenn did have it right we should have given them the two finger salute and rallied together under the banner of UK kayakfishermen and fought for what we want. I know nothing is going to come of this amalgamation but some consultation with other yakfishermen nationwide would have been a better way of going forward.
  4. I think the main gripe is the way a few of the members decided they were above consulting with everyone else and leapt into bed with the AT just to get some dodgy recognition of their kayaking and fishing skills to be able to continue the sot courses. Some discussion first would have been appreciated.
  5. Whatever they are, I'm sure they'll be open for all to see.
  6. I think you've hit the nail on the head there Bill. This is where it all kicked off but with the huge increase in interest, then it was inevitable that specialist yak forums and websites would attract newcomers. I'm as guilty as most for being too lazy to post up reports on two or more sites ( too lazy to do them anywhere to be honest) nowadays, and with the wealth of information out there now on the why's and wherefores of yakfishing then unfortunately AN has got left behind a little. It's a real shame because some of my fondest memories of starting yakfishing were in those early discus
  7. If any of you lads fancy driving another hour from the end of the M4 then you'd be welcome to have a fish with us. Mid Cardigan Bay area, not too much tide to contend with and reasonable fishing, depending upon what you want.
  8. Nice pics Martin, thanks for the company again and putting up with some of my hair brained ideas. Here's a couple of photo's of your fish, not "Snapper standard" unfortunately, I'm a fisherman not a photographer Well done on your first fish on the pole
  9. Oh I see! Are you going to let us know what then? More storage? What are them yanks like eh?! Everything plus the kitchen sink
  10. Luckily for us then ,there are other companies out there who maybe won't keep building barges I see the Florida team all bar one use the old tried and tested P13, Just how many captains do they need though? it's like the Welsh rugby team.
  11. Have we got the names of these "Experienced Yakfishermen" so that we can pass our ideas on to them Richi? Here's one to get started; If there have to be sandwich boxes fitted to any new models, can they be made to accomodate sandwiches from different bakeries and can the centre hatch be made a bit narrower so that anyone with legs thicker than knotted string can sit in comfortably? It can be done I'm sure. Maybe as well, a return to fitting a neoprene cover on the front hatch would solve the problem of loads of water getting in the hull. Stu.
  12. With the weather we've been having for the past couple of months Geoff, I havn't been up or heard from anyone who has, Maybe Snakey and his crew can tell us what's happening. Been pondering going this week though and having a try. Stu.
  13. Great trip and report Simon, proper "Hugh Stoker" adventure.
  14. Richi's pretty much hit the nail on the head with his reply. I think we all do things slightly differently and learn a bit more each trip. Your set up sounds about right to me though I would add a leader to your mainline. A 5ft trace even with the 18inch biter on 15lb line is going to get bust, sooner rather than later. Tope have a habit of rolling in the line and just one turn will have the abrasive skin cutting through the 15lb line like cotton. This season I have been using a Daiwa tapered leader uni knotted to my mainline. This gives you over 20ft of 60lb line above the trace and so
  15. What, like your shoulder?? Sorry mate! wd40 will do the trick but don't ask me to rub it in
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