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  1. brings back memories! had some very nice pike there when I lived in cumbria! I live in SW France now and am considering another kayak to fish the lakes here full of very large Sander!! Nice pics mate!..................Dave
  2. Hey Bill, sorry to hear you are calling it a day. You were the one who got me into kayak fishing when I saw a pic of your converted yak on a site! Also I met my best mate on here (Prowler (Mark)) who I visit in Jersey and we go yak fishing there..... Superb!! We were talking about you as I know you two used to used to talk on here a lot! He is a top bloke (dont know if you ever met him?) he was asking if you still posted. I dont come on here much (just look for posts from buddies from earlier times (few now as the original guys have all migrated to a less comercial site). Keep the shore fishing going and thanks for introducing me to this great sport. I will catch a few for you on my next Jersey trip (just got back) Take care Bill, you're a gud un! SeadooDave
  3. The practice golf balls (very soft foam) are ideal! Push a needle through them and attach them together with nylon twine (a couple of foot long) push em in place and the string "loop" can be pulled quickly if you need to in emergency!. Or you could do similar to the bespoke stoppers by doing similar with twine. Works great even under the seat one! just lift ya bum yank the string and out they come!! ATB Dave
  4. Bloomin eck Mark!! I would remove that address if I were you! its ok me n you avin a gripe but you don't want anyone with nasty intentions getting hold of it!
  5. I know the line fine you moron! I was just tailoring it towards you!! And yes I do mean you, it seems to me you have gained a whole heap out of JO and indeed out of this, what was once fine board, and ruined it with your endless posts of course fishing catches and photos. If you want to get personal and call me a name like above then PM me your address and we can sort it out between us! Plain enough for ya?
  6. Oh god not again! My lord he doth profess too much!
  7. Which is why I don't visit this site much anymore as it has morphed into "JohnsonOutdoorsNet.co.uk"!! Richi on the other hand is genuinly trying to promote the sport of kayak fishing and doing a great job! I think J.O. are guilty of using folk off this forum with freebies and jobs to cash in on the growing kayak fishing market!.
  8. This happened at home, nobody else around. I never let my dog annoy others (she is very fussy actually!) However, I would rather have my dog than a screaming brat dribbling ice-cream over everyone!! they are the ones that should be on a lead!. Mind you, you did buy a Bic!!! nuff said!!!!
  9. He he great picture! Looks like he rules the roost there!! Forgot to mention the vet cost (hopefully THAT will make people think twice about leaving hooks / gear around too!) £1,197! (worth every penny in my book but if it makes folk wary then great!!) SDD~~~~
  10. Cheers guys I must admit that is her "RSPCA" look she adpots when a camera is pointed at her!! But hopefully all of us can still learn a lesson or two! I certainly did!. She is 15 years old which is why I was worried about the op (coming round from it is the problem at that age) but she did and is cleared and ready to go on her hols with us to Jersey yehaaa!. Needless to say she will be nowhere near the fishing gear!!!!! She has come a long way from this pic ha ha! (12 weeks old!) All the best .... SDD~~~~~~
  11. Picking up on a thread from another site! Dogs and hooks don't mix! I think the world of my dog (Cassie) but was foolish enough to leave hooks with a little fish bait left on where she could get to it! (distracted by a serious event) I have never felt so bad as when I realised that she had eaten two of the 3 hooks and one had lodged in her throat. One passed through (thankfully) the "normal way" but she had to be operated on to remove the other. I felt pig sick for a few days while she was in the referral vets centre, I really did!. Please dont be distracted like I was and leave hooks around for your (or anybody elses for that matter) animal to get hold of!. I have added the picture to compound how nasty this is! Like I say my dog means the world to me and I never thought I would be distracted enough to leave hooks around (it was a very short amount of time!) All the best SDD~~~~~~~~~~
  12. No problem mate Good to see someone sensible trying it all out slowly before going on a bigger "mission" ha ha Gud on ya!. Just south of ravenglass is where I yak / fish / live great area IMO Just tucked into mi plaice from sunday! yum!! (from said estuary!) Post up a few piccies of your first catch All the best SDD~~~~
  13. Hi Marra No problem, good to see another yakker in gods county!! No problems on Bassenthwaite as far as I know but I prefer Coniston as I have sussed where the pike are ha ha (Thanks to Nifty) There is a guy who looks on this site now and again originally from St Bees and will be able to give you some good advice on that area (he may see this and reply) I have had some nice Pollock from St Bees, close in around the rocks of the head so you should do well!. The surf can be problematic at St Bees getting in / out but calm settled weather is fine! I intend to hit Coniston and Windermere a fair bit this summer so if you wanna meet up then no problem (or indeed our coast line!!) Safety in numbers and all that My pike fishing skills are limited but I have had some great instruction from another site user and am more than happy to pass it on! You will be able to send Private Messages (PM's) after 15 / 16 posts, so keep posting questions and letting us know how you do to get the numbers in! (I will PM you my mobile!) Also if you are at all unsure about your first few paddles out than let me know and will see if I can make it up there (if I am off wuk!!) I was out Sat and Sunday and have a frezer full now mate Corking weekend although am kerry packered now ha ha! Keep in touch and let us know how you do if you do get out! Dave~~~~
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