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  1. You appear to have a particular and specific hatred for Islam. You fear that Muslims are going to enact the ludicrous bits of their scripture in ways you dont fear Christians will. People used to believe absurdities of Jews. Anyway, I think I am done with this. We seem to have wandered a long way off topic, which was ordinary men women and children being murdered by someone who was so blinded by hatred that he was unable to see through their religion to their humanity.
  2. The Muslims I know are no more likely to do that than my mother is to commit genocide or smash infants brains out. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/religion/6120373/Top-10-worst-Bible-passages.html
  3. The question is about personal behaviour and what the scripture says, not who has sympathy for what or what they would like the law to be. They are required by their own religion to obey the law unless in doing so they sin.
  4. Depends on the conflict and whether obeying the law would mean that they personally were in sin. In that situation, they have to conscientiously object. I am not aware of any such cases, though. They are not obliged to stop others sinning.
  5. The Soviets and Yanks are waging a proxy war here?
  6. And your explanation for those complex bits of history is that Muslims are bad people?
  7. Absolutely. I'm quite shocked by the question, to be honest.
  8. In the same way, I'm not sure what mum does at church, but I've seen her wearing mixed fabrics and I haven't caught her burning any witches recently.
  9. They also codified the obligation to obey the laws of the land in which one lives. All the Muslims I know seem to manage to muddle along reconciling their faith with not overthrowing secular democracy.
  10. Islamism is a political ideology based around structuring a society and its governance on Islamic principles. Islam is a religion. Muslims are people. I find that easy to differentiate. We are a secular democracy in which live many people of different faiths and none, all of whom are equal under the law. There is no room for Islamism here. I'd happily get rid of all the faith schools, and not especially because of the Islamic ones. I think that might be easier said than done, though, and I think the real religious fundies of whatever creed will just home educate, which might actually make
  11. Does anybody defend "Islamism"? That is not the same as "having Muslims living in the UK". Anyway. Ken, John - the only way forward I see is that we make sure that the laws of the country are applied without fear or favour, and we all learn to live together. Do you have a better solution?
  12. The answer to that kind of harassment is fair and equal application of our laws. Not shooting up a mosque, or supporting hatred.
  13. Hmm, but those Muslim families in Leeds are British citizens subject to British laws and they buy or rent their land. They haven't turned up, slaughtered the natives and stolen their lands. I don't think it's the same thing at all. I don't think the issue in the US and Australia was really the acceptance of living side by side with people with different ways of life so much as the genocide. If someone is brown, and wears different clothes to me, and doesn't consume pork or alcohol, and goes to a mosque instead of a church, they're not dictating anything to me.
  14. John, I'm just saying that places change, it's always been the way of the world and always will be. Different groups move in and out. Ways of life change. People are basically the same.
  15. John, yes, it was satire, but made a serious point about those who stir up hatred and then act as if they had nothing to do with the results. Communities change. It happens even without international migration. People in London get upset when their neighbourhood goes up market and gets infested first with hipsters, then with rich people. Often displacing ethnic minority communities, who in turn had displaced white working class communities. Locals in Cumbria moan about offcomers and pensioners pricing their kids out of the market. Changes in local industry lead to villages becoming dormit
  16. John, I wasnt implying anything, I was asking what you feared about those populations. People fear all sorts of things, some real and some imagined. Sometimes they just fear change. What I was getting at is that those fears can initiate and feed hatred.
  17. Hatred is rooted in fear. What do you fear?
  18. Indeed. And those preaching hatred and fear of immigrants and Muslims should be painted with the same brush as those preaching Jihad.
  19. True. The trouble is that they now have online echo chambers to bounce their hatred back and forth, and people who are only too willing to legitimise their views in public discourse. https://newsthump.com/2019/03/15/far-right-commentators-keen-to-distance-themselves-from-christchurch-shooter-who-shares-every-single-one-of-their-beliefs
  20. But ordinary Muslims no more live by the sword than you or I.
  21. John, they get so sick and twisted when people fill their hearts with hatred.
  22. If those kids lived by the sword because of what people the same colour or religion do, I guess that's all of us?
  23. Appalling. Cold blooded murder of men, women and children. The people who radicalised these criminals with their hate-ridden far right ideology bear a share of the blame.
  24. We know what's on the table now. Simple question, we've done our best and this is what you can have, do you still want it? If we say yes, fine, do it.
  25. The only way to resolve this is to put it to the people again, in my opinion. Parliament can't decide. No Deal means economic collapse. Any deal the EU will sign up to means we become rule-takers and financial contributors with no say on the rules. If we want a better deal than we've got (while still getting no say) we have to compromise on the very things like freedom of movement that people voted leave to escape. We know what we're getting now. If we still want it, fine.
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