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  1. Hi all, I've had my yearly season start annual leave cancelled due to work commitments in Scotland & was wondering if anyone had any advice on fishing around the Falkirk area, I'll be based in Polmont & on Google-maps I can see that 'Polmont Burn' & 'Westquarter Burn' split between the motel I'll be staying in & The Avon is close by too, are these worth a dangle? Also if anyone can tell me any local rules or bylaws that would also be a great heIlp, most of what I can find online is based on Salmon & Trout angling. Thanks
  2. Hi all, First off let me apologise for the newbie or long gone inactive member topic asking for advice, I know when I was an active member I often thought it was a bit of a cheek people coming in, asking for help never to be seen or heard of again. After a few years of not a lot of fishing happening in my life due to moving to the city I can't get enough of it again & this weekend a chance long weekend has come up with a couple of days free for fishing. So to the point, I've been teaching a friend over the last few weeks to fish & she'd picked it up really well & will be f
  3. I hunt using Air rifle or shotgun, anything that can be used after it has been shot gets used either by myself or my reptiles. I started to get into clay pigeon shooting but since the cart price rise it's getting hard to justify rounding off 100 carts if less than an hour.
  4. I only fish lures for pike and start 1st of october to the 16th of March.
  5. I'm with Newt, I have camo that I use for shooting but it is so comfortable that my camo stuff is now part of my fishing attire and sometimes just dossing about indoors, it's also nice and light so you can wear the trousers instead of shorts and not get sun burn. The other advanted is that any dirt you get on it just blends in and is easy to clean.
  6. I think this is them Clicky One Thing that would put me off is if any reflection shines off them and at £2.50 a pop the price does to.
  7. Central heating, Car and Holiday! Some people don't know their born
  8. Thanks for your help but I think I'll give you mates gear a miss, the cheapest reel alone is the same sort of price as all the kit listed above and the cheapest rod 3x that, it's a bit out of my beginners price range.
  9. Hi all, I've decided that this year I would like to have a bash at fly fishing as it's the only type of fishing I've not done before and aim for mullet as they are getting to easy with bait I was going to buy a fladen/vantage or Shakespeare starter set but I'm dubious about the quality or if it will hold up to the mullet and after having a look around I thought I would spend a little bit extra and get some half decent gear. What I am hoping is that if I put my shopping list up here from tackle bargains some gentlemen will go through and correct my newbie mistakes. Rod: Airflo
  10. 6500 C3Ct Elite wanted, Will pay around £45, Email my forum name @hotmail.com Thanks Dan
  11. Theres me thinking not long not untill I can spin for gars, better get tieing my secret mullet lures
  12. --> QUOTE(Norm B @ Dec 24 2006, 05:48 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> does Southend really need another tackleshop? Judging by the way the "one in the middle of town" is being run by the new owner I don't think it will be open much longer, Over the last month I have been in a few times for lead clips and been told they will have some in a few days. They do have 30 pots of lazy lug in the fridge and some crap chinese air rifles under the counter to componsate though I only go in there because it's handy in town and the old boy in there is alright. I think i'l stick to jettys from now on
  13. I'm glad that there is goin to be more fishing on telly but I would hardly call 4 episodes a series, hopefully enough people will watch it to kick the bbc into making more programs Now where's that gift horse gone, its time to check his teeth
  14. Nice catch, I bet the heart was going some Don't you like camo?
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