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  1. 34lb on the dot: 13lb smoothy 7lb 10oz zed:
  2. Can anyone tell me what this bird is, as I have never seen 1 before. Cheers guys
  3. What sort of banner are you after Elton?
  4. Some crackers in this one, well done all.
  5. Superb shots being added recently. In particular, I really liked HB's last 2 shots, Den's Dragonfly, JK's sky and Steve's reflection shot is awesome. Well done all.
  6. How did you get on? Looking to get out sometime this week, and just fancy a nice pleasure session fishing for silvers with maggot. Very much a newbie when it comes to fishing the fens, fished it a handul of times last season for the first time, anyone reccomend any decent places? Probably end up around Mulicourt aqueduct or on the cut off somewhere. Cheers for any help.
  7. Awesome stuff guys, well done. I should be heading out to the fens next week sometime, and can't wait!
  8. Thinking of getting one as an upgrade on my current finepix. Anyone have any opinions on them, good or bad? Cheers guys.
  9. The top one went 31lb 8oz and the bottom one was 34lb on the dot. I also had 2 mid twenties. Great shots, Peter!
  10. Just had a quick look round, pretty sure it is a grass snake. Oh, be rude not to put a couple of fish pictures up
  11. I honestly don't know Wiggly, if anyone could enlighten me, it would be much appreciated. Those shots were taken in France by the way, just got back from a weeks fishing there.
  12. Never seen it before, nice shot Wiggly
  13. Quite like this picture, made negative:
  14. Entry 1: Hypnotic Taken by myself. Fuji FinePix S3000 Date/Time : 22/04./07 11:30ish ExposureTime : 1/240Sec FNumber : F4.8 ISOSpeedRatings : 100 ShutterSpeedValue : 1/239Sec ApertureValue : F4.8 BrightnessValue : EV7.5 ExposureBiasValue : EV0.0 MaxApertureValue : F2.8 Entry 2: Tied in a knot Taken by myself Fuji FinePix S3000 Date/Time : 22/04/07 10:40 ExposureTime : 1/170Sec FNumber : F4.8 ISOSpeedRatings : 100 ShutterSpeedValue : 1/169Sec BrightnessValue : EV7.1 ExposureBiasValue : EV0.0 MaxApertureValue : F2.8
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