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  1. Cheers all, actually found some I like, but thanks for the help anyway. Not actually carping, but predator fishing
  2. Hi all, Looking to buy some form of bivvy boot. Doesn't actually have to be a bivvy boot as such, just something I can slip into when fishing nights without much effort. I'd also like them to have plenty of grip as I fish steep banks. Trouble is I have some slip on shoes, but they have no grip. I also have some boots with good grip, but they can't be slipped on.. Any help is greatly appreciated. Cheers
  3. Anyone fished it recently? Going there soon, only fished it once before and that was for bait, so wasn't after anything huge. Many pike? Good for lure fishing? Cheers for any replies
  4. Cracking Perch, would love to catch one that size myself, awesome fish!
  5. Any small lure rods and lefty multipliers Chris?
  6. Good luck to all who are going. Can't wait to read a report, if last years is anything to go by, it will be quality!
  7. I believe you have to change it yourself in your options BB
  8. Great report and pictures, looks a brilliant day. Can't wait to see the rest of the pics.
  9. Norfolkdan


    Got plenty to beat and feel most will be beaten by the end of next year. PB Zander is at 7lb 4oz, sure I can get a double soon. PB Carp is only 16lb (trip to France next year will defo beat that) PB Tench only 2lb 10oz, think I should be able to beat that next year. PB Perch only 10oz, I'm very sure I can beat that. PB Bream is 4lb 8oz, pleased with that, but reckon I can get a 6+. PB Pike is 15lb, reckon I have a good chance of a 20 this year or next. No doubt when they are broken, you guys will hear about it.
  10. Snatcher, the reflected bridge shot is awesome!!!
  11. Hi all, I'm slowly being driven insane by my bloody right speaker! When your turn the speakers on, the right (and only the right speaker) makes a buzzing noise every few seconds. It only happens when you turn them on and only in the right speaker. It's driving me nuts when there's no music on all I can hear is some damn buzzing! I also helped put some music onto my cousins MP3 player from my PC and apparently on 1 of the songs she can hear the buzzing Anyone have a clue what is up? Cheers, Dan
  12. Great pics and what sounds like a really fun session, well done.
  13. A couple of nice bass there Jonny, well done.
  14. Caught this sometime last year and assumed it was a small brownie, but would just like to know for sure from more knowledgeble anglers. Cheers, Dan
  15. 16lb Mirror: 1st and only grayling: Few trout: Pike: 10lb 4oz early morning carp, real beauty, but photo quality is poor: Koi: 1st ever zed at 5lb 10oz: (I was happy, can you tell?) PB Zed at 7lb 4oz: Lovely sunset:
  16. Sounds a great trip, well done guys.
  17. Hi all, Looking to buy some new indicators (bobbins) that will be suitable for zander and carp fishing. Would ideally like them to have a long chain (or whatever) link. Been looking at the Nash Ball Buster and wondering if anyone had any opinions on them? Cheers
  18. Then probably pike and zander.
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