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  1. Not much of a sea angler, but here's a couple I've caught:
  2. Anyone know of a decent place to get ladning net poles on the net. All I can seem to find is the pole with a net which I don't need. It needs to be strong and suitable for a 42" speci net. Cheers
  3. Cheers Den, maybe I'm being a bit 'soft' with it.
  4. Cheers Snotty, that helped for getting it in. I then couldn't get the bloomin' thing out...is it the same sort of process, but backwards as in pressing 1 arm into the ground and pulling as I tried this and failed miserably, must be the way I'm doing it? Also, is it possible the 'Y' piece is too far apart? Can you get smaller ones? Cheers, I feel like a reet fool
  5. Hi guys, Is there a simple way to put 42" nets together? I'm talking about the ones where the two arms go into a Y shaped "lock". I had a quick go yesterday but am very worried about snapping one of the arms as it seems incredibly difficult to put it together, I guess there's an easy way to do it?
  6. Anyone know if shops still sell the MMX or SX alarms? Apparently they've been discontinued. Chapmans and Angling Direct both have them shown to buy on their sites but tried ordering the SX alarms and got told they don't do them any more. Have they stopped making them altogether?
  7. Was wondering if anyone had bought anything from the mail order service recently? Want to buy a few things from there myself, but was just wondering if the service is good and if they take a long time to deliver? Cheers, Dan
  8. Cheers all, some great tips. Will let you know if I manage to get into some big stripies.
  9. Hoping to get out fishing this week and try for the perch. The lake I'm going to is renowned for big perch and I believe they've had them to 4lb+. This is the swim I would like to target as last time I fished here we had plenty of perch, but none bigger than 10oz. I also saw some fry being chased, although no deads or lives are allowed. Any tips for fishing this swim? Last time most of the perch came to maggot and the worms (dendrobaenas) didn't produce much. I should be able to get hold of some lobs and plenty of mags. I was thinking of using mags and chopped worm
  10. From the album: Norfolkdan's Fishy Pics

    A great fight from this old warrior. Caught on a gravel bar where my other 16 came from in exactly the same swim. Different bait this time though

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  11. Good luck Rob, be interested to hear how you get on as I'm heading to France next year.
  12. Hi all, Wanting to get out with my dad sometime this week and I'm bored of going to the same places all the time. Would ideally love to fish a river with a good chance of bagging up on maggot with float or feeder, but have no idea where's free and where's good. Anyone know of any good river spots round here, with directions and details preferrably please. Cheers for any help
  13. Such a shame! Always admired the guy.
  14. Since when did the photo comp become such a great thing to win that it leads to this? I believe one of the reasons to set up the photography forum was for beginners to learn and get advice from those better than us. The photo comp was a bit of fun and we were happy to see anyone win, atleast we gave it a go and have seen some fantastic shots. The way I see it is Jaybee is jealous/annoyed he didn't get in the top 3 which I find very sad and pathetic to be honest. I really can't believe this thread was even started over Jaybee thinking he knows better than Julia.
  15. Well done everyone, brilliant selection for this challenge!! I've just gone through trying to decide which 3 I would choose and after much chopping and changing it would be: Judy's "berries" Jaybee's "White on pink" Peter's "Cheeky Chaff" Everyone a winner though
  16. Thankyou! Now just to work out how to use all the features
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