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  1. Love the heron pic Jaybee
  2. Thanks Newt, but what do I download, there's a lot of links around
  3. I'd have a go if I had photoshop. Isn't it around £300? Waaaay too expensive for me to use it just for fun.
  4. I think Ruffe are a good looking fish too, well done BB.
  5. Superb Jaybee! So clear, you can even see the stickleback it's munching on.
  6. I think it's a rubber frog if you look at it carefully Russ
  7. Thanks Ian, look forward to it
  8. Hi guys, My interest in sea fishing has been re-kindled recently, so I'm looking forward to getting out often for the cod this winter. I have a nice bass rod which I've never used and can be used with a multi. Looking for a half decent one to get me going, with a level wind and preferrably no more than £30-£40. Look forward to hearing suggestions. Dan
  9. Should explain really. Was posting about a recent boat trip, cos I thought I was in the Sea Fishing Forum, but realised this was the kayak forum, and it's not quite the same really is it. Boat fishing and kayak fishing.
  10. Tried fried spam while out fishing once....never again! It resulted in me spending more time in the bogs than on the bank.
  11. Ah yes, shall have to sort that out. Thanks Julia
  12. From a recent trip to Wales Oops, how did that get there??
  13. See here to read about my first day boat fishing.
  14. A few months ago Richard had asked me if I'd like to go on a boat trip. It took no longer than a few seconds to decide I would love too. Having seen reports from Mike (the skipper) on another forum I was certain of catching a few fish. I had previously never been boat fishing, so was a little nervous about getting used to all the different gear and tactics. Sunday morning soon came round and at 4.30am we were making our way down to Penarth Marina to meet with the rest of the forum crew. By 5.15am after greeting and hand shakes we were making our way out of the docks into the Bristol Chann
  15. Wow, cracking fish Den, well done.
  16. Yep, plenty of tea and sausage sarnies as well as providing great banter and being really helpful. http:www.fishing-forum.info is the forum (Mike is a member) My name on there is Norfolkboy
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