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  1. Sitting In Regurgetated (sp?) Eggs MOAN
  2. Hi, Has anyone fished here for perch? My mate had a 3lb 2oz (current lake record)out of there on spinner, and it's supposed to be great in summer for them. I tried about 3 weeks ago (not in ideal conditions) but didn't get a thing, only caught them on maggots. Also had a roach db (bought from tackle shop) out there, but may have been a bit big. So, is it worth going back spinning there in summer? Thanks
  3. Love crucian fishing, great tips Peter. I favour tiny cubes of luncheon instead of maggots though
  4. Nice one FTH, still awaiting my 1st bass, this year... Nice pic too
  5. I use Daiwa Sensor in 12lb, for my carp fishing, and 15lb main line for my pike fishing. Great stuff
  6. Another way to sink line, is to cast where you want to fish, shove your rod tip about 1ft under the water, then kind of "strike", all your line should be sunk then. Hard to explain though...
  7. Well done, cracking chub, what did you catch it on? My 1st chub weighed in at a smashing 3oz
  8. Used to use it a lot, and got good results, in fact, 2 of my 3 biggert carp to date have come on luncheon meat, 1 on float, the other legered. I still use it today, but in small pieces for crucians
  9. Well I went there this morning to have a look. To be honest it doesn't look very well set up, and it looks quite a dodgey place to fish. I think I'll try cobbleacre when I'm 15, in 2 weeks ;)I only just realised that, lol.
  10. A lot of people use floating beads, to pop there bait up off the bottom
  11. I've never had any luck when there's been a full moon...ever!
  12. Yeah, that's my local tackle shop, cracking with everything you could possibly want for fishing
  13. Oh right, didn't realise, lol. Do you think Jason would mind 2 of us doing a night sesh even though we're 14??? Lovely lakes at Cobbleacre, I remember when you let me and my mate fish when we were 13, and you'd just stocked a load of ornimental carp that you'd bred. We went on to catch 46 during the day from Amy's Lake. Lovely fish and they fought hard too for there size. Thanks for all your help again
  14. Shame you lost the fish, but 4 runs in 2.5 hours is good. And it's nice just to be out
  15. Yeah, they're the ones mate. A very good bait, that have been catching big fish for years (sorry just realised they aren't the NEW dynamite baits range ) hehe
  16. Here's a couple of pics of fish we've caught: 15lb ghostie: A few ranging from 6-8lb:
  17. Been using them since mid March, with some cracking results. Me and my mate have had around 15 carp from 3 different sessions all on the new Dynamite baits. Biggest being 15lb on the source, others of 11lb, 10lb and 9lb being caught on Strawberry and Ice Cream, and Spicy Shrimp and prawn. Had lots of fish from 5-7lb on strawberry and ice cream, and spicy shrimp and prawn, lots of runs too. Not got round to using scopex and monster crab yet, but will do soon. Only 1 run on the pineapple too I think they're great, and will continue to buy them
  18. Thanks for your help again, does sound a bit dodgey at Gimingham. Is Jason a new bailiff as it used to be Chay Jackson didn't it?? He always seemed really helpful. The only trouble with Cobbleacre is me and my mate are only 14, and I believe you have to be 15 to fish it without an adult
  19. Thanks for taking the time out to reply. I've never really had much luck at Adam's Lake, only ever having 1 run, which I lost. But never tried it too much for carp, or done a night there, so that could be the reason. Most of your post sounded promising until the remark about stuff getting knicked. Would they bother you if you were sat outside all night, or would they become aggressive do you know? Thanks again
  20. Hi, I'm looking for a bit of information on Gimingham Lakes, Norfolk. I have a few questions, that I hope can be answered. 1. Do they allow night fishing there, and how much is it for how many rods? 2. What do the carp go to, and what's the average size pulled out? 3. Is it easy to catch there, as heard it's a "runs" water? 4. A silly question, but do you think it's quite likely I'd beat my current pb carp at 13lb? 5. How's it fishing at the moment? 6. What baits work best? Thanks very much for any help
  21. Nice one, that's a cracking Tinca
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