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  1. Guys been a while since ive fished the Medway Can you still fish the medway city estate ?.
  2. I have Never been a great fan of the lady as an individual but on the rare occaision have agreed with some of her points, I find Micheal Fabricant a Baffoon and a nincompoop in the true old English sence of the words, But I can tell the differance between an attempt to be witty and a bit of a wag failed or other wise and a real threat of violence.How much milage can Alibhai Brown get out of this mans ill considerd tweet about punching her in the throat, She is a shameless self promoter, never missess a chance to highlight her self as a victim of Racisum,sexisum,islamaphobia,and being a refuge
  3. I could not agree with you more, Cant stand Pie and mash as well Im a disgrace to my Cockney heritage. thay are fantastic Smoked with crusty bread and a bit of horse radish though!
  4. And no doubt the answer lays somewhere in the middle as always. :-)
  5. Indeed However I don't think I challenged your state of mind only eluded to mine at he time of he atrocity I think this qoute sums up my thoughts pretty well "Be careful when you fight the monsters, lest you become one your self " Friedrich Nietzsche German philosopher (1844 - 1900) ... We will always be at a disadvantage in this conflict as we are not still in the Middle Ages it doese not however make it unwinnerble I must add I think old Friedrich died barking mad so maybe your right maybe I will go back to Hugging trees. Kiri-sute gomen permission to decapitate a p
  6. If we deny scum rights we become no better than the poeple we are trying to beat. I would like to think I am a bit better than that. My initial thoughts were along the same lines as yours untill I calmed down enough to think straight but do you have the stomach to embrace the full consequences of living in a world where poeple like the murderous scum we are discussing make the rules I remember similar sentiments expressed when PC Kieth Blakelock was decapitated in the Brixton Riots we have come a long way since then and will progress even further in the future keep the rarity of these at
  7. Hi mate The poor young man that was mutilated in broad day light laying in the street was the reason why no one reacted poeple where scared! If you are not trained to deal with traumatic situations you just shut down and watch or run away I've been a bouncer for years before we all became door supervisors and got all warm and fluffy and can hold my own in a confrontation although im bit old and unfit now . But thankfully amid all the crap I have dealt with over the years and the people that I have faced down in a gamult of violent situations I've never had to deal with someone beheading
  8. These vile individuals can hardly or fairly be held up as representatives of any thing other than a manifestation of their own perverted Egos, I put them in the same box as people who create atrocities such as school shootings and the like, I hope they live to stand trial and never see day light again and if they are lucky maybe their God who ever he is will forgive them but the one who’s name they committed this atrocity in certainly wont! Lets all take the time for a thought for the family and freinds of the Lad who was mindlessly murdered today And for what its worth Nick I
  9. Very True! However Reading between the lines though these were not lad's who had fallen back on drugs to ease the horror of war, they were chancers who got caught I wonder if they were caught on the first outing I doubt it.
  10. A bl00dy strange way for a government to show it's gratitude to the people who are expected to give the most.
  11. Sorry to hear about your Brother,The whole global philosophy about the way the drugs trade is approached needs rethinking.I don't believe in her being given sympathy she should be punished but not killed her removal from the gene pool will not make a jot of difference to the worldThe dictionary quote has always made me chuckle was it from a Tarantino movie I can't remember?Kirisute Your not from Siera Leon originally are you the lopping off of limbs was big over there for a while the branding thing sounds a bit Norfolky though
  12. I do She is a damn fool lock her up forever but the death sentence is not going to prevent weak willed poeple getting dragged into being mules. As she did as a case in point. If it does not act as a deterrent it is bad law.
  13. Hi Baz Good to hear from you mate My lefty credentials are in doubt mate I agreed with Cameron about benefit ponce's I've had my epaulettes pulled off and my sword snapped in half after a labour party court martial. I just honestly believe that opting out is not an option we are up to our arm pits in it We lack the infer structure for independence and the funds to create it Everything in the last 40 years has led us to this point we simply have nothing to step back on Scotland may well leave the union and join the EU fully and we will have even less presence in the world plus who knows
  14. Firmly in This country has punched over it's weight in the world for hundreds of years unfortunately we've been found out now as a small island in a cold sea with no heavy industry and a spent economy there is no point in being out side of the euro tent peeing in, best get in and pee out with everyone else far less messy for every one.
  15. Hi Cory Its been a while mate If there was a Jesus he did! right out of it in fact rolled a big stone out the way as well The pastor thing has always made me chuckle An old Nigerian pall of mine was Keen on becoming a pastor. each to his own I thought but after a while it became apparant to me that it was to him a good way to get rich,some of these West African church pastors get to earn rock star status amoungst there flock drive Limos and wear Italian suits when there followers have to sh1t in thier own drinking water. I would have a lot more faith in the chistian faith if more of its pr
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