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  1. so you still exisit then, ever get up this way?

  2. Hi Phil, Thats me alright, I do hear from Keith now and then but not for a while. He has offered to teach me to Wallis cast once I get me reel and we are going to have a day out photographing which is his new passion incase you didn't know. He has some stunning images on his personal website if you haven't seen them?
  3. Thanks for the replies lads, I'm looking forward to getting it even more now and incase anyone does fancy ordering one Chris has over 150 on order at the moment and I believe he is thinking about packing in his day job and go full time so as to reduce the waiting time a lot in future. I'll check out these links now. Thanks again
  4. I due to take delivery of a brand new Chris Lythe pin I've never used a pin before and i've waited for 2 years to get mine from Chris, I've probably gone totally overboard buying off Chris as a newbie but I loved the look of the M.M. Special and just had to have one. Thing is how tricky are pins to use and can you lot give me some advice to make my pin a dream reel and not a nightmare???
  5. Game Angler Online is a free to join game angling forum mainly for the fly angler but anyone can join in.
  6. Its good to hear the South Tyne is fishing well. Whats the Grayling situation for the winter months? I'm planning on fishing the Blyth for Grayling in a couple of weeks as my Lythe pin is finally on its way to me, only waited 2 years for it. Might try the Tyne if theres any good day ticket stretches?
  7. I'm looking for a special fly box as a gift and was wondering if anyone knew of any good websites where I could buy one from? I've seen one HERE but it looks very small for the price of £60.
  8. Hi folks, Don't know if this has been posted already but here's a website I thought you might be interested: http://www.pipelinecard.org/ Could be worth registering for, you've got nothing to lose and if all goes well it could result in a cut price petrol deal. NOTHING VENTURED, NOTHING GAINED
  9. Norrie, If you want a catalogue or two I'll pick you some up next time i'm passing as I only live half an hour away and often pop over for a look around the shop.
  10. Get decent gear mate, I bought cheap stuff and hated it. Go for a good rod and a quailty line something like a greys rod and a cortland line. Its better to spend £200 and enjoy your gear than waste £100 and be put off fly fishing whatever you decide PLEASE get a decent line a good budget line is the shakesphere worchester lines about £20 better again is the Snowbee at about £32 but best of all is the cortland at around £40. I added 15 feet to my cast just by changing to Cortland!
  11. Phil, Nice to hear you are doing better than I am, I've only fished 6 times this year and BLANKED every time Still I enjoyed every minute of it!
  12. I'm currently 8 months into my long wait for my Chris Lythe 'pin'. Does anyone out there own and use a Chris Lythe pin and if you do what do you think of them? I've ordered mine for Grayling trotting on my local river but would at some time in the future like to carp fish with it and perhaps even shrimp for salmon with it. The model i'm getting is the MM Special the name made my choice as its got my initials! but also its perfect for what I want to use it for.
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