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  1. Well I had to hand over at some point. Its just that you took over
  2. I dont think it has been taken upon themselves. The SIT on top course was a great loss when red tape stopped it.Alot of members on AA wanted it brought back.But the only way was to do it legally and with Insurance.The AT offered to supply the relevant courses and insurance which was a bonus(The BCU was approached and they basically didnt want to know).Its peoples own choice if they join the AT or not.Kayakers are not being represented by anyone so I dont know where all that came from.The AT speaks on behalf of all anglers.Thats if you want them to.You have a choice. Its all been blown out of proportion by the odd few hell bent on causing caos on forums.Every forum has those people. PBSBAC (are members of the AT) which have a kayak section.We were made very welcome over a year ago, and now get the chance to fish club boat comps.They have changed the 2 man rule to suit us.As long as 2 kayaks go out together and are at a safe distance to assist if need be then we can fish club comps. There is none of this bickering amongst members.Most are AT members,but not all.
  3. Live in the sunny bit and paddle/fish between the Isle of Wight and France.Paddle a flame plastic yak
  4. Hi Phil. It depends on your size and weight.You say it is a fastish current you want to fish.The scupper pro is a good bet if you are under 13 stone failing that a p13 would be a safe bet.I dont know much about the Tarpon range as my 5 kayaks I have owned in the past have all been Ocean Kayaks. But even second hand kayaks hold their price. I have paddled a perception caster,It paddles well but was very restrictive for fishing.Not much room to rig bits and pieces too.
  5. Zzippy


    That post is nearly a year old Mike Inflation takes it Toll,plus a week £ against the $
  6. Took the family for a walk along Sandbanks beach on Friday lunchtime then round to evening Hill(Only to see what the fishermen had caught ;D) Got talking to a shore Fisherman called Mark.He said he has just got into Kayak fishing with a friend.I asked if he was a member of any Kayaking Forum,His answer was yes,Anglers afloat and Kayakfishinguk.Turned out to be coombseyone and his friend is Joe (Bogey). Anyway arranged to take Mark and Jo out into Poole Harbour and hopefully show them some flounder marks.The pair of them have been out 2 or 3 times just in the harbour,getting used to their New Kayaks. Friday Evening got talking to Paul(Darnsarf) and mentioned I was going out on Sunday in Poole Harbour.Paul thought it was a good idea if we had a go in his Cabo (Tandem) Kayak,seeing as we would be fishing the Boat comp in it in 2 weeks time.How could I refuse an offer like that ;D Then Dave(KFF) asked if it was OK if he came along too,The more the merrier Now to the fishing bit...Loads of Flounders,Cod,Herring and bass....Then I got woken by my alarm :.6.30 am the clock said,time to get up,make the coffee and set off for Evening Hill. Didn't have to scrape the car,looks like we didn't get the -6 deg forcasted the night before Got to evening Hill Just as the Sun tried poking up over the horizon,it was flat calm and only the Gulls and Oyster catchers disturbing the water. Sorted my gear out and got kitted up,it felt weird not having my Kayak and only my kit with me. About 30 minutes later Paul and Dave turned up.It was my first sighting of the cabo Kayak,and what a beast it was at nearly 17' long.Dave had left his Necky at home and brought his Scupper Pro.Joe was next to turn up,first time we had met him(Nice to meet you Joe ) along with his Cobra Navigator.First time I had seen one of those too ;D.It was like a mini version of the Fish N Dive, but alot narrower.Then Mark arrived with his new Prowler13. I helped Paul take the cabo off his roof rack.What a weight it was,no way can 1 person handle it on their own . Its the first time Pauls Cabo has been fished off with 2 People on board,so it was a trial to see if all was OK.I could see alot of thought had gone into the rigging I got to ride at the back and was the navigator for the day ;D(In charge of the Fish finder/GPS) and also I had use of the BOG PIPE SPECIAL . Paul and I were first in the water,Reached the depth of about 8" and both got in.8" is enough water for a scupper pro But the Cabo grounded on the mud underneath,It might have had something to do with the combined weight of approx 30+ stone in the vessel ;D ;D ;D. We eventually got into a bit deeper water after Paul volunteered to get out and pull us My first impression of the Cabo was"I think we are going to tip today".Paul also had the same though or near enough.But after a few minutes of paddling around we got used to it,we had to work with each other.Its kind of like riding a motor bike with a passenger. By this time the other 3 had launched and were on there way out to us. 2 of us managed a nice easy(average speed) 0f about 5.3 mph.We did go faster at a burst. After a short paddle to the otherside of the bay we buoyed up in about 10' of water. Fished this area until about 11.00 without so much as a bite between us,decided to move on to the edge of a channel in 18' of water for 30 mins.Nothing except for a couple of crabs. Now it was time to to move to the Hole at Brownsea Castle and try for Herring.Got told by a local charter skipper that the best time was the first 20 mins of the Ebb.Saw a shoal appear on the fishfinder but couldn't connect with any.I was more amused with watching my lead weight jigging up and down on the fish finder at 42' underneath me ;D. Now time for another move before the tide picked up too much and made the going hard back to evening hill. Paul and I managed a nice easy journey back,the others found it a bit harder as there was only 1 of them in each yak.On the way back a few boats(Gin palaces) went past causing some nice wake,that was fun going over in a Tandem.I think about one third of the length of the Cabo cleared the water ;D All in all it was a lovely day out.Not too cold,good company and a pleasure to try out the cabo. My thoughts on the kayak...Loads of room,Top job with Paul kitting it out and after a wobbly few minutes an excellent ride(Stable).As Paul said though"I dont think it would suit A novice(Beginner) and a Person that knows what they are doing" It could be an early bath for both people ;D So thanks to Paul,Dave Mark and Joe for turning up.Pleasant day but fishless. We will try again on a spring tide next,something with a bit more movement in the water. Finally a Picture of the Cabo in action
  7. Mike. Take a look at Sea Angler and any other UK mag.They are full of Adverts.Plus the same article is repeated year after year.Thats the reason why I havnt purchased one for years. Maybe the mag has got alot of adverts,but its still a good read,plus its free . Just depends on what you like reading,each to their own I supose.
  8. I enjoyed reading that whilst I was at work today.I know it didnt cover any British kayak fishing,but it was well worth the read.Very well set out. I hope you dont mind,But I copied the link and put it on another Kayak fishing site where I am sure it will also get read. Many thanks for posting
  9. See if there are any factorys closing down near you.Then ask if they have any roller racking/tables(the ones that are used on assembly lines),Somebody on anglers afloat made there own boat shed with roller racking inside. Cant remember how long ago that was though
  10. I thought Ginger came from the Vikings
  11. That wouldnt happen to be someone else from The I.O.W would it
  12. Thanks Newt I had never heard of River or Lake Bass being caught over here.I know in the States they get both.
  13. What are you on about??.If I was talking to you I would have put a reply up Quoting your thread . I was asking a General question.If you dont want to answer properly just butt out.I have nothing to say to you.I have said all I want to say on another Forum.
  14. Just a quick question. Why do people say "Sea Bass"???Do we also get river Bass? Or you could say Sea Plaice...Sea Shark....Sea dab
  15. Yea.At this rate there wont be any left to put on a fishmongers slab. Nice photo of the gutted bass. Very well done
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