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  1. After fishing lakes for almost all of my angling, I would like to give river fishing a go. Especially river chub fishing. I live in Brighton and would happily drive up to 45 mins (the closer the better though). Can anyone recommended any rivers or streams within that distance of Brighton that would be suitable for some river chub fishing. I am not too bothered about the size of the fish and would prefer somewhere easy to start off with as I have very little river fishing experience. Day tickets or free stretches would be better, but I would possibly join a club. Any suggestions would be
  2. Yesterday I went to More House Farm Fishery in Sussex for a day session on their specimen lake. I decided to fish a swim which I hadn't fished before and chose to fish with 2 rods for carp and 1 rod for sturgeon. The sturgeon rod was fished with a chunk of pepperami and was fished over a small bed of Carp Vader Schnitzel Wurst pellets and grated luncheon meat. On the carp rods I tried several different methods and baits throughout the day. Within 10 minutes of casting out I was getting twitches on the sturgeon rod and 5 minutes later I had a slow and steady take. My strike was met with po
  3. Last week I went for a day session to More House Farm Fisheries and decided to fish the specimen lake. I set up in a nice looking swim in the deeper area of the lake and decided to fish all 3 rods legered. I chose to fish two rods after carp and one rod after the sturgeon which also live in the lake. I fished the sturgeon rod on a margin spot where the baliff recommend for sturgeon, while one carp rod was cast to an island and the other was fished in open water. Bait wise, for the carp I fished with 12mm Carp Vader jelly pellets on the hair, while on the sturgeon rod I fished a large chun
  4. I recently went for a 2 week family holiday to Sardinia, Italy. I brought along a match rod, a reel with 4lb line and some floats and small hooks. I went fishing down at the local beach off some rocks from 6am to 8am about 5 times during the holiday and using bread as a hookbait I caught loads of fish, but unfortunately they were all small. This was the most common species: I also caught 3 of these, they put up a great fight: ----------------------------------- Last week I went fishing for a few hours with my 12 year old half brother. We started off fishing two rods on
  5. I have just got back from a 5 day session at Hawkhurst Fishery in Kent, this is how I got on: I arrived on sunday evening at around 7pm and set up in a nice looking swim: I fished with two rods: one for catfish with either halibut pellets, mackerel chunks, squid pieces or luncheon meat, the other for carp with either Carp Vader jelly hooker pellets or boilies. Once it started to get dark, I realised that I had left all of my lights/torches and night fishing equipment in the garage. So I was only going to be able to fish up to around 10pm and wouldn't be able to start fishin
  6. That tench is a stunning fish, very well done
  7. Well done on your first carp, hopefully many more will follow
  8. A fantastic read Janet and some excellent photos too It sounds like you had a great time and well done on the fish you caught too
  9. Thank you Janet for you really nice comments - very much appreciated Thanks as well Tigger
  10. Last week was my half term - so no school! I managed to fit in three fishing sessions over my half term. This is how I got on: Session One: For my first session, I went to a local match lake (Passies Match Lake) with my 11 year half brother. We fished with one rod each on the bottom, our rigs were simple knotless knot hair rigs to a size 12 barbless hook with a 1oz free running lead, for hookbait we used 6mm Carp Vader Halibut Crab jelly pellets and fished over a handful of Carp Vader 2mm Halibut Crab loose feed pellets in the margins. My set up for the day. One rod legered in th
  11. A week ago, I went to a lake I have recently joined for my first session on the lake (Hydneye Lake). I arrived at the lake just before 9am and set up in a nice looking swim. I fished with two legers, I tried a variety of different hookbaits on the rods (chick peas, corn, 6mm Carp Vader Halibut Crab pellets, 6mm Carp Vader Breamax pellets, luncheon meat and bread flake). I fished them with a PVA bag of mixed Carp Vader pellets, corn and crushed chick peas. This was my swim: The first couple of hours went by with only a drop back bite on the rod with corn. I unfortunately missed the b
  12. Today I had a day session after carp at Borde Hill fishery in Haywards Heath (Sussex). I arrived at the lake around 10am and set up in a swim that had a nice reedy margin on the right hand side and plenty of open water out in front. I set up one rod with a leger, as a hookbait I used a 6mm Carp Vader hair-rigged Halibut Crab jelly pellet, this was fished with a PVA bag of mixed Carp Vader feed pellets. My other rod had a simple controller float set up, with a size 10 hook and a piece of bread crust as a hookbait. I gently lowered my leger along the reed lined margin and cast out my sur
  13. Yesterday, I took my 11 year old half brother fishing at Passies Match Lake. We arrived at the lake at around 11am and I set both of us up with a simple leger rig with a size 12 barbless hook. For bait we both used hair-rigged 6mm Schnitzel Wurst Carp Vader jelly pellets. We also used a PVA bag of Carp Vader Schnitzel Wurst feed pellets on every cast. It didn’t take long before we both had our first bites and we both steadily caught small carp for a couple of hours on our leger rods. Here are a couple of my brother’s carp: With the majority of the carp coming on our leger rods bei
  14. I had a day session at Passies Ponds today, I arrived at the fishery at about quarter past ten in the morning and quickly set up a couple of legers which were both cast in open water. Both rods were fished with hair-rigged 6mm pellet hookbaits, I had a Carp Vader Polar Ice hooker pellet on one and a Carp Vader Schnitzel Wurst jelly pellet on the other, they were both fished with small PVA bags of various sized and flavoured Carp Vader feed pellets. I was still setting up my umbrella, when I had my first bite of the day, the fish didn't put up much of a fight and I soon slid the net under a
  15. I had a really nice surpise today, I picked up a copy of the Freshwater Informer magazine (the local free mag for all the anglers in the South East) and on the front cover it was me with my new PB carp! You can view the internet version of the magazine here: http://www.freshwaterinformer.com/
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