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  1. Thanks for all your tips so far, so maybe ill use loose feed and Pva bag to get feed where i want it I dont know what the river is like yet till I get there so I will take all this advice on board would you still use your bite alarms I
  2. Hi Guys, Gals Can anyone give me some advice as to fish a river for Carp im use to lakes fishing, im going to somerset soon fishing the River Brue and would appreciate any advice, help I can get I thought I would Methode feed, with particals ect, boilie or maggot as hook bait what do you think, look forward to any ideas you can sling my way Thanks Kaz
  3. Hi Martin, Rochdale is a Todmorden Water, I dont know what it covers, but if you giv them a ring on 01706 816319 they will tell you. There are tench,carp,roach,bream,and chub in there so im lead to belive, season ticket is £30 hope this has been of some help to you
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