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  1. Just caught up with this. Just for the record I am unpaid but affiliated to OK. Funny enough all they have ever asked me to do is not bring their brand into disrepute. You can review something impartially even if you have an interest. The problem is whether those reading it can look at it without seeing it as tainted. Time and other reviews allows the reader to get a feel for the balance of a reviewer. Also my opinions are just that. They are as valid or not as the next person that has the same experience. Has for the weekend it is also being run in conjunction with the local RNLI s
  2. Like Richi will definately be buying the book. I wont slow you down at the meet as I will need to fish everytime I see an arch on the Fish Finder Good Luck with the book
  3. SDD. Organise a meet, I would love to come to catch MULLET (keeping it on thread) I'm in Soutyhampton but its well worth the trip just to get kayak wet never mind the fishing. I might even be able to bring up the Cabo and give someone an easy days fishing. (for Mullet obviously)
  4. Be careful Dave. With scenery like that I might just take you up on it. Stunning. Oh nice fish as well.
  5. A regular coating of candle wax is a good second option
  6. Nice one Musket. Still not got round to getting one of the elusive critters. Hats off to you. Sorry not sure which it is, I only know them from the front. Given what you caught it on I would guess a thin lipped. Top marks.
  7. Personally I love winter fishing. Particularly at night; as GB says it gets difficult from Jan to Mar but I still get out just for the craic.
  8. If you can get in the Scupper you can probably get in the Sprinter although it is tighter. Its not often that you see a SOT that makes the Scupper look like a barge but here is the exception. One witness described the Sprinter as "an outrigger". However, on the water the Sprinter flies (not literally). It will feel tippy to those not used to a narrow boat but actually it is more stable that you think and the quicker you go the more stable it becomes. It would make a great trainer and light tourer. A great boat for the serious distance paddler. The hatches give it good internal storage
  9. Just to add to the chorus of well dones for Mark. It was great a meet. The highlight as always is meeting up with the guys from the forum, the fishing is just the excuse. Arrived early Friday and met SM for a quick chat then out on the water. To the delight of SM I blanked while those around got into the Pike. Unfortunately, I was suffering on the Saturday ala Starvin and took the Saturday off. Great excuse to watch the sport ;D However, on Sunday I was determined to break the Pike duck and fished the Oulton Broad again while the others tackled the Codling. After much effor
  10. I have had to cut myself free twice, once I was in the water. This makes the knife my most used safety item. Endorse the on the PFD advice. I have just re rigged the Scuppers trolly so that the anchor line will go directly out over the stern as it makes such a difference to stability.
  11. Mark feel free to cut and paste. The fishfinder hatch just isn't for me. (personal preference) I did not go to public school and was never very good at touching my toes I prefer my finder closer, just past my knees. I'm not very good at stretching. Again this would be difficult in the Trident because of the centre hatch. But as I said earlier great for sarnies or tackle that you want to hand without exposing the the inner hull if in a chop. This just demonstrates that even one of the most thoroughly thought out designs, and it is, just can't tick all the boxes. As Isetafo
  12. I am with Martin on this one. The Trident is great fishing kayak (hold on to that) for the guy that wants to carry lots of ready to access gear or the bigger paddler who is fed up paddling a barge. However, for the guy that carries just what he needs or wants to enjoy the paddling experience then there are others in the OK range that will suit better. My likes are the storage and thats it really. My dislikes are the high volume which gives the impression of sitting on a raft, it almost needs ballast for someone my size (unfortunately I like to travel light). Having to add weight is neve
  13. Good Luck Mate The fish were definately on the feed this afternoon so I am expecting a cracking report. Looks like I am land bound for the next couple of weeks but I will be back out in OCT. What about a Conger session?
  14. For fishing down to zero degrees I have comfortably done an overnight session with the following. Feet: 2 pair x serious wool hiiking socks legs: 3 Layers modern wicking long johns Dry suit teddy suit Lined hiking trousers or light ski/snowboard trousers upper body: 4 layers modern wicking skin layer (long sleeved) Dry Suit Teddy suit Polartec 100 light fleece shirt or equivalent Zipped quality fleece (Berghaus Extreme is ideal (Light)) Head: Fleece Shimano Yushanka Thinsulate neck warmer On top a Crewsaver Dry suit with a separate Gortex breathable jacket with a
  15. WOW thats one ugly MoFo on the left.
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