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  1. Nows the time to book your boat trip dates here http://www.charterboats-uk.co.uk/wanderingstar/
  2. There are 5 places places available for a trip on Sunday 13th May from Hartlepool Marina still going spare if anyone is interested for a trip out. £35 per head 8 hour trip , ring Lee or John on 01325 333475 / 07967600079........but be quick ......also check out other available dates for 2012 http://www.charterboats-uk.co.uk/wanderingstar/
  3. It sure is ....this boat has just been fitted with a new turbo engine
  4. Wandering Star is licensed for 12 anglers out of Hartlepool and is taking booking now. She is a 10 mtr Aqua Star , with state of the art navigation system, fish finder,plotter . She has on board toilet (for the shy ones) A crew to help at all times There are rods & reels for those who don`t have any Please contact Lee or John Hutchinson : 01325-333475/07967600079 http://www.charterboats-uk.co.uk/wanderingstar/
  5. sorry people , did`nt realise it had been put before , I just read it in my pike mag
  6. Has everyone read this .........
  7. sorry , didnt see previouse posts
  8. Ther is a good pike venue at Strensil near york called Pottery Pond....pike upto 25lb...........bit of advice though , dont fish on a night time , too many rats running about at night.
  9. Thanks for the reply John, the weather is atrocious at the moment, heavy heavy rain,with gale force winds, just had a look down to MOG yesterday morning , and there are a few tents and boats on the shore there......could`nt see anyone fishing though. I Don`t thing I will be doing much fishing while I am here if the weather keeps up like this. I just come past Drummore this morning , and there are a few people on the shore catching the odd bass and pollock. Port Logan I was given some excellent fishing marks in Port Logan by the chap at Ardwell Fishing Tackle ,in
  10. I`m off to Port Logan on Saturday 11th Sept for a week , and need some advice for the sea fishing (shore) , marks and baits would be gratefully appreciated.
  11. By law a dog must have some form of ID such as a dog tag with your postcode or address on. However, be aware that bylaws may be in force that restricts access to a particular area for unleashed or even leashed dogs - if not sure, check with your local council.A owner has to keep it under reasonable control,but not nessesareally on a leash,and no one has the right to tell you to put it on a leash, etc. As far as English Law is concerned, they are your property and as such anyone damaging or threatening to damage your property may be committing an offence. Similarly, you have the responsibil
  12. Sorry chaps , having probs with photobucket, sorted now
  13. Well I managed to catch my first pike today at Talkin Tarn just before the season closes, I used a pop up smelt with two small red flags atatched , and boy did it go ........shot off like a missile across the tarn for about 50 yards, then the line went realy slack ,realed about 30 yards of slack line in , still could`nt feel anythink heavy , "shite I tought it`s got off" , then BANG , line shot off yet again, still on , reels line in realy steady , fish broke surface and it came in realy peasfully to the landing net ..................."get in my first pike" 12lb exactally.
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