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    Canon eos-1Ds mk3 I set it to tv (shutter priority, around 1000), evaluative metering, ai servo for focusing and on high speed shooting to take as many pics as i can till the buffer is full. Got two lenses with it 17-40mm and 24-70mm The latter being what i use most and what i used for the swallows. Yes detail is what im after ive got hundreds of little blurred swallows lol. I need to try and fully understand this focus lock i dont think im doing it quite right.
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    difficult indeed. ive taken many more pictures of them must be nearing 1,000 at a guess. my first attempt was 300+ photos with only a handfull of decent ones. I need a lens with more zoom I reckon, just cant get close enough.
  3. I spend more of my online time on the pikers pit forum. Good arguments on there and the topics dont get locked. Still a good bit of angling gets talked about and excellent info. Its not all pike Even over there though posts have dropped i think people just get fed up of the same old. They all still lurk though
  4. and they really pushed hard on the lgbt thing, not that ive issue with that.
  5. I was getting weird vibes from the current season. like becoming allied with a nut job dictator and martydom.
  6. Dont forget he also had a tench on a hair rigged twig
  7. And if his treatment elsewhere was to work?. Our doctors dont always know best.
  8. doesnt it reduce quality quite badly ? That was my last experience with paint. That was quite a few years ago though.
  9. Microsoft search engine ? Docyou mean browser. Press "ALT" on the keyboard it usually brings up those menus that hide
  10. Its not simple but you might like it eventually. Google gimp. honest im not being funny.
  11. Wire strippers would be my guess
  12. The right dont half waffle on a load of crap either it has to be said. Quite stuborn and pigheaded the right can be imo. If you dont see it their way your branded an idiot too stupid to understand why they think they are right in everything they say.
  13. Ive seen rods with plastic left on and everyone of them has had water trapped under it. Apparently it rots the cork too so when it does come off so will the cork, probably. Take it off. An aged with use cork handle looks pretty cool.
  14. Its dup though they will probably **** it up the wall like cash for ash. If in your example, it benefits the entire uk id be up for that.
  15. Its probably not so much that they got money that people are angry about. For me its that it looks like such an obvious ploy to buy their power and that the barnett formula has been totally ignored further enforcing my belief that they bought power. Its all very shady looking imo.
  16. Some context to the fine would help but im guessing its probably been putting its competitors results at the bottom of the pile. Googles not just a search engine these days and they need rained in sometimes, you cant allow them to have a monopoly.
  17. Thats theresa mays party trick.
  18. Vistaprint. Many options. Upload artwork and can use their online editor for placment and cropping etc.
  19. Andy_1984


    "Expert" lol i dont know if i should take that as a snide remark or compliment. Thanks, i think
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    id have put these up on here ages ago if the upload attachments was working. having to rely on facebook to show these pics as photobucket is now crap and the others want to many rights to your photos, yes even farcebook anyway, got myself a dslr to play around with and im loving it. been having a mess around with some high speed photography using the swallows to do it up at harelaw. hope you like Some of my earlier practice shots below, can see ive improved in the above ones where I used raw mode instead of jpeg and figured out how to get an even faster shutter speed in the above ones.
  21. very tricky getting the same color as what you see. id start by lowering ISO & exposure on the camera (higher iso - brighter, lower iso - darker) theres also nothing wrong with manipulating a photo to get it more inline with what was actually seen. I do it a lot with my photos.
  22. are the emails still in your sky account ? are the emails on thunderbird on an old pc ? if still on the sky server just setup thunderbird and let it download them all again. as for the latter im sure there will be an export account option on thunderbird that will export settings and the emails.
  23. More money probably going into the cyber front and acheiving feck all through it and demanding more cyber powers like weakening encryption and not once thinking "wont that be a nice big juicy target to hackers" The mind freakin boggles at the throught of government running any IT system properly never mind grasping the concept of encryption and what putting in a backdoor really means.
  24. Tell me something i dont know lol.
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