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  1. First time i fished it i showed up cast out a ledger and it just kept sinking and sinking and sinking so started to wond in and got cut off on a ledge. It musta went from a couple of ft to 200ft within a rod length out. A truly scary place and they still havnt found joachim, https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/717870/hunt-for-missing-joachim-brolly-last-seen-on-boat-four-days-ago-in-argyll/
  2. Should be. It will say on their site.
  3. Andy_1984


    You get inside it.
  4. Ive only fished it a handful of times cant justify the effort for just a few hours fishing poach called it loch **** awe for that reason as ive had heehawe few runs but still to bank something other than minnows It can be a ball buster.
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    I never thought of it like that Maybe they got shot down https://futurism.com/the-worlds-most-mysterious-space-drone-is-finally-on-its-way-back-to-earth/
  6. I watched some of those magnet fishing vids. Interesting idea. I keep meaning to try it
  7. No way I understand that the military use a hardened military grade xp on some computers on things like warships. I hope they kept their contract for security patches. Could you imagine an entire fleet of warships grounded cause the missle systems being held to ransom for $300
  8. Jeremy cu*t needs to be dragged out of where ever hes hiding and explain why he thought it a good idea that in 2015 he cancelled a contract with microsoft to keep supplying security updates for windows xp machines then tells nhs they need to update their OS not once thinking certain machinery wont work on newer OS's. He was advised back then this is a bad idea that would leave nhs open to attack but as gov knows best they ignored the pros. This might not have been so bad had we kept tyat contract. Then questions need asked how it got on to the newer OS's which could have been patched a good while ago. Then we need to stop governments hoarding exploits for systems so they can hack in to them instead of notifying manufacturers and telling them about bugs in the system that give you access. The exploits used to get this malware on computers was from a leaked/stolen database of NSA exploits. Our own government hoard exploits too. I said on another forum this kind of thing will happen and we the plebs will be affected and i was right.
  9. I doubt it would work. I dont know. If you got one going then have a look at the properties screen i was talking about you might get the 2nd working from there.
  10. I doubt it would work. I dont know. If you got one going then have a look at the properties screen i was talking about you might get the 2nd working from there.
  11. Id thought about it in the past mate. Lots and lots of competition out there though with image hosting
  12. The whole system is a joke. Celebrities and business people wtf dont they get enough recognition!. Imo it should be plebs who have, against all odds, done incredible selfless acts of heroism. You know, people worthy of such an achievment. As it stands its a cheap pat on the back. If i were given one id refuse it.
  13. hasnt worked for donkeys, I even showed how to fix it im not keen on image hosting sites these days. terms and conditions are x pages long
  14. Are you able to put both graphics card in the machine at the same time (the old working one and the new one) Computers can take more than one card without conflicts btw. Connect one screen to the old working card and one screen to the new one. This way you can atleast get in and see the device manager for any issues with the new card, install drivers, and if its being picked up at all. You can also go to your monitor settings where you change screen resolution (win7 - right click desktop, select properties) if the new card is picked up there will be two monitor icons (Click identify to know which is which). Select the monitor connected to the new card and see the drop down (under the monitor icons) that lets you select the monitors video/display adapter (card)
  15. Few days ago i braced myself for a good laugh when my brother had to make a call and got the voice recognition menu. Surprisingly even him fumbling his words in a bit of confusion the system got it right
  16. He did. 5 minutes on google, now an expert.
  17. are we reading the same comment ???? I think your in over your head barry.
  18. Its been quite some time since ive used thunderbird (or any client for that matter) i cant recall where the relevamt settings are but ill try knock something.together when im on the pc later
  19. If somone wants a hair on a spade end then why not i say. The person doing it obviously feels a need and imo there is not a single thing wrong with that As for tieing it id leave the tag end like steve suggests
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