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  1. Sorry to hear of your retirement Bill. Always found your posts of assistance, especially back in those early (halcyon) days Tight lines, whatever your angle! All the best Jules
  2. Sorry Mike, I've not been on here for a few days but looks like Andrew has given you the answer. One swallow may not a summer make but as a sentinel that it's on the way it certainly gives a bit of cheer. Saw a Brimstone butterfly on 30th March......now a few economic green shoots and some mackerel would be welcome too
  3. You're right, it makes no sense at all to set out in rough conditions but you should find that the extra length of the Prowler 13 should make progress a little swifter when wind and tide turn against you (though it is not as good as The Scupper Pro in this regard). P13 is a comfier boat however. The fish should be back soon; first mackerel off Chesil last year for us was 6th April but no doubt the chillier winter will delay things a bit this year. Saw the first Swallow fly by on 8th April down this way last year.
  4. Welcome Tim, There are no clubs as such but there are frequent meets along the East Devon and Dorset Coastline with Kimmeridge, Lulworth and Ladram Bay (Devon) being popular destinations. Blue Anchor (Minehead) has gained in popularity too and depending upon where you are in Wiltshire you should not be much more than an hour and a half from any of these. Whereabouts are you? You can get some good ideas about how folk rig and use their kayaks and the safety gear carried here:- http://www.anglersafloat.co.uk All the best Jules
  5. Mark Crame's probably your man Tom. He lives in Lowestoft and fishes both Sea and Broads and regularly meets up with other folk up your way and beyond (I am sure that he will respond to your post when he's on here next).
  6. Well I never,......good boat Mike!...........but so are the Bics, it was seeing a couple of Bilboa's being used at Kimmeridge that set me on the trail of getting a P13 too. Enjoy
  7. Hi, I have an Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 and Ocean Kayak Scupper Pro TW. I acquired the Prowler 13 first but it was a toss-up as to whether to get this or the Scupper and I ultimately ended up with both. The Prowler is better if you are taking a good volume of gear but if you intend to paddle any distance the Scupper is the one to take but if you are 14 stone plus it may be a tight fit!
  8. Yes, spot on Steve. The RNLI have rescued folk wearing dry suits in the summer who have been suffering from hypothermia because they had insufficient clothing on under the suit and had dressed for the air temperature and not the water temperature. The water temperature is still going to be pretty cool in May and June, yet in October will be much more favourable if you do get immersed in it.
  9. I would given the choice prefer to read a Kayak Fishing magazine that contained articles about Kayak fishing on both sides of The Pond (or the entire globe) in preferance to sporadic pieces about British Kayak Fishing in less specialist magazines over here but that is not to denigrade Simon Everett's articles in BFM, SA etc. at all. The UK kayak fishing fraternity is of such a small size that a glossy hard copy format would never be financially unviable so you are only ever going to get limited UK/Irish coverage in a more specialist International Mag. or less specialist UK Mag. or an E-mag.
  10. Hi again Les, We tend to alternate between Kimmeridge (for the usual quarry) and the Portland end of Chesil as well as some Trooting on a couple of lakes just 20 minutes away (brilliant when you need a fishing fix-though usual problem of Mrs whinging about lack of space in the freezer). I've not fished much in the Bristol Channel though the guy I fish with most has since we have a good mate in Portishead who does a bit of beach fishing for Cod. Whereabouts in Bristol are you? Jules
  11. Hi Les, Whenever my lads have been on the net and visiting sites like Runescape the computers always seem to run very slowly afterwards and sometimes have picked up all sorts of adware and spyware which then needs to be Jettisoned. If your daughter has been surfing too, it may well pay to run a spyware program and see what you find. There are plenty of free programmes that you can download.
  12. Yes, accessing via broadband and not dial-up and not experiencing any delays. Moonyaker
  13. Here's another link Danno (lest you not have it already). http://www.mesltd.co.uk/index.php?cPath=133_24 Moonyaker
  14. Now I'm kinda glad that someone brought up the subject of horses.............cos there is a saying.............. " You can take a horse to........." ......nah, not that one yer moonyakin fool....
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