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  1. Hi Keith, I haven't fished the upper parts of the Lea before, it looks a great. I'll have look into joining Verulam. I'll let you know how I get on.
  2. Hi All, how are you all doing? It's been a few years since I last visited this forum. Good to see some familiar names still posting, although it does look quiet on here. We'll after a long layoff I've finally got the urge to go fishing again, and with any luck I should be out this weekend. My club tickets ran out ages ago, so I'm going to have a look at day ticket stretches of the Lea near me.
  3. Hi All, unfortunately my Dad has been taken ill and I am not going to be able to make it now. If there is anyone who wants to take my place they are welcome. All the best, Andy.
  4. Hi KAYC, sorry I haven't sorted the cheque out yet, I'll pop it in the post tomorrow.
  5. Cheers Anderoo, I've had a go at patching mine up although I'm not sure how long it will last, so I may need to borrow yours.
  6. The aerial type reel is a Fred Crouch Trotter, but I had it anodised before he assembled it for me. They are usually painted. The silver reel was just to see how light I could make the spool. It looks as though it will collapse as soon as I get a fish on, but it is surprisingly tough( I guess I'll find out if a manage to hook one of those angry Browns on Sunday). I got the weight of the reel down to around 180grms. Both are 3.3/4 in Diameter.
  7. Hi Guys, I'm really looking forward to this now. Even the weather hasn't put me off(yet), but that's the optimist in me.......I'm with Arbocop on this one.....although it does look like it's going to be a bit chilly though. Anyway I've got to try out a couple of reels. Even though I haven't been fishing for ages I seemed to of made a few additions to my collection of centrepins.
  8. Hi KayC, if there are any places left can you put me down
  9. Hi HM, other than Hartham there is not much free stuff around Hertford, although there is a small lake/pond near you in Chapmore End that my brother used to fish. I'm not sure if fishing is allowed any more, but you can always go and have a look.
  10. Hi Andy, fishing has taken a back seat this year unfortunately, it's been a busy year with my family, house and work. Couldn't miss a trip to Timsbury though.
  11. Hi Tony, it's been a while since I last posted but couldn't miss this. Can you put me down for 2 places please. Andy.
  12. That's the lake Dave. I still haven't got round to having another go there, it's been ages since I last fished it and it's only a walk across the field for me. I tend to pop down the river when I can. Not sure on the price of tickets, but on this website it says £10. What I did find the last time I tried to get on the lake is it can get booked up for weeks in advance.
  13. At the moment my wife thinks I'm mad even thinking about going, but I've managed to borrow my Dads 4x4 for the trip so should still be going. Will be making my mind up tomorrow when I've seen what the weather has thrown at us.
  14. Hi Aaron, I've just pm'd you Freds phone number. Andy.
  15. Put my name down please Rusty .
  16. I'm not sure if they will fit the 501 as I made them to fit my 506. None made for the 507/508 I'm afraid, but if there was a demand and someone lent me a reel maybe I could do something. Is the line guard on your Okuma how you want it on your AN pin? Tincatinca, that stuff looks just the job. Let me know how you get on with it.
  17. The spools aren't finished yet as they need some holes drilled and the grooves need to be a bit deeper so the chenille isn't quite so proud. I made a few but had a few more that I didn't get round to finishing as I started making the c/pins.
  18. Hi Chavender, I've just had a look at the link in your post. The chenille you are using there is quite thick, here's a photo of the stuff I used.
  19. Hi Tinca, I made a few spools for my 506 and had the same trouble as you finding the right stuff. The closest I could find was 3 mm diameter pipe cleaners but these were a little bit big(they fitted but there was too much fluff sticking out and the reel did not turn as freely), to get round this I made the slot deeper. Easily done when you are making the spools from scratch but you will have trouble. I think if you could find 2 mm dia pipe cleaners(I couldn't) I think you'd be ok. Dens stuff is close, although a bit too fluffy. I looked up Chenille thread and came up with this site, it's an
  20. Great report Andrew, wish I was there...Timsbury in a few days though...can't wait .
  21. Hi Tony, if there is another place free can you put another one down for me please. Andy.
  22. Looks like it's full now , if anyone drops out can you put me down Tony. Andy.
  23. The LAA stretch is well worth a try and also the area around the weir near the swimming pool. You will catch plenty with maggots. You could also try the canal between the lock and weir, fishing close to the narrow boats. The LAA stretch and the canal are dayticket, and the bit of the lea near the swimming pool I think is free. I'm not sure of the prices for the day tickets as I've never seen a bailiff. I'm just about to go on holiday, but if you want someone to show you where to fish, I'll happily walk you round when I get back. Andy.
  24. It's also a good idea to give your hooks a sharpen every now and then. Blunt hooks can lead to poor hooking.
  25. Popped up to Liverpool on the weekend to see the clipper07/08 boats finish their round the world race. My brother was part of the crew of the winning boat 'New York'. Here's a few photo's of them being welcomed home.
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