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  1. Thought I'd report back as I went out Friday afternoon at about 4:30, did a few miles along the coast trolling with Rapala's - had 1 Bass about 4lb. Then off about 1 mile to a little patch of rough ground to settle in for the night. We were cathing small bream straight away, but once the tide stopped it all went quiet, then as it changed it picked up again but only bream and doggies. Have to say the doggies put up a good fight in the dark! Other than that it was very quiet - we blame the bait as we only had mackerel, squid (this was a little past its best)and rag. I think crab and lug wou
  2. Doesn't the anchor alarm mean if the boat moves more than 300ft from its original position? Not the depth of the water you're in.
  3. I caught a nice Cuttlefish about 2 weeks ago during the day, but that was in about 10m of water about 1 mile out. It was hanging onto a mackerel that I was livebaiting with!!!
  4. We're staying out all night and will not move from the spot we choose - I'm thinking the cliffs between Brighton Marina and Newhaven as that's a good mixture of ground in about 5m to 10m of water. I quite fancy a few soles, I've never really fished for them before - I guess small hooks and worms?
  5. Thinking of doing an all nighter this week while there's a settled period with us, I've never been out ALL night so not sure what to expect. Obviously I'll check the boat is "tip-top" before going out and we'll go out no further than 2 miles from Brighton. What can I expect fishing wise? Will Bass feed through the night? Flatties? I'm not really interested in congers. Thanks.
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    Thanks for the welcome John. Hopefully now my fishing will improve!
  7. Matty_B


    Cheers Toerag, it was for Ray bait that I was thinking of. I'll give them a go this weekend - providing I catch some! Might even try livebaiting one for Bass!
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    Hi Norrie Thanks for the welcome - been lurking here for some time now, but only recently got back into the fishing. Thanks for the info, does the size of the scad matter to the Bass, as these we were catching were quite big. Any thoughts on using them as bait cut up for rays etc..
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    Been catching quite a few Scad reecently, all of which have gone back. But yesterday I was struggling to get mackerel, but did get a few scad and wondered if they could be used for bait instead of mackerel? Any advantages or dis-advantages?
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