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  1. Not true I'm afraid. The concept of the kayak mackerel race was first started by me at the Mudeford Demo day 3 years ago. It has since been copied by others for their meets with my blessing but none have been so deceitful to claim it is there idea up till now. SHAME ON YOU! I wonder how long it will be before someone claims that they invented the anchor reel or the pot bouy tie But I suppose that is life.Some people innovate whilst others imitate
  2. Great report Al,looking forward to getting up that way again myself
  3. 3 years old explains everything,kids can be really evil

  4. After paddling round the island last year and taking 26 hours :-[ to do it I had been planning on giving it another go.Last year I hadn't planned on going round in one go,it just happened when I was half way round I'd been putting in a fair bit of training and had been studying the tides for suitable dates,had originally planned on next bank holiday but as the summer species should be in full flow(and the tope season )then,I decided to go this weekend. Only thing about this weekend was the suitable launch times either 2am or 2pm.Opted for the 2am and fri evening went to bed at 8pm for a few hours sleep with the alarm set for midnight. BEEP! was woken with a start and jumped out ready to go only to find I'd been sent a bleeding text!great!how my phone is still in one piece I'll never know! Finally midnight came and it was time to get ready,load up and head to the launch site which on this occasion was to be Calshot. Got down to the beach where a few guys were fishing and rigged up for my 2am start,which ended up 5 minutes or so late due to a lengthy chat to the coastguard. So at 0205 I set off with the ebb towards the Needles The ebb was helping a great deal once I'd got in the main channel and I managed 9.4mph going past Hurst. Hit the needles in 2hrs 25minutes It was eerie threading the Needles at night and there was some surf on the bridge Headed onwards to St.Catherines,was struggling a bit on this leg,nearly dropped off to sleep a couple of times Finally made it to St.Catherines after a further 3 1/2 hours making the time now 8am Dunnose with St.Catherines in the distance Onwards past Dunnose and Ventnor staying offshore in a direct line with Culver Made it to Bembridge Lifeboat station just before midday Mistook my Lepe mark for Calshot on the gps :-[and ended up paddling against the tide right on the last bit(just when I needed it ) Finally made it back to Calshot after 13 hours 25 minutes Boy was it hard lifting the yak on the roof after that!
  5. Weather was looking doubtful for today's planned trip resulting in a lack of haste in making the launch time.I eventually launched 50 minutes later than planned at 0950.Todays intended mark was close to where I'd fished on my last Solo trip approximately 5 miles south of the Needles. A good day ahead? I think so made it to the mark after a few hours paddling with the help of the ebb and the sail once I'd reached the Needles.Took a route straight through the shingles and dolphin bank,hit a spot where it was 6ft deep dropped the anchor(number 233) and let out 100metres which was ample today.It was lovely to be out at one of my favourite spots again first fish to the yak was a doggie that was so shy it tried to hide his face in my drysuit second fish was a new species for the year................a pout judging by the look of shock on the pouts face,he's never seen a yak before pout,dog,pout,dog then the rod bent over this wasn't a dog or a pout,it was actually having a go,,,,,,,,what is it,,,,,not pulling like a smoothy,,,,not headbanging like a cod,,,,,,,,,ah!!!!!!!!!!!!! now I was feeling happy the ray was too,it behaved perfectly,opening it's mouth to allow me to easily remove the hook whilst sitting there quietly.I maneouvered it to relaunch position so that it could slide gently from my leg into the water. but it wouldn't let go!!!!I think it may have wanted to hump my leg or something The wind picked up in the afternoon as predicted and after getting tango'd at anchor numerous times I decided to call it a day and head for home. Flipped up the sail and I was away made speeds up to 9kts on my return and hit some rough spots en-route the trap was playing up a good un 2 new species,21 miles,interesting seas,my kind of day
  6. I'll be there Snatcher along with quite a few others from Anglers Afloat.I think most are staying at the caravan/camping site at Sandhead, link below http://www.sandsofluceholidaypark.co.uk/
  7. richi


    Absolutely Right! when I paddled round the I.O.W. last year,I used neoprene paddling gloves(proper paddling gloves not fishing ones!) to start as I found it helped with my arthritis,after around half the journey one of my hands did end up like a shrunken prune and it became painful/impossible to continue to wear the glove on that hand as the skin was really sore. Now if I wear gloves it is my woolly lined waterproof ones in winter
  8. I love the first two photos Zzip,good luck with the comp mate
  9. http://www.bournemouthcanoes.co.uk/bargains.htm
  10. nearly true I didn't even know about AN when I started,to be honest I didn't have a clue either but I survived :DI was very grateful when either Zzippy or SpeciMan put me on to AN,it was the no.1 forum in those days and I met some good friends on here that I still fish with now,sadly most of the yakfishermen from the early days don't post here anymore
  11. I don't expect everyone to agree mate that's why I said in my opinion,I understand and agree on the merit part but I still think Mark deserves some credit.He has also improved this year as a paddler considerably,helped a lot of people into the sport and caught some blennies that most would be proud of
  12. 100 launches is an absolutely outstanding years launch tally Mark(anything over 50 is serious in my opinion anything under 10 pathetic),some in extreme conditions,pure dedication. You must have gained loads of experience this year well done
  13. richi

    Kayak Demo Day

    thanks Keith,totally agree with your comments and I will continue with my demo days ( I have been approached from other companies since they have seen the successes we had but I only have so much time and I will only demo products that I believe in) I wish someone had been doing it when I started mind you I didn't even know that forums existed back then
  14. sounds interesting.I would think I'll more than likely be there I was at cano expo last year with Johnsons that Brookbank did a great job of organising one question: Can I take my scupper pro round the holme pierrepont course? I know the best man for your safety talk,I'll have a chat with him
  15. Sorry but I have to disagree there,Simon Everett has written some EXTREMEly good articles about Kayakfishing in the U.K.in both shore and boat angling magazines He's done articles on targetting Tope and Conger from a kayak and that is not LIGHTWEIGHT stuff He has also done a heck of a lot of work and spent a lot of his free time training people for free,inspiring people and furthering our sport.
  16. Clanforbes on anglers afloat was giving rollers away a while ago---I'll bet he's still got some
  17. Woke up to frost everywhere,for once the new forest did look like Lapland Arrived at Keyhaven and eventually got ready for launch expecting a cold one. It was superbly flat and it was a pleasure paddling across watching the sun and it's effect on the scenery Hurst Castle looking majestic Approaching the Needles heard Ron Bundy on the VHF,he reported to his mate that he'd had Whiting aboard came out with a typical Ron classic"there must be 40 boats out here and they are all in the wrong spot" ;Dthen went on in a solemn voice to say that he'd been reading all about the diahorrea etc. that was becoming more and more commonplace in the hospitals.He said to his mate"did you know that diahorrea was hereditory",his mate said "No"to which Ron replied "It runs in the genes"----------------I nearly fell out the bloody yak laughing Anyway,threaded the Needles and counted 47 boats,me making 48-------Picadilly circus but none of them were on my inshore spot Couldn't believe how warm it was in the sun,very little wind. During the slack water period bites were scarce all I managed during this period was a doggie that spat the hook at the surface. As the tide began to build(ended up with 1lb of weight on one rod and 12oz on the other)it picked up. First fish to the yak really put a smile on my face,another species for the yearly tally a beautiful Spotted Ray Caught Unhooked And released Next fish was Whiting,most of them were around this size then the good old doggies put in an appearance Sadly the Cod didn't put in an appearance,maybe partly due to the 5 bloody trawlers that were there yesterday,but that's the way it goes,some of the boats had the odd one still though Up anchored ready to paddle back with the sunset with the aid of the flooding tide,no Cod but a happy bunny with the new species and a wonderful winters day on the water Can't wait to get back out there Edit: heard Ron Bundy later on in the day saying that one of his punters had caught one around 30lb and I just dismissed it as a joke............................................................................ ................................................................................ . ................................................................................ . ................................................................... just found out it is true 35lb !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lucky fellow
  18. Absolute hardcore Trev,good to see people out walking the walk
  19. I wouldn't be able to use one as I use a Nookie tow line to leash myself to the yak when I go solo offshore and it lives in a bag around my waist. For you the tackle belt may be O.K. but I think for others it may hinder self recovery or they may even suffer a hook up the jacksy
  20. Are you saying that you wear a belt with all your tackle in round your waist Mike or have I misunderstood?
  21. "It seems a bit dangerous to just go buy a Kayak and paddle it out into the ocean" that was what I did,but I had the benefit of years of experience in other kayak disciplines ;)I didn't even know about kayakfishing forums (there was only one then anyway) I would recommend that you try and get on one of the SOT courses next year run by Darnsarf on Anglers Afloat,it is the only course that I know of that will teach you all the relevant knowledge http://anglersafloat.proboards107.com/inde...&thread=710
  22. Nice one Mark,beautiful sunrise and some decent fish.Serious tides to contend with too.What is the water clarity like?it was like mud at Clacton a few weeks back I must also congratulate you on your 90 plus launches this year,you must have gained a wealth of experience and all important paddle fitness from them
  23. looks like Ocean Kayaks read your mind Snakey,the latest NZ SPTWs have the centre transducer scupper as per the elite
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