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  1. C'mon you lot it's a real bargain. will be on ebay this weekend so hurry up and grab y'selves a deal before it's gone !!!!!
  2. C'mon you lot it's a real bargain. will be on ebay this weekend so hurry up and grab y'selves a deal before it's gone !!!!!
  3. C'mon you lot it's a real bargain. will be on ebay this weekend so hurry up and grab y'selves a deal before it's gone !!!!!
  4. C'mon you lot it's a real bargain. will be on ebay this weekend so hurry up and grab y'selves a deal before it's gone !!!!!
  5. Used for 2 season but in excellent/clean condition. Internal, individual rod protection padded sleeves for all rods. 4 rod version accommodates four 12' rods with reels PLUS four rods without reels. Wipe clean, snag-free inner. Heavy duty build. Generous sized reel pouches will accommodate big pit reels with ease. Heavy duty build. Padded centre leaf. Large pocket accepts umbrella or bivvy system with ease. Bankstick/pod pocket. Separate net/sling compartment. Padded carry handle. Non-slip, adjustable shoulder strap. Removable rigid aluminium 'back bone'. Comes compl
  6. Designed to fit in mk4s and powerporter. A brilliant idea for the storage of heavier items of tackle. This allows the centre of gravity to be lowered aiding barrow handling. Has zip top to keep water out. Approx Dimensions - 430 x 430 x 333 I will pack & next day courier for an extra £5.00
  7. Swinger with a weight and a spring tensioning system to cope with ultra long range as well as short to medium range fishing. Will load up to the equivalent of approx 6 oz and yet is capable of being set at neutral loading thanks to spring loading mechanism for the ultimate in sensitivity. Plugs into Microns with power out socket. The Euro Swinger illuminates when the buzzer is activated and when used in conjunction with buzzers fitted with the drop back differentiation facility will give a different indication for forward runs and slack line takes. Line release provides a sure grip and yet rel
  8. This barrow has served me well and is in good condition. Wheel is easily removed and frame folds virtually flat for transporting in car. My only reason for sale is I am now the proud owner of a Prestige Carporter Mk4.
  9. Has anyone any idea where abouts in Cambs this place is???? Also does it hold any decent carp??? This is all I can find.... http://www.go-fish.co.uk/venue_4450.htm
  10. Thanks, but NO Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Will do !!!!!! should be fun December thru February.
  12. .......... got or used one of these http://www.climaxtackle.com/fox_shelters/b...proof_cover.htm if so would appreciate your views and opinions. Looking to really cut down on the gear I take with me as I only grab quick over nighter sessions. Got a full twin skin bivvy but too heavy and takes ages to put up and take down. I have considered brolly type shelters but surely this would be the ultimate in lightweight and speed, and it's a bargain at only £25 +£5 P&P. Cheers - Phil
  13. Thanks Mitch, have seen these "chuck-a-lure" type games before. They're not too bad but was hoping there may be one more specifically aimed at carp anglers or at least one for coarse anglers. Wouldn't mind catching 4lbs tench and bream too nuch on screen.
  14. any ideas anyone??? do they do one?????
  15. ...... looking for a fairly easy, runs water type venue situated mid-way between Cambridge and Thetford that does 24 hour tickets. My brother and me want to have a weekend social and put a few fish on the mat. He lives in Thetford and I'm just NW of Cambridge (nr St Neots). Any pointers ??????????
  16. 12 or 15lbs X-line without a doubt. It'd quite simply the BEST. Shop around and you can get 600m for £19.99. It'd flurocarbon and almost invisible underwater and sinks like a car battery!!!!
  17. ............. it's on this weekend, anyone going?
  18. I prefer to fish an in-line set up but as a "rookie" on a syndicate lake last term Itook advice took advise from the estasblished members and switched over to using a pendant lead on a release clip rather than the in-line style I prefer fishing. The claim from the other members was that the in-line set up is VERY prone to snagging in weeds and that I'd end up losing fish due to the lead not falling free when a hooked fish found sanctuary in the thick weed beds. The lake I fish does get VERY weedy during the Summer month although I try to target either the silt or gravel patches. Most fish in t
  19. Ordinary!!!!!!!!!!! if that was ordinary I truly fear for the game (and the team) I have followed for 42 years. I too, am an Arsenal follower (will not claim to be a supporter because I simply cannot afford to go and watch them on a regular basis as true supporters do) and have been from the age of 5. Ther are stills floating around the internet CLEARLY showing the tackle was nothing less than a disgrace. The initial contact is mid way down Eduardo's left shin and the ball is shown at LEAST 2 feet away when contact made. The following image shows Taylor's boot crushing Eddie's foot/ankle havi
  20. ............. ah some sense at last !!!!!!!!!! good to see someone on here has enough footballing brain to realise that ASSAULT was intentional. Trouble is Martin Taylor was probably under instruction from above to make the HIT.............. "hit'em hard, kick 'em high lads, if we can't beat 'em we'll stop 'em....................... you can hear the pre-match talk now. Filthy, discusting AND premeditated end of !!!
  21. You astound me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Five-Bellies, NO BRAIN, go check out the pictures then try telling the forum it was "a quite ordinary tackle" Wenger was spot on that bloke should never play again, cos there's a damn BIG chance Eduardo never will go away and grow up, your attempt at humour is not clever !!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. Try here, not too far away from where you're staying. Probably full in June but ring/email Dave to check, he might be able to squeeze you in. You won't be dissapppointed, the fishing is phenominal trust me............. http://www.milinderuchec.com/ Cheers - Phil
  23. Castration would be more effective....... One question............ why not just announce the number of years???????????? why does our out-dated juditial system INSIST on using the term "LIFE" ?????? serving life to me means you should leave prison in a coffin (not a new designer suit and Porsche supplied FOC to help you to adapt into society!!!!!). how you get into the coffin is the only debate, should it be long term and natural causes or brought forward by design !!!
  24. Here...... Here, well said that man. Wonder how much it'll cost us taxpayers to keep them three locked up over the next 17 years. Reckon I read somewhere it's £70k per "sh!te head" per year so that'll be over £3 MILLION. Money well spent, NOT, string-em-up.
  25. Yep, gotta agree "Five-Bellies". Life long Gooner but well embarrassed, the shame of it.................... our RESERVES getting so soundly beaten by Tottenscums first team.
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