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  1. Stopping people from drinking seems like a good idea. If someone could stop them from eating, too, it could be a solution for the over population problem.
  2. national fishing month sounds like a good idea. Perhaps we could follow it up with a national breathing month?
  3. Walking home from the pub last week, I was jumped by a cockle and a couple of whelks. They should lock them up, too.
  4. They didn't find the 12 roker in the car behind him, though!
  5. Fat bloke down the pub caught 20 stone of codling and dogfish the other day and he didn't get any money at all.
  6. I once caught a roker on cheese paste. Do I qualify?
  7. Where can I buy a ticket? 2 -1 odds seems pretty good to me.
  8. Anyone ever caught a roker on a fly?
  9. Don't forget, these are Aussie carp we're talking about here, Newt!
  10. Bring me some back, please, Elton. Jellied preferably, but stewed will do.
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