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  1. Welcome to an Essex girl. Do they make camouflaged stilettos?
  2. Can you tell me how/where you hooked your livebaits?
  3. Fair comment from the original poster. Especially the comparison between the bait fish and the caught pike. Personally, although I do sometimes livebait, I don't feel entirely comfortable about it. However, the reward of catching a nice perch or pike soon eradicates those feelings. I ain't no saint.
  4. I remember fishing the Willow Pond many years ago. It's to the left of Longwater as you look towards the palace. Don't think it's open to fishing now.
  5. You'll need a Royal Parks permit to fish the Longwater. I think the Hampton Court permit includes Bushy Park. Richmond Park is on a separate permit.
  6. Good idea - pop into a tackle shop on a busy day and say, "I'm looking for a bum buddy".
  7. Glad to hear that there are still fish in the Wandle. What stretch did you walk along? Can't see how the fish numbers could have recovered though. Thousands died and haven't been replaced as far as I know.
  8. Great fish I must say. That's a pretty long cast right across the river. Try Bury Hill in Dorking for lake fishing. It's a bit of a trek from the station though. There's also Bushy and Richmond Parks.
  9. Well done. I know the Hogsmill but can't work out where you were fishing from. Were you on the opposite side of the Thames or fishing from the concrete right by the Hogsmill?
  10. Don't take offence but you don't need an apostrophe just because the word is plural.
  11. In a boat you'd only get about 50 yards up the Hogsmill from the Thames till you get to Clattern Bridge (High Street). You'd get some funny looks too. It's only a couple of feet deep from there upstream. Anyone know anything about the Ember (or the Ember Relief Channel) in Thames Ditton?
  12. "....anyway i was looking for any sory of advice i can get ie bats ect." Bats? My advice would be to find someone to go fishing with you first. Also a good idea to get the same person to take a trip to the tackle shop with you to pick up the bits you need (and to advise against buying stuff you don't need). Maybe someone ( any Essex boys?) on this site can help.
  13. I discovered some old lead shot from years back the other day. It made me realise how much softer it is than the stuff we have to use nowadays. Can anyone recommend any brands of soft non-toxic shot?
  14. Sounds like some kind of pervie activity!
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