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  1. Had it on but wasn't paying much attention, but I think they were catching bass.
  2. Thanks Norrie, then it was definately a tag. I can't wait to tell him he missed out on a reward! Ta.H.
  3. Fished Bexington last Friday night and a mate caught a doggy which seemed to have a tag in it. Would it be a tag?
  4. Yes, huge satisfaction knowing that they were found and put back from somewhere that nobody goes fishing. Dusting my carp gear off as we speak! - roll on June 16th!
  5. Heres the 2nd... Excuse the singing in the background! (although it is Mark E Smith-esque)
  6. Here's a video link... That 'puddle' would've been gone pretty soon so I'm feeling pretty good for saving them.
  7. Just realised I've posted the same pic twice...here is the third
  8. His missus took a video of the whole thing which I'll post up when she sends it to me. These were about 100 metres from the main drain they live so they were lucky to be saved. I couldn't believe it.
  9. I can't seem to put them in one postNo.3
  10. I had a phonecall earlier by someone telling me some fish were stranded in floodwater, me and my mate went down to find these cracking carp in about 1 foot of floodwater on a farm track.
  11. First things first, hello to everyone on AN - hope you are all well. I bought a Silva headlamp after seeing it on here a few years ago, I want to find the original thread to see if I can find out where I bought it. I've done a few searches but no joy. Ta.
  12. 1lb fresh minced lamb 1lb fresh minced pork 1 grated onion 2 green chilli peppers (very finely chopped) 2 red chilli peppers (very finely chopped) Loads of crushed garlic Freshly chopped coriander Freshly chopped mint A good sprinkle of Schwartz Jamaican jerk A good squeeze of tomato puree Salt & pepper 1 egg Enough flour to bind it properly Mix it all up with a bit of olive oil then leave it overnight in the fridge. Next day mix it all up again then shape your burgers. Brush them with a little olive oil then chuck them on the barbie. Cook slowly along with some goo
  13. I'm after a track called 'Black Horse' by a band called 'The Cult Maniax', if anyone has it as MP3 please let me know. Ta.
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