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  1. Doh, Tracy was on last night and didnt log out.
  2. OK Dad. The first painting shot is great. Good colours and sharp like you were going for. The second is not bad either. Both painting and the plant are in focus. This is because the focal length you've set and the distance that you are from the objects being shot works. The third shot shows that the "F" number that you've gone with wasnt high enough. The plant is starting to blur but the picture is still sharp. Thats because you've got the same F stop as the other shot. To get both things into focus once you've moved in closer would require a smaller aperture (higher F number). So maybe selecting F8 or so would be better, though shutter speed would drop (something else to think about). Here's a link for helping understand the focal length stuff. http://www.dofmaster.com/dofjs.html Great to see you're having fun with the new camera. Cheers..........Mick. DOH, I didnt realise that Tracy was still logged in.
  3. Hello Josh, Not gonna comment about hunting because I don't see any difference between anything killing anything for anything other than survival, including fishing, but as I eat meat and fish I will not be a hypocrite. But as a ferret owner whose intention was only ever to have it as a pet, I was wondering if you see your ferrets as pets or friends, or the dog for that matter. My ferret has given me so much pleasure and entertainment, even though he bites me and draws blood every chance he gets. He just got the snip so I'm hoping his demeaner will settle somewhat. But the greatest pleasure I get is from walking him and being stopped by almost every person I come across, most esp by elderly people whose faces light up when they see little Farken, recalling memories of 'rabbiting' when they were kids. It's like they haven't seen a ferret in 50 years and some of them are surprised by me having him as a much loved pet, and while the idea of 'rabbiting' disturbs me a little, I have been curious about how people who keep ferrets for that purpose, relate to their ferrets when they are not working. Does it make them vicious? I have been told not to feed my ferret raw meat, and that is why he bites, and people have told me they feed their ferrets live mice and chickens which I certainly couldn't do, but I just think they are fascinating animals, smart, funny and such personalities. They deserve to live in the house and be loved as a member of the family. Although my ferret goes nuts when I take him outside, he loves his walks and rolling around in the grass. I read that they don't recognise individual people until they are a year old but my ferret spends every waking moment with me. I also read that they get lost easily and can't survive 3 days on their own, so was delighted when he accidentally got one night at only 6 months of age and we found him curled up asleep on the front doormat the next morning. Anyway, was just wondering how you relate to your ferrets and are they vicious? Cheers, Tracy.
  4. Hello Mr Wiggly, Has HB mentioned by any chance how the little critter lost half his tail. Yep, it was bitten off, BY THE DOG! So we don't leave them alone together anymore, but little Farken the ferret is still unfazed by the big hairy mutt. Tracy.
  5. Opps. Sorry. Just got home and didnt realise Tracy had been logged on. Anyway, HB here. Just been wondering where everyone is? There's been no posts at all for a few days. Thats a bit odd. HB
  6. G'day Snatcher, Great shots. Whats great about photos like that is you can go change that sky to a deep shade of blue if you want to. My son is training to be a Pilot and so we will be spending more time around airfields, little ones. With the few shots HB has taken already, he was more interested in how the sky looked than anything else. I wonder if a sky with a lot of cloud formation would detract from the aeroplane at all. Bet you had a headache after that!
  7. Hi everyone, Just came in to see how my little Farken the Ferret was fairing in the recent Comp. He IS the light of my life atm. We have lost him in the yard three times already though so my heart is not coping with the new experience of owning a ferret all that well. Hi JK, I really love it that you have listed originality as your second choice. When I started entering the comps, I had only ever photographed babies on a cheap camera, and so I thought that my strong urge to be as creative as original as possible was simply just to make up for lack of experience and quality in my photos. With the Communication Comp, I was obsessed with the idea of two snails connecting, partly because this site had drawn me into an interest in macro photography, but mostly just because the idea appealed to me so much. I wanted their antennas crossing at first, saying 'En Garde' and I got that but the photo I entered was the best choice. That photo took 3 days and 60 shots to get. We had about 8 snail actors and it was just a coincidence that one was light and one was dark in the final photo which I think adds to it by giving a contrast of colours and I felt giving a definite male/female vibe. But even with our new Canon and HB teaching me a little about the complexities and skills involved with taking a great photo, I am still drawn to an original idea first and foremost when looking at photos. I think distance is really important too, a photo of a pile of dirt can grab you if taken up close, or in the case of landscape shots etc, if there is a prominent feature in the foreground, like Chippys Fallen Tree shot. Crispness and Quality are vital obviously, however when I judged the Doggie Comp, even though I knew it had no chance of winning, I had to include the very blurry but awesomely creative shot of a 'mutt flying through the air'. Colours are SO important. When looking through the ferret photos, he was amongst leaves in most of them and blended in to the background too much, the contrasting colour of the dirt in the chosen shot was the decision maker. Lighting I am still learning about, it's one of those hidden things that makes a photo stand out. The difference between a professional looking and unprofessional looking photo. A 'trick' of the trade that we all become delighted to discover. Composition I'm still learning about too. Like I said, I just like to get in close usually. Maybe try to keep it simple and avoid a cluttered background, not always possible with oportunistic photography obviously but helpfull for a staged photo. So I think my Top 5 would be Crispness/Quality Originality/Interest Grabbing Colours/Contrast Composition/Distance/Uncluttered Background (does that all come under the same category) Lighting/Mood If anyone has wondered why I don't enter the Comps anymore. Don't know how to use the Canon and his Highness wouldn't let me anyway, and the Sony is full of dirt since it last went fishing. Not to mention a You Tube addiction. Hope everyone is well, Hi Rabster! 8^) Tracy.
  8. G'day Mr Wiggly, I haven't posted on here for months, not that anybody has missed me, but had to respond to this. Sorry little whitey is no longer with us, I'm sure he was a great joy. I am commenting because I cannot believe how attached I have become to my little ferret Farken who was a Xmas gift, in such a short time. I had never owned a ferret b4 and was reading up on them, I read that if they get out they don't last 3 days because they can't fend for themselves. I interpreted this to mean that they don't have the ability to find their way home so have been very worried about him getting out and getting lost as he roams freely in the house, I could never put him in a cage and they are quite easy to toilet train. I also read that they take about a year to attach themselves to particular people. So when he got out the other night without either of us realising and we discovered him missing the next morning, I was VERY upset until Michael found him curled up asleep on the front doormat!!! What a relief. He was very subdued and cold and shivering, not his usual I will attack anything that moves self, and he put himself to bed and didn't come out until 5pm so he must have had a really huge adventure. The photo shows him holding a little dog that barks when you squueeze it and Farken shakes his head from side to side like an alligator with his little dog in his mouth. He is heavilly featured in many of my You Tube videos.
  9. I would have voted for the toad but as it wasn't there to vote for I went for cameramans pic. Great pic.
  10. Aw, that's luverly, what a nice family you have. Can I have that fella when your daughter is finished with him?
  11. TubularBelles Home Movie (different from the other one, hope it's not too boring). Just wanted to bring this thread back to the front page. Steve, any chance you can make this thread and the Pic of the Day thread a sticky? Not that the Pic of the Day thread needs it but even that one is moving down the list a bit. Just asking!! Thought more people might contribute to the Members Photographs thread if it was a sticky. We all like to show off our families and kids and pets don't we? Or is it just me? Keep the pics coming folks, there must be lots more Snow Whites and Cinderellas and Supermans out there etc.
  12. TubularBelle


    These pics should be in the Members Photographs thread, at least it would bring it back to the front page where it should be. Steve, wanna make it and the Pic of the day thread a sticky? Nics pics by the way.
  13. Our dog, also a Border Collie, thinks we are trying to shoot her when we point the camera at her and looks away every time. We took about 30 photos the day we took this one and only about 4 of them had her even looking towards the camera. Border Collies seem to be very popular on this site. I saw one the other day that was more white than black with a full white face, absolutely gorgeous. I was disappointed when I drove all the way across town to collect Molly and saw she had short hair. I was told she is still a pedigree but a working dog rather than a show dog. She's still cute tho so I got over it.
  14. Talking about tripods earlier, HellBelly practically leaves his camera attached to his tripod most weekends. He loves taking night shots with a long exposure and jumping in front of the camera himself for whatever reason. They are very handy and cheap too! Great pics everyone!
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