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  1. It depends on the questionnaire and the amount of personal involvement. Generally I use lures when I fancy a walk about, it's too cold to sit about, or the water doesn't look right where I fancied fishing. I tend towards deadbaits, the bait depending on the water. Some waters, trout waters for example work better on trout or part trout. Other waters inc trout waters respond to sea fish. If a water allows live baits, I have no problems using them. It's really like asking how long is a piece of string or how much lead to hold bottom. Every day is different, every water different. Watercraft as in all types of fishing is what you use to catch fish, any fish.
  2. Nice tribute to a great man
  3. Everything Mr Phone says is true. Absolutely. Except I wasn't on 6 figures unless you included the pennies.
  4. Just retire early Martin, once you've convinced yourself it's the right move, you'll wonder when you found the time to work. Mid week fishing in deserted spots, Grandkids from school, all those little jobs you've been meaning to do for the last 25 years. Retirement is a full time ocupation
  5. There are some really good air guns on the market today and some good spinning targets. Pellets vary in price and quality, you tend to get what you pay for in size, quality and fit. Killing animals/birds is a matter of respect, unless its vermin, if you can't or won't eat it, don't shoot it. In season we have Rabbit, Hare, Grouse, Partridge, Pheasant and pigeon. It's not really that far removed from eating fresh food grown wild or on an allotment. As a kid we survived by doing this with Grandads. As adults now, everything comes on a polythene tray in shrink wrap from a supermarket. Kids need to get off the computer outside and respect the countryside be it flora or fauna.
  6. Phone, That's the Cooey, mines a 19 something early. Ammunition for the .410 about 9 English pounds for 25. More for the 20g. 12g varies from a fiver a box for 21gram lead through to, really skies the limit for more powerful or steel. I really ought to reload, some of my friends take my empties and can reload them twice before getting rid. Decent brass is hard to get here too.
  7. My kids shoot, son a 12g and shoots regularly with me. He's also ex Army and used to many calibres. Daughter a .410 but she used to shoot a 12g SxS and .22 rifle and 5.56 rifle as well as air guns. Oldest granddaughter uses a O/U 20g and is quite proficient. Next granddaughter a .410 SxS and still at beginners stage. Next one down, no interest at all. Grandson age 6, I've just cut down a Cooey model 84, .410, you may know the brand, even the gun as apparently they're extremely popular as starter guns in the USA and Canada. I think about 1.9 million made before Winchester bought them. He loves it but mainly on statics at the mo with 2" 9gram cartridges. The reason I choose. 410 is the low or zero recoil and noise especially as starters. We have 28g but the ammo is prohibitively expensive. Even .410 costs almost double my 12g. 20g also costs more. I'm not a lover of 20g as it's too easy for a starter or occasionally someone using both to mix up. 20g into 12g could be fatal. Plus 20g cartridges can recoil more in a lighter gun than a heavier cartridge in my 12g. I'd love to explore the ammunition available in the USA as we are limited to the types we can use here. The law on ammunition is also complicated, for example, it's illegal to buy ammunition without a licence but legal to posses it. So...in theory, a licence holder may buy ammo and give it away to a non licence holder, and that's legal We are also just into the phasing out of lead. A voluntary ban is coming in with a total ban on lead for game in 5 years. A ban already exists on lead for wildfowling or shooting over water. It's an opinion only, that within a few decades shooting in any form in this country will be either unaffordable or illegal.
  8. Suicide rates are quite high in ex forces, I've no idea of the ratios etc. Especially in ex front line troops or those who have seen action. It's my understanding more have died since the Falklands war than in it, on both sides. That's one example and probably easy to look up. Homeless people are also a large percentage of ex forces that fail to live with the stresses of civilian life. PTSD is now a recognised illness, although going back a few years, WW1 it was cowardice, WW2 it was shell shock. I'm so glad we have moved on. There is another thing that is rarely mentioned or understood. Survivors Guilt. Fortunately I have a wife and family to help me, but theres rarely a day passes when I wonder why I survived and better men than me didn't.
  9. When you result to personal insults as a keyboard warrior, you have lost. Simple as. Nothing more to say, nothing to add. End of.
  10. Some nice pictures there, pity they don't also show the runners up.
  11. Am I so far behind the times I didn't even know we had a bank lure fishing team England. I just read the Angling trust news. Should I be embarrassed I know nothing of what's going on in our sport or do others feel out of it.?
  12. Unfortunately we all have those days. Memories for the wrong reason. One of my favourite waters was ruined when Yorkshire water installed a footpath wide enough and flat enough to drive on. Now it's full of dog walkers and joggers, all who pay nothing to be there and resent me being there fishing and being in the way of the dogs swimming. I of course pay for this privilege. Just lately I've been looking at caravan sites with a river frontage or close, to try and get the last few days of the season. I'm thinking of one near the Witham just outside Lincoln or one at Spalding. I think everybody is just sick of the rain and wind and wishing we either had a proper winter or it would just go away. Maybe an idea for you John? I just bought some net poles, bit like extending bank sticks and some 'no see camo mesh' (5m x 1.5m) not cheap at 20 and 15 respectively but staked out I'm hoping that will keep out the dogs and also those who keep asking if my centrepin is a fly reel. Maybe a bit of a wind break too. Still have the brolly though.
  13. Hope you're feeling better now
  14. Congratulations AN I've only been a member 14 years myself.☹ Mised the first 6 as I didn't know what internet was, not sure I do now truthfully. I hope it survives, keep up the good work Elton.
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