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    Re your previous post, I see you did everything but answer my question, as usual Paul. I'll ask you another question and see how you don't answer this one. You go on about "experts", and have done, along with others, since before the Brexit vote. It was all "listen to the experts, they know more than us". What you and the rest failed to acknowledge was that "experts" have varying opinions on any subject. So what you really should be saying is, "only listen to the experts, that agree with me". In light of this, what criteria do you use to determine which "expert" is going to give the best advice about the future progress of a new, and unpredictable, virus? Also your belief that Corbyn couldn't do a worse job is laughable. He has been so indecisive over every issue since he emerged into the spotlight, that unless it was written down clearly, in a socialist manifesto he would have to call for a consensus on every decision. John
  2. Hi phone, "bored and grumpy", sounds like we're in the same boat, without either a paddle, or a sail. Could also be a good name for a firm of solicitors. It seems I confused you with my other post, not sure why that is, maybe it's a transatlantic thing. Having said that, it took me a while to figure out your "bad breath" comment, I think that was more an age thing on my part though. On a more personal note, along with the return of my sciatica, and the apparent onset of arthritis in my left hand, I've now got what appears to be conjunctivitis . If it is that, I don't know how it's happened, we've disinfected the crap out of everything we've touched over the last few weeks! So now I'm hobbling around with the aid of a stick, having to swap it to my bad hand every time I need to pick something up, and now having to wear dark glasses to filter out the bright sunlight that we've been anticipating for weeks. Still, it's offers some amusement to my wife, and could be a lot worse given our present situation. As for Boris, some sick individuals will be rejoicing at the news, and has your media picked up on the news that his pregnant fiancee is also showing signs of the virus, poor lass. John
  3. As the title says, how is everyone doing during this time? A (hopefully non political) thread where we can each have a moan, or offer advice, (helpful or humorous), to help others cope, or just to distract from the general crap that we are going through. Anyone joining me in climbing the walls? Keeping 2 metres apart of course! I'll start with a moan. What else would you expect from a miserable old git? My wife is working from home, and I have set up a small area of the kitchen as her office. The IT crowd at the Leeds office have built their own PCs, laptops, etc in house, and have done a pretty good job of it. My wife prefers, and got, a desk top model. Not having owned, or seen one for many years, I was amazed at how small the whole thing was, compared to the 'towers' of old. I decided to get the guitar out, and see how far my poor playing had deteriorated over the last couple of years since my last aborted attempt. Before I had a chance to do anything, I had to clean a couple of years of dust of it, put batteries in my tuner, and then attempt to tune it. Sadly the strings had stretched, and proved difficult to tune. I eventually got them near enough to try a few chords. At first I had difficulty with finger placement, but after a while it began to sound almost pleasant. I gave it a rest while I finished a job that I'd put off doing for months, ie, putting some roller blinds up. Later that evening I went back to the guitar, and chord practice for an hour. The following day I awoke to a pain in the wrist/thump, on my left hand, this gradually got worse as the day progressed, and I have now got a heat pad and support bandage on it. I can't grip with my left hand, and can only assume it's the onset of arthritis, which doesn't bode well for any return to angling. This morning I woke to find I can hardly walk as my sciatica has decided to pay me a visit, so getting the garden sorted is back on hold until the muscle gel and painkillers both kick in. On the bright side, it's warm, the sun is shining, the birds singing, and it's joy to hear kids laughing as they play in their gardens. Hopefully a sign of things to come. John.
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    Wow! that's a major swerve/U-turn, Corbyn was your new 'messiah' a few months back. Talk about fickle! Anyway on to more serious things. Paul, in your self appointed role as the chief spokesperson for the Tories Are Wrong All The Time, (TAWATT for short) party, could you please enlighten the nation, (or at least the half dozen or so on here), by sharing a little of your vast wealth of knowledge. What would you advise the Government to do in the future, to fight this pandemic? Your expertise in epidemiology, ably supported by your 'experts' in the media would be of great value in this fight, and could bring some much needed solace, and reassurance to the people. Thanking you in advance, I await a reply with bated breath. John.
  5. I've found it! It was on another site, I'd been lurking on. That beer must have beer stronger than I thought I've copied it over here, just to prove I wasn't hallucinating John.
  6. Has this isolated life finally got to me and addled my brain? I could have sworn I’d seen a funny video posted late last night, I think by ant . I looked for it this morning to show my wife, and it’s gone! I’d had a couple of drinks but didn’t think I was that bad. Did you post it ant, and did anyone else see it? John
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    I’m so sorry to hear this Elton, here’s hoping mrs Elton has a speedy recovery, and your family can get back to some kind of normality. It must be hard with a two year old, they don’t understand what’s going on. My grandson who was 5 last week, and is, ( according to him), “grandads best mate”, can’t understand why I cant visit. When we FaceTime, he will often turn his back and not speak to me like he’s fallen out with me. It’s bloody hard, and probably the worst thing about this self isolating. Stay safe everyone John
  8. Paul, your posts would carry more weight, and I wouldn’t class it as drivel if you changed the record occasionally. What do you think your ranting on here is going to do? Do you think that the government looks in on AN just to see what you have to say, and then base their actions on your posts? I was serious about you contacting your mp, it might not make a difference, but it has more chance than a post on here. Im struggling to post because my wife s working from home and I have to use my phone data on my ancient mobile. I will try and post this evening when she has finished using our internet. John
  9. A suggestion Paul. Why don’t you write all this stuff down, and present it to your mp, or your favourite media source, when “this is all over”. That will ensure that there are “questions to answer”, and it will spare the rest of us having to endure your constant drivel, telling us what we already know! John
  10. If you weren’t trying to blame brexit Paul, then why bring it up on the brexit thread? You can’t blame anyone for not believing you, because for over the last three years that’s all you’ve posted. You’ve moaned, and whined like a little kid, and posted any old crap that you’ve dug up or seen on your so called social media sites, that you think will somehow validate your obsession. You’ve contradicted yourself many times, and even posted stuff that said the opposite to what you thought it did. Is it any wonder that no one takes your posts seriously? John
  11. I must have written at least a half dozen replies to comments on this thread, and then deleted them HV. This time I couldn't help it. To try and score some petty political points on the backs of the sick and dying, is as low an anyone can stoop, and I couldn't let it go. Every evening, as well as the horrific news reports, we get a facetime call from my daughter checking that we are ok. It breaks our hearts to see and hear the stress, danger and even abuse that her and her colleagues are subjected to every day, and they still keep smiling for the sake of their patients. We can't even give her a comforting hug because she insists on keeping her distance for fear of infecting us. I can't really put into words my thoughts on those that belittle the efforts of those who are trying to help us through this time, just to try and prove some pathetic point they obsess about in their sick and twisted, narrow little minds. Well I could put it into words, but it would probably, and rightly, result in my being banned from the forum. John.
  12. What the hell are you on about Paul? You brought the subject of the corona virus onto this thread, with your link to the Scottish fishermen losing their exports. The only reason I bothered to reply was because you tried score some pathetic points and blame it on Brexit, as usual. To my shame and regret, I got suckered in again. I think that the government is making the best of trying to control what is, (and you at least acknowledged), an unprecedented situation. Johnson is using his ministers, and advisers, to try and judge when to bring in measures to try and slow the spread of this virus, and also gauge how severe those measures should be. Their biggest mistake has been to treat the whole population as responsible adults, instead of the mindless, selfish, morons that a significant proportion obviously are. They are trying to create the thing I've wasted so much time in trying, and failing, to get you to understand, a balance. I have to laugh at you, when the other day you were sarcastically complaining about how much money the Government managed to find to help the population through this crisis. Now you're complaining that they aren't spending enough, or it's not coming through fast enough! Sadiq Khan himself explained the other day that the plans to pay the self employed were there, but needed refining before they could be implemented. Of course they haven't covered every contingency in one go. There are always going to be groups that regard themselves as 'special' cases, and shout 'what about us'? They are getting sorted as they come to the surface, but everyone is going to suffer to some extent, sadly, some more than others. I would not like to be in the shoes of those in Government at a time like this, it's a no win situation especially when there are such as yourself, that gleefully trawl the media looking for things to crib about. We can all be geniuses with hindsight, and make the 'right' decisions after the event. Well most of us can. John. PS, I stopped listening to James O'Brian along time ago, IMO the mans an ****.
  13. Paul, I have no problem with the truth. I defend your right to have your own version of it. But you are like a dripping tap, on and on and on, just repeating yourself. Anyone with even half a brain can see that not everything is the fault of brexit, you apparently can’t see it. You fit in well with your hero Corbyn, all I’ve heard from him are attempts at cheap point scoring. Ffs, there are people dying from something that is unprecedented in modern times, and all you can do is nit pick over bloody brexit. Grow up, and open your biased, closed mind to the real problems facing the world. That’s the REAL world, not the twisted personal one you seem happy to wallow in. Every post of yours should carry a health warning, and a link to the Samaritans. John
  14. Phone, you are wasting your time. It's like trying to communicate with a small petulant child using adult logic, it's never going to work. It's sad that there are people who's minds are so twisted, that they can't stop trying to score petty political points at every opportunity. Even one that is causing so much grief at the suffering, and deaths, of so many people, is not immune from their twisted agenda. John.
  15. Thanks Martin, will do. If not my daughter, then certainly one of the team. They are a great bunch, and I've had plenty of calls pleading for a lift when they've been stuck after a night out. Because many of them were only in there early twenties when they first moved to Leeds, we've always been there if needed, and are called 'adopted second parents' by some. My brother was diagnosed with prostate cancer about 6 or so years ago, and was treated there. Obviously my daughter wasn't allowed to treat him, but he said that the team told him that they had been warned to take special care, because they'd have to answer to Helen if they didn't , he couldn't praise them enough. It saddens, and sickens me to see and hear what they, and the rest of the NHS staff are having to endure at the moment, often with little, or no appreciation from some that they treat. A simple thank you, can so often make a difference. John.
  16. Yes I saw it Martin, but I think the letters will go out to those with more serious conditions, such as MS, leukaemia, or those who have had heart surgery. It's a good idea to self isolate for as long as you are able though. My daughter who works at St James hospital, gave us a good old 'dressing down' for going out on Saturday, saying that we should be more careful, and if we need anything that's what she's there for. We're reluctant to ask because we know how much stress the NHS staff are under, and even though she tries to hide it, it shows in her voice when she phones us. She a Radio Therapist, treating cancer patients, as well as seeing to the welfare of students coming through the system. They are trying to 'fast track' some of the latest intake so that they can be treating sooner than usual, but without compromising the treatments of patients. On top of this there have been Hazmat training sessions, and regular updates on new procedures, and then having to use less suitable PPE than that which they have been trained on. The trust have also decided that they will only be testing 'inpatients' for Covid19. Those that come daily for cancer treatments are being classed as 'outpatients', so are not tested. My EA licence runs from Oct to Oct, so I'm ok for a while. I haven't joined a club yet and not sure I will. I can see all 'unnecessary' travel being banned soon, and the actions of the mindless mobs causing parks, and National Trust grounds to be closed. I've already heard of many commercial fisheries closing, so there will be few, if any places left to fish, unless you have bankside frontage to your property. The long term future of angling could also be in in jeopardy, with the average age of anglers being fairly high, this virus could put a large dent our numbers over the coming year or so. Cheerful sod aren't I? Take care all John.
  17. We've been buying a bit extra each week for the last month or so, we have enough tinned stuff, rice, etc to last us a few weeks. Both freezers are full, so it's just fresh stuff we need. We went to the shops on Saturday, and worse than the shortages, was the stupidity of many of the people. Coughing, sneezing, without any attempt to use anything to catch it, spitting, crowding people, (that was so bad, I had to shout at one bloke to 'Back Off', when he leaned right over me, with his face inches from mine). I'm not sure whether these people are stupid, or just don't have any regard for others, but they really pee me off either way. I've heard so many saying that it's 'only flu', and only effects us oldies, I think they had better read up on it. When I've told them to research the after effects of having the virus, and the state of the lungs of many who have 'survived' it. The irreparable scarring of the lung tissue, can leave the patient with diminished lung capacity and open to many other infections, with less chance of surviving a 'second wave' of the virus, and that's regardless of age. We spent today in the garden, cleaning up more of the damage caused by the recent storms, and generally tidying up the place. I've been sorting my fishing gear out, as well as making a few floats. I've just finished off 18 assorted floats, and was testing shotting capacity, with a tench trip in mind, when the thought occurred that I don't know when, or if, I'll ever use them! These are scary, and uncertain times, take care everyone. John.
  18. Just for you Bob https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=the+ballad+of+dunny+roll&view=detail&mid=EE1E62EAFBE5AF6BE1BAEE1E62EAFBE5AF6BE1BA&FORM=VIRE John.
  19. Just got back from a ‘pensioners only’ hour at a local supermarket. There are some young looking ‘pensioners’ in our town! The usual no bog roll, uht milk, pasta, tissues, etc. They are rationing some stuff though, only three bread items, 3 milk, and surprisingly only four tins of vegetables per customer. It seems that they have started rationing cigs. One poor chap had to make do with only buying 400. When I heard the price of over £200, I was glad I packed up five years ago. On a slightly lighter note, it seems that the research into covid19 has produced some interesting side results. Over the years we have had Hong Kong flu, Spanish flu, Asian flu, etc. Now it appears that the strange driving habits of some drivers of Audi’s, BMW’s, Merc’s, etc, is caused by a disease called German carowner virus. John
  20. They should include a ‘ supermarket sweep’ event. From what I’ve seen recently we would surely be in the medals. John
  21. All those wasted years you spent trying to make the 'perfect' carp bait Phone, and I keep telling you that they will eat anything! John.
  22. What no condoms?? We used to catch them regularly when fishing the Calder. They put a good bend in the rod if you hook them in the open end, and they've have had me reaching for the landing net on a few occasions! I never actually used the landing net though, even the biggest ones could be swung onto land to be carefully unhooked with the forceps. John.
  23. First, I feel I must apologise for my last self indulgent post, my only excuse is that I'd had a couple of drinks, and was feeling pretty down at the time. This self isolating for the over seventies, that's been suggested could last for up to 12 weeks is not helping things. Is it just me, or are there any others that don't feel they could last that long? As it is I don't go to pubs, clubs, eateries, theatres, cinemas etc, and the only time I'm in any kind of crowd, is when we do the weekly shop. I follow all hygiene advice, don't use public transport, and the car is cleaned out regularly with antibacterial wipes especially on all touch points. There are news reports rumours that this could end up being made law, with penalties incurred by offenders. I fail to see how it could be enforced, and surely if I were to go fishing, walking in the country, or if I had an allotment, then all these would be beneficial to both my physical, and mental health, and carry little if any risk. This is all academic anyway, because my wife, who is 5 years younger than me, works full time in an accounts office, and surprise, surprise, we live in the same house! John.
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