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  1. I haven't posted on this for some time, but I thought this might be of interest, Barnier and Farage on the same page, 'who'd a thunk it'? https://www.politico.eu/article/michel-barnier-french-borders-shut-pledge/ He even says he's learned from brexit! John.
  2. Bloody hell Ant, they've really put you through the wringer, I can barely imagine what you and your family have been through. The good thing is that they have got all that crap out of you, and you're on the mend. I sometimes think that doctors only find what they've already decide will be there, and it takes another doctor with a more open mind to see the wider picture. Take care mate, and take it easy, slow and steady. John.
  3. gozzer

    7lb cat

    Don't know if you remember a guy coming on here some years ago, complaining that he had lost 1000s of cats from his 'fishery' in East Yorkshire during heavy flooding. He was asking for donations to compensate his loss. I remember saying he should be fined not compensated for polluting the surrounding waters. His fishery was surrounded by drains which fed into the River Hull, which in turn fed the Humber, and it's only a short trip up to the Trent and Yorkshire Ouse systems. Catfish have been caught, from parts of the Yorks Ouse for the last 6 or 7 years, and reports of them being caught from t
  4. Ant, you've got a PM John.
  5. Hi Ian, My daughter works in a large hospital in Leeds, and has a different view of things than your friends. She usually phones us when she finishes work, last night it was 7-15, she started at 8 in the morning. She rings us for a few reasons, one to check up on me and her mum, and as a bit of stress relief. She can have a bit of a rant to let off a bit of steam to us. She knows we will listen, and can sometimes see things from a different, more distant angle. She doesn't work on the covid front line, or in ICU, but has friends who do, and daily sees the state they are in. She treats c
  6. Yes, as I said chesters, they can lobby the Government, just as any organisation can, but they can't legislate. They've changed their web site to read 'governing body' from the original 'representative body', so they are working towards some kind of power, but I don't think it will be in your or my lifetime. You can ignore what you regard as ridiculous laws if you want, after all their are thousands that already ignore laws that they think are ridiculous. At least you say you are prepared to accept the consequences, be they financial, or medical for you personally, or to others, many cry
  7. As much as I dislike the Angling Trust chesters, you're wrong on this one. They haven't decreed anything, they haven't got the power, the Government have and did. All the ATr have done is ask the Government how this lockdown affected angling, and then reported back to the anglers, just like they did during the first lockdown. They did lobby the Government and eventually put forward a plan whereby angling could continue, as long as they followed the same criteria with regard to distance, sanitizing, etc as the rest of us. They will probably do the same this time. John.
  8. Well said Peter. If I broke the rules and went fishing, then I would be a Dick, even if I went on my own to an isolated place, all it would take was another Dick to see me, and think, 'if he can do it, then so can I', and then you've got two Dicks fishing. I'm not sure what the collective nouns for Dicks is, but if a few more saw me then we would have a multitude of Dicks on the waterside fishing. What are Dicks usually good for? F**king things up, and P***ing on things. If you want to P*** on things, and f*** things up, then go fishing. If you want to keep your loved ones safe, and prote
  9. Hi everyone, just logged on to see who's still about and to wish everybody..... well I would say the usual 'Happy' and 'Merry', but they sound a bit hollow this year, so I'll just wish for you all the same as I hope for, and that's a safe, healthy and as near normal as we can get, Christmas, and New year. Take care all. John.
  10. Did who catch, chesters? I can only speak for myself, but yes I'm still alive. I haven't been on here much, because I've not had much to post about, but see that the same old **** is still hitting the same old fans on here. I must admit that I admire your patience, stamina, and endurance, most people would have a concussion after hitting their head on a brickwall that often. Take care all, and stay safe. John.
  11. Were you posting on here when the big 'take a fish for the pot' debate was going on Phone? The result was that around 7/8 thousand 'anglers' out of an estimated 1.5 million, voted to ban the taking of fish from our rivers. Except that is for, 1 pike up to 65cms, 2 grayling between 30 and 38 cms, and 15 other fish under 20cms, per day. When I contacted the EA about my concerns, such as keeping the option to take fish, with suitable catch and size limits, would take some of the arguments from the antis, with regard to the situation in Germany and the green Party, he said that I could still
  12. I've stayed off this thread, indeed the whole site, because some of the the inane comments did my head in. Fortunately I can't see all of the posts, but I can imagine them from the replies I can see. But, if those I respect can keep returning to comment, then I can't see why I should be any different, but still with restrictions on what I can read. Here's an article from a young lady that I see as having a fairly balanced view on things, even if she does report for the unbalanced BBC! She sums up the present situation on both sides pretty fairly I feel, https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/wo
  13. gozzer


    Belated birthday wishes Ant. You're just a young'un. I remember thinking the same at your age, now I think, 'Bloody hell, it only seems a few years ago that I was 50, where have those last 20 years gone?' John.
  14. Hi phone, You're looking well, a little battle scarred like the rest of us, but on the whole not too bad. I've never knowingly inflicted an image of myself on anyone, especially on line, I've an aversion to having my picture taken anyway, and get annoyed with my family when they do, so your one up on me in that. As to the onions, I've had similar at TGI Fridays, and other 'Texmex' eateries, and enjoyed them. Take care mate John.
  15. I'm miles away from you so can't help with location, but I recently took my 5 year old grandson for his first fishing trip, and I think he's taken to it. Like you I couldn't find any safe, free places to take him, so I went to a stretch of canal that's on the books of a club I'm in. He doesn't need a licence, so I don't think he should need a day ticket, but just in case anyone said anything, I just rigged up a whip, (less hassle than a rod), and could say I was fishing, and just showing my grandson the ropes. His attention span is usually very short, in this case a little over an hour, s
  16. Hi John, I remember a thread about this some time ago, I think Newt was involved in it. As Vagabond says, I've found the fish tend to be more to the front/side of the obstruction, than in the slack behind it. If you picture the flow hitting the bridge pier, it will hit the front of it, and obviously flow round it. Where this happens, it creates an area of slower water, close to the sides of the structure, causing something similar to the bow wave effect from a boat. Like the water directly behind a moving boat, the area behind the pier will be turbulent to some extent, and less comfortabl
  17. Good to see you back posting and fishing Dave, and catching of course. You know only too well my thoughts on the 'stuffed with carp' waters, but seeing as it's you, I'll let you off. I saw a post on another forum that reminded me of you. It's from 2018, you might have seen it, but it's here just in case you haven't, and it might be of interest to others. http://www.dickwalker.co.uk/ I hope the link works, if not it's about the 100th anniversary of Dick Walker. There are interviews and articles about him and his exploits over the years. It brought back many memories from my yout
  18. Not sure what's happening, but it took 3 attempts to post the above, I had to copy it, sign back in and then paste it back in to reply. Is there a new 'timed out' limit on the new layout? John.
  19. I seem to be hearing the same from places all round the country Ian. Barbel seem scarcer this year, even on the usual 'hot spots' like the Trent, Severn, and Avon. Like you, I think that the heavy flooding over the winter has played a part, not the otters as a guy I met on the bank the other week kept insisting, we had a slightly heated, (more like luke warm), debate on the subject. I've not tried for them yet this year, I've reached the time of life when my approach is more sedate than it used to be. Walking a few miles of bank, to locate them is out now. I don't mind a longish walk to a spot
  20. You lot are weird, I can't hear a thing...thankfully John.
  21. Hi Martin, thanks for the info', I'll try and have a reccy to have a look at the place. I took my grandson for his first outing last Saturday, to the Aire and Calder canal at Stourton, it's on the Leeds book and I'm a member so no problem, and it's only 15 mins away with plenty of flat bank space. I just took a couple of whips, some spare hooks floats, nets, umbrella, and plenty to eat and drink. I thought that a couple of hours might be about the limit of his attention, but I was being a bit optimistic. I'm glad I just set up one whip, and as I set it up, I put a few maggots, and a small
  22. Hi everyone, I trust you're all keeping well. Not been on for a while, after my disappointment at myself for losing it, I decided to have a rest and maybe start anew. Not done a lot of fishing so far this year, joined a new club, and I've mainly been just fishing for whatever came along, but had some decent bags of roach along the way. I hoped to have taken my 5 year old grandson, for his first fishing outing, but this bloody virus and the weather, have put paid to that. This is the last week before he goes back to school, and he lives in a 'lock down' area, so no chance. My wife is
  23. Not been on for a while, and just decided to log on and see what was happening, great timing. Good to see you are still getting out and about on the bank Dave, albeit a bit slower, and with a few more restrictions. As long as you are still enjoying it, that's the important thing. You're getting more fishing done than me, I've lost my 'mojo' a bit recently, only been a half dozen times this year, still looking for that elusive 2lb roach, but a couple around 1lb mark have been the best I've managed. Take care and all the best to both you and Norma John.
  24. I can remember going to see Dr Hook in the 70s. It was the most painful prostate exam I've ever had! John.
  25. There were quite a few AN members who had little regard for the Angling Trust, Phone. Nick, (Worms) was one of them. He, like many of us, had difficulty getting any answers to questions we put to them when they first started. Some were barred from the forum that the ATr had set up, most of us had emails ignored. He hasn't been on here since sept 2017, and the last time I had any contact with him, he said he had an actual meeting with someone from the ATr. I never heard the outcome of the meeting, or heard from him again. On the topic of the Angling Trust, I've been following several thre
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