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  1. Read the caption and thought "Why doesn't he sit sideways on his bed-chair like other carp-fishers ?" I'll get me coat...
  2. Tigger sums it up "the water in front of you" Most important is the water clarity - Fish have eyes to see with, and a sense of smell to find food with when they can't see - for example on a moonless night or in intensely clouded water (eg carp puddles) Obviously in partially clouded water they may well use both senses. A secondary consequence of cloudy water is the colour intensity of the roach themselves - the cloudier the water, the more anaemic* the roach - and incidentally the more likely they are to be hybrids with rudd or bream rather than true roach. So the future holds
  3. Met Cliff when I was looking for an illustrator (angler cartoonist with warped S.O.H required to lighten the ramblings of a compulsive Rhadamanthinic piscator) After 2 minutes I had hired him, after 3 minutes we were planning fishing trips together. We fished for mullett in Essex (his place) Sussex (my place) and later the Severn and Wye for zander, pike barbel and salmon when Cliff had retired to Hay-on-Wye. I'm so pleased Cliff fulfilled his ambition with a 12lb salmon on fly in 2019 After retiring as a teacher, Cliff took a part-time job as a promoter of angling gear. Cut sho
  4. As readers of "Angling Vagabond" will know, my first reel I made myself in 1942 (aged eight) Yrs, others were skeptical when I wrote about it back around 2002, so I persuaded the 9 year old son of a friend to make a replica (First I had to teach him how to saw straight and how to drill straight, and how to drive in a nail straight - whatever primary schools taught in 2002 seemed of little practical use) With a little help, he succeeded. Coupled with a rowan rod the oufit caught plenty of tench including four and five pounders for both of us. It was written up with illustrations for Fresh
  5. Not everywhere ! Brixham Harbour has two notices on display One by the Lifeboat launching slip. telling people not to park there and threatening offenders with a penalty of about thirty quid, The other notice is where the mullett swim, and says NO FISHING and warns offenders of fines up to £1000 - yes a grand. Strange priorities - obstructing a potential life boat call-out apparently considered trivial beside the heinous crime of dangling a worm in the harbour. Who makes these "rules" ?
  6. I have caught mullet on light float tackle (think roach) using red harbour ragworm. live sandhoppers, maggot and bread. All work sometimes, but I suspect that casting float tackle spooks the mullet fairly often. I have had better results using a brown or green nymph, about #12 and tied fairly sparsely -fished a la Skues (read up anything by Skues, Ollie Kite or Frank Sawyer) this method particularly effective in tidal creeks and channels where and when there is an appreciable current. Direction of light with respect to fly and fish is important - ie if the fish is uplight of th
  7. I posted this in the obituary thread - or I thought I did SORRY MOD, PLEASE RE-ALLOCATE
  8. Revisiting the title of this thread, lets try hindsight from a different perspective..... If we had stayed in the EU (ie if we had listened to the socialists) we would not have been able to negotiate a vaccine supply, but would have been caught up in the present EU vaccino-politico-claptrap. Instead of over 25 million of our citizens being vaccinated, we would still be awaiting a dribble of vaccines, and still squabbling over "priorities" That would have meant a number of us catching Covid-19 (or one of its mutants) with the inevitable result of hospitaliza
  9. Pete, a great all-round angler. Known for many good roach from the London reservoirs, also many good bass, some fly-caught salmon, and not a few big mullet He founded the London Specimen Hunters Club and seemed ro attract namesakes as his fishing mates - I remember one such gathering that included Pete himseld and Petes Grundel. Mead. Ellis and Hall. Go fishing with that lot, hook a decent fish and shout "Pete, Net !" and you had five chances of assistance.
  10. I could tell a similar story about a pond stocked with bream and silver bream. I was called in to settle a dispute. One bloke reckoned he hsd caught a 3 lb silver bream. Half the club supported him, the other half hated his guts and wanted his fish, him, and all his tribe exterm er disqualified. I was authorised to dissect a couple of small samples and examine their pharyngeal teeth. It will not necessarily show anything I told them, but they said they had looked the numbers of teeth up in a book They would examine the teeth they said, they just needed me to provide them, as the
  11. I've pulled forward my post of two years ago. If I had followed my schoolboy whim and become a bookie, I might well have become a billionaire like Denise and left the day to day running of the betting shops to underlings whilst enjoying the proceeds. I could have afforded many more trips abroad after exotic species, more salmon fishing, my own marlin boat and luxury back-up etc etc.. - and as a result of the life-style that went with it, probably died of a stroke in my fifties - or not - as Chesters might put it. The amount of money spent by betting firms on advertisements
  12. Thanks BB for a good summary of how wind affects carp Also see my comments on venue 2 in the earlier thread "Winding Down" As Dick Walker once said "How much intelligence, for the love of Mike, does an angler need to realise that floating food will go where the wind blows it ?"
  13. Try the slack buffer zone just above the bridge piers - it seems counter-intuitive but there is often a good trout there. A place I have often found disappointing is the fishy-looking pool below a waterfall. It always looks inviting - sends me the clear message "now here be monsters" but I can't remember ever catching anything but "run-of-the-mill" fish from such spots
  14. It happens to be convenient for us to use three similar bank accounts - her money, my money and a household account. As some sort of compensation for a miserly, derisory and sheer bloody "stuff you. moosh" rate of interest, our bank has cut a "deal" with a publishing company. As a result we get a "free" monthly mag with each account. One on Birdwatching, for Norma, one on preserved Steam Locomotives for me, and as no other candidate is worth considering, thought "Improve Your Coarse Fishing" would provide a laugh or two. The first two are acceptable, a bit "Mickey Mouse" in places,
  15. I've met him ! A minor club official with delusions of grandeur. Didn't have any I.D. on him but demanded to see my club card and licence. I told him to go climb a tree. Re the salties... The only other occasion where wildlife stopped me fishing was on the Oykel Fly fishing for Salmon , wading a rapid, above a deep pool, and was attacked by midges. I was not being bitten much, but two eyes full of midges meant I couldn.t see - in a fast current in midstream. Chucking handfuls of river water into my eyes was all I could do and the midges came back as soon as I stopped the i
  16. Bob, we've had some ! Fishing the Top End in a tinny, we were free lining blueys into likely barra spots and slowly retrieviing them as we drifted uo a tidal creek. One spot seemed pretty good, several barras around the 10 lb mark. So we put the hook down. After a bit I got snagged - pulled for a break, and the "snag" went away across the bottom. then climbed up the creek bank and revealed itself as a 4 ft saltie. Then Norma hooked another "snag" - a 6-footer this time . We had a few more. "Al" I said to the guide, "is it my imagination, or is each croc we see bigger than t
  17. Chris, Steve - I have a draft for another book, following on from A.V. My indoor hobby, now that tackle making and fly-tying are beyond my tremor-racked hands, is postal history, especially rail-related postal history ("The Night Mail crossing the border " etc ) - it does not leave much time for book production - since retiring I have often wondered how I ever found time to go to work !
  18. Hi Bobj We have a range of orchids indoors. Cymbidiums, Cattleya, Masdevallia, Odontoglossums, Oncidiums, Paphiopedilums, Phalaenopsis and Dendrobium. All flower regularly except the Dendrobiums, all three of which flowered once, two years ago, but nothing since. Have followed what the books say re watering, humidity, temperature, light etc, but they show no sign of flowering. Good healthy new growth but no flower buds. We must be missing something, Dendrobia are supposed to be easy to grow and flower. Any comment ?
  19. Done that twice. Typed a new version into "Profile" Saved it. Can't find a way of replacing the old version with the new one.
  20. As an RNLI governor, I agree with Chesters, and will be "considering my position" "Saving Lives at Sea" is one thing, facilitating illegal immigration is something else. ...... and Yes, I fully realise that finding the dividing line is difficult, but clearly, we cannot go on as at present.
  21. Would not accept my jpegs even after cropping, so considered my blood pressure and gave up. You will have to imagine a very ordinary silvery common of about 2 lb from Venue 1 captioned "one of many" and an eight-pound partly scaled yellowfin mirror from Venue 2 captioned "Fish from a barrel". Both are shown resting on the net, which is in turn resting on an unhooking mat, which id in its turn resting on the grass. All very comfy - keeps the carp huggers happy. Next question - how does one get at what used to be called your "signature" on the old system ? I wish to bring the s
  22. Thanks Chesters, and thanks again for the copy pf Carp Fever. good history of the early hair rig trials. I wonder what BB, Walker, Hutchinson and Maddocks would make of modern carp puddles. Those four are all good reading, Glad you too have a good tomato crop. Norma has turned all our main tomato crop into concentrated soup, salsa, sauce and other products which have been bottled, frozen and otherwise stored -should last until next years crop is ready, although we are still picking. Stacks of Bramley apples this year also. Norma has just taken a gallon of tomato soup
  23. Have just tried to add a couple of pics - without success. I don't use third parties, and could not find a way to add files direct. Any comments or advice ?
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