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  1. That is a real cracker of a perch Rusty. Many congratulations.


    It was interesting that it was almost exactly the same shape as a 4 pounder I had from a still water some years ago. Much the same time of year too.


    Probably a typical pre-spawning bulge.


    I am still trying for a 4 pound river perch to go with my still-water one.


    Thanks for reminding me there are some out there !


    I'm sure you will agree with this quote


    "A big perch is the biggest fish there is" Dick Walker


    Oh, and just read the rest of the thread. Congratulations to Chris also. However many big fish you have had before, a 4 lb perch is still something special.

  2. Perhaps it wasn't a good idea to move the thread to a blog.



    Must agree - only found it via the link.


    As I understand things, the tour starts - Wingham > chez Vagabond > chez Peter Waller, with me providing the transport links represented by ">"


    We have arranged to be at home at that time :):)


    Off to Belize, then Texas, next week. Return Jan 4th.


    Will start to flesh out the details then.


    Dave and Norma

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