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  1. "Toast is nice." .................and easy to make.... "when its brown it's burning, when its black it's ready" What we used to call a Boy Scout aide memoire - applies to sausages as well
  2. Hi Bobj We were on our own when we caught fingermark (Lutjanus johnii) in the NT, so dunno what the locals called 'em, but both sets of crews we went with on the Ord river (W.A.) and on Cape York (QLD) called them fingermark. I have also heard them called "John's snapper" I think in South Africa and of course restaurants the world over call any tropical sea fish with a spiky dorsal "Red Snapper" Good luck at the Keep River - I remember it well, - wish I'd known where to look for the Gouldian finches BEFORE the trip ! The only fish I heard called "golden snapper" was a
  3. Is that better or worse than "Vote Theresa, get Jeremy" ?
  4. Well, those aren't bad, but if you fish the top end, Fingermark Bream take some beating. Down in Tas, my favourite with chips was the Southern Sand Flathead.
  5. Last time we had a puncture to our campervan in Australia was about 15 years ago, when I was still a strapping young man in my 60s. I was still well capable of seeing to the job myself. Nevertheless at least three other vehicles stopped to help . they almost came to blows as to who was to change my wheel. By that time wisdom was beginning to overtake pride so I let them get on with it. Its good to know there are still such folk about.
  6. Re Mark's post#12 That must have been before or after the Reynolds-Wagstaffe alliance Between them Fred and Bob contributed many articles on their Irish adventures. I remember the situations, but not the order they came in. So my contributions probably apply to some periods in the late 1960s/early 1970s I only met Reynolds once. (when I fished a lake in Northampton wirh Chevin - Billing I think it was called) Webb not at all, but fished with Fred Waggers a few times,again with Ian Howcroft (Chevin) Also before or after the above Fred Wagstaffe and Jim Gibbinson spent a lot
  7. Ray Wilson I believe No it was Ray Webb as Mark says below , bought and lived in a small van - dunno about a boat There was also a pair who travelled around the UK and Ireland - had a boat known as The Black Pig Fred Wagstaffe and Bob Reynolds. Caught a lot of fish and wrote a lot of articles
  8. I didn't know that either - but have never seen them for sale with shell stilll on' One thing I did learn at an early age was not to ear sweet chestnut raw.. They are delicious, but the tiny hairs that coat them inside the brown skin cause a really vicious sore throat.
  9. The case reminds me of the officials of West Hartlepool during Napoleonic times, when an escaped monkey was captured and allegedly hanged as a French spy. To be consistent the dog should be tried also MEANWHILE, BE CAREFUL HOW YOU HAIL A TAXI.
  10. Do you remember an article by Dick Walker on the industrial archaeology of spirit levels ? Entitled "Buckden's Breamers" it was hilarious - "the best bubbles for spirit levels come from bream, and collecting them at the waterside and transferring them unbroken to the glass tube in the level is becoming a lost art" I think it appeared in an April edition of "Angling"
  11. Going back to original post....... Bearing in mind this happened a few days before Russa's elections, then even if it did happen as May suggested, there is no way Putin could admit to losing control of a chemical weapon - it would be domestic political suicide at worst or a great loss of face at best. One recent development puzzles me. If this agent is so bloody toxic, how come the victims are recovering ? As Chesters said, polonium works,, why should the assassins bother with anything else. ? That in itself might be a clue as to who was responsible.
  12. "Scots whae' fish wi' saumon roe Scots whae' sniggle as ye go, Will ye stand the baillie ? - No Let the limmer dae Noo's the dae and noo's the time Poison a' the burns wi' lime Fishin' fair's a dastard crime We're for fishin' free " Andrew Lang (without apologies AFAIK to Robbie Burns)
  13. Don't be "nervous" - be bloody terrified - and stay out of it, at least until you have a much better picture of the vagaries of this particular estuary, which may well reinforce your present views. If you do venture out, do so initially on an incoming neap tide I don't know this particular estuary in detail, but similar ones have rapid ebb flows across shallow water with constantly shifting sandbanks
  14. Richard H N Hardy Aged 94 Renowned by hundreds, nay, thousands of railwaymen for his leadership, engineering skill and footplate ability over many decades
  15. Roger Bannister The first man to officially run the mile in under four minutes "Other men may in the future, run it faster - but nobody else can run it first"
  16. .....and I for one look forward to reading your contributions. Welcome back. and as I type, my eye falls upon the tub containing your auction winnings from the last fish-in - I plan to bring it to the next fish-in - - see you there ?
  17. Very true - fortunately we can keep both car and campervan on the drive for the next few days until the thaw comes. The main hazards are the various groups you mention - it doesn't matter how good a winter rally driver one might be - if some prat has got himself stuck broadside across a narrow road,nothing can get by A big 16-wheel artic was jammed across the road in front of our drive for most of Monday
  18. We had 9" in a couple of hours on Monday 26th, but cloudless after that and the sun has burnt half of it off the open ground. No more snow since but still below freezing and fierce E/NE winds have blown the snow off the trees. Many birds feeding on our scraps, pheasants, jays, other corvids, gulls and about 20 different smaller species.
  19. I've seen hooks (around #2 to # 2/0 ) like that for sale in Texas - designed apparently for "Night Crawlers" (big,BIG lobworms)
  20. First I've heard of it.............Has Trump sacked him?
  21. Woodlarks singing on the heath areas of Ashdown Forest, Songthrush singing in our garden We are keeping the bird-feeders full and our birdbath topped up with hot water during this cold snap. Local ponds still frozen over.
  22. Given that a trained gun-toting policeman elected not to risk his life, can you imagine the average teacher facing a repeating rifle with a hand gun ? Carried to its logical conclusion Trump's thinking will have the schoolkids themselves armed to the teeth Playground squabbles would not last long..........
  23. True enough in the usual sizes, but I am struck with the similarities between my Airflo T7, ( which i use for fly fishing for tarpon, barracuda, permit and similar beasts) and reels such as the Merlin and larger Aerials - when a big fish puts them into "knucklecracker" mode. there is not a lot of difference When the handle(s) become(s) a blur, use the heel of the hand on the rim. A mate of mine, describing a fight with a big trevally said "The second stupidest thing I ever did whilst fishing was to try to slow the fish by putting my thumb on the spool. THE most stupid was, after g
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