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  1. I understand where you are coming from Vagabond concerning hybrids, but I will worry about that if I get a big 'un. the roach i have caught so far have looked true to me , but I wouldn't know about down to the molecular level.

    Casters are a good shout, they do sort out a better stamp of fish.

    my biggest problem is that I just enjoy catching fish and watching the float go under and I always find it hard to ignore small and medium sized fish and just sitting it out for the chance of a big one. which is probably why I haven't caught one! I keep intending to be a bit more discerning and next time I will be....maybe





  2. I have been fishing a fairly small commercial lake (about 3 acres) which holds some good sized roach to over 2lb+. it holds lots of tench and crucians so winter is the easiest time to target the roach. I have caught them to over the pound or so floatfishing maggot. any ideas on how to sort out the big boys ? i'm thinking legered bread or worm, anyone got a cunning plan for me?

  3. Hi

    I am giving my Match a bit of an overhaul and am not sure what type of grease is suitable for the gears etc, will any any easily obtainable grease be suitable or must it be a specialist product ? I assume it needs to be fairly light and good for a widish range of temperatures

    any suggestions?






  4. Hi all,

    I have a shakespeare fixed spool which has a knackered clutch, can anybody recomend a reliable reel repair workshop?

    I am based in west sussex (not sure if that has any relevence though apart from saving on postage!)







  5. I can second the recommendation for the Nash Daddy Longlegs, it is slightly taller with arm rests and has proved very comfortable for the 10 or so years I have had it. only downside is its not the lightest of chairs, which, with a bad back, may be an issue in itself.





  6. Cheers Mike!


    Does it pick up line decently at range? I would use it for trotting for grayling, roach, perch, and probably chub fishing with something like a couple of maggots on a strong #16 to a 3lb bottom, but not for targeting big fish in snags. I'd also use it for general waggler fishing for roach, perch and rudd where there is a chance of larger fish but they aren't the target.

    Depends what you mean by range ! the swims i fish don't usually allow more than 30metres and it picks up well. I usually use it with my trusty mitchell match and 3lb mainline and feels nicely balanced. If I do get kippered by decent fish it's usually my own damn fault when a chub spots a snag right under my rod tip before I do!



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  7. Steve

    I have a Matchpro Ultrllight 14' and use it for most of my float fishing, river and lake and really like it. I would n't use it for heavier work anything over 4lb mainline but I use it for trotting and caught plenty of chub on it, but it's not a rod for bullying fish on though.

    Excellent piece of kit.




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  8. I live opposite the Arun and had a quick walk along the stretch opposite and could see no evidence of a problem on this bit, it seems the affected stretch is just downstream. The EA acted pretty quickly so hopefully it has limited the damage and we've had a lot of rain but I don't know whether thats a good or a bad thing. and I guess it will be a while before the true extent becomes clear and that those responsible will be prosecuted and made to pay for any restocking that will be necessary.

  9. He still writes a monthly column for the Times and whilst he's mainly a game angler I've always enjoyed his articles and certainly

    haven't found his writing as flawed as you suggest. But I haven't read his 'On fishing' yet so I have just added it to my birthday list,

    and if my wife can find it I'll have a read and see if his style is better suited to the shorter format rather than the longer.



  10. thanks modernmike im hoping the wind tommorrow isnt gonna be a howler like they say otherwise im not gonna get a good presentation on pole or waggler .


    Might have to commit to quiver either maggot feeder or small cage , ive got some squats to use up so i will probebly mix those with some green swimstim , what do u think?


    Personally I'd stick with the waggler approach, its not a big lake and you won't need to fish to far out, you'll still get decent

    presentation if the bites are a bit finicky. i'd loose feed as well(unless the wind blows it straight back in your face!) wouldn't

    put too much feed in to start. i'm biased though I'll always use a float if I can.




  11. Tony

    The advice given on the website about winter fishing is pretty accurate, float fish light, singel maggot

    feeding little and often etc on the pole or waggler.

    I was down there last weekend and cought roach and rudd on said methods and the water was cold and still partly

    frozen, so as its milder I reckon it should fish ok. Not sure the crucians will feed though.

    Good luck



  12. Yes, I've seen the usual numbers on my local stretches of the Mole, including a pair chasing

    each other noisily up and down the river for half the day. Seen a few herons as well this year.

    I was slightly hoping that the local parakeet population might have taken a bit of a hit, but the

    noisy buggers seem to have adapted (a bit too) well!

  13. It is true, Tiddlertamer, I have had it happen many times to me at Bury Hill. The water is not particularly deep in a lot

    of the swims and when hooked they belt off and leap clean out of the water! but after this initial exitement they usually revert

    to type and give up.

  14. Chris

    I fished BuryHill a couple of weeks back (last day of the fishing season) and had 20 tench and a dozen or so

    bream all on double red maggot from, I think, peg 29. I didn't bother with ground bait just loose fed. It has been

    recently restocked with tench which probably explains my good fortune. As the weather warms up (!) the fish move into the shallower swims and also take bigger baits (I've often done ok on pellet for bream and tench).

    Hope this helps good luck



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