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  1. Not perch but when there’s a lot of colour in t river mouth I always find the cod in the Tyne more likely to take worms
  2. Hi all. I’m looking at buying a caravan here - has anyone fished it. It’s the black hole on google maps two miles from the coast and 4 miles south of silloth.
  3. What real are you pairing it with? For the trotting you have to try a pin and that will marry well with an Avon.
  4. Age is a terrible thing. I used to think nothing of walking 5 or 6 miles to fish a chubby spot. Now drive to a safe place because I dont think I could. Had some lovely experiences in leamingron spa up stream from the sport centre rolling a lob worm under bushes on a stream. Big roach and perch and the odd chub. Never a barbel. Sounds great.
  5. Interesting season this year. Lots of make but also herring off the pier and in the river Tyne. Unbelievable.
  6. I had a lot of cod this summer off Amble, decent sized fish as well but still not seen any of the 30lbers we used to see landed at Whitby when I was a child. There have been a lot of herring this year off the tyne which I've never seen in numbers before and they should be good food fish for the cod.
  7. I've caught a lot of fish with hooks in them and I#'ve caught lines with hooks attached which have clearly been in the water some time. deep hooking usually equals dead fish.
  8. I've got the browning revolver spinning like a dream, the purist is the making the tiniest hum, both spinning happily next to me at my desk. Which to use which to use???? a bag of maggots, a small bag of bits and some bread mash, a few big lob works and i'll be set. got a new baby due this summer so going to have to make the most of the next couple of weeks. tight lines all
  9. took your advice leon and went fishing yesterday. hands were blue but fish were biting, wierd weather,
  10. sorry steve, i'm one of those who looked but i'm based in the north east so can't help but if you're up here give me a shout, there are plenty of rock marks near the road with parking nearbye. No gurnard but plenty of whiting and cod at the moment but it's a long drive. if trying somewhere new i often scope around the rocks via google maps to find parking, possible features etc. sorry can't be of more help.
  11. There have been some flocks of gulls hitting sanderling or similar. May well be the returning thousands causing them to ball. Any other signs up the east coast?
  12. Thought the trout season was over. Have they been scrapped now?
  13. Hi I have a holiday home that I rent out (wont put a link here but google the old church melkridge if you do want to know more). I need to rent it out out of the main season and the area i'm in is popular for shooting and salmon fishing (we're next to the south tyne). Anyone any ideas of places to target. We need to get it booked out most of the year round. Out of season it's £600 but sleeps up to 10 and is a good 4* quality. What do you think, Elton what do you think? cheers. elton if this is spam just take out the info about the google etc, i was just trying to give
  14. Alan roe is the man to ask if hestill posts much on here ( sorry been off for a while). Do a search for his post or get a moderator to pm him. It's his home turf.
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