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  1. Looks very interesting, I could probably make a guess, looking at it, but what's the technique exactly? I would definitely like to have one in my box for the doggies.
  2. Last Sunday a Thornback Ray of 22lb 11oz was caught from the Salcombe estuary, beating the old record of 21lb 12 oz from Scotland in 1985.
  3. Have a look here: http://web.ukonline.co.uk/aquarium/diary/p...peelercrab.html Don't be afraid to ask basic questions though Klaus. Somebody will usually take the time time to answer rather than sneer at your obvious inexperience. Wouldn't hurt to do a Google first though.
  4. ...doesn't the term "tackle tarts" ring any bells Elton?
  5. Way,way,way more comfortable. I've had one for 6 months or so and can't remember what a wet, cold or numb bum is. Great back support too. Only down side is the clips are cr&p, so save your OK ones and swap them over. I also found the plastic buckles slipped a bit (dunno if anyone else has that problem though) so I sewed them in place - minor niggle. At that price it'll probably become a very popular seat.
  6. Cheers, that's reassuring, any idea how they might have got the info?
  7. Ask any mechanic and they will tell you that supermarket fuel is inferior and a false economy. If we're going to boycott anyone it should be Tesco/Sainsburys. Might keep a few small shops in business as well.
  8. Nope (at least not to my knowledge) I have no idea how they got my details. I can understand why you moved this, but don't you think it's worth a mention on the forums? I know I never read this one and if it is a dodgy scam, it'd be a shame for people not to know about it. Is there any way someone can access my email address by coming on here?
  9. Just received a spam email today(see below) from someone who has obviously been collecting usernames from forums to put together his promotion/scam. This is not the only forum I use this username on, so it could have been picked up elsewhere. Obviously, I didn't respond or click any links. I'd advise extreme caution, if anyone else receives a similar email Elton. I'd like to know if there is any affiliation between this forum and the web site in question. Hello paintfly, htt.p://b0o.com just finished merging the soccer-art.co.uk database with its own. All your posts and thread
  10. Agree - detachment never happens. I have a crabs at each end of my bungy, one clipped to the other and the other clipped to the trolley crab, so both are above the water line. I've never come loose from even the smallest buoy, not even at slack water where, conceivably, you might drift backward and the loop come off the buoy, but then it wouldn't be a problem anyway. Even the weakest flow keeps the bungy loop taught and virtually impossible to slip over the buoy.
  11. Good move. Just want to reiterate the potential problems you could be setting yourself up for if you buy from the US. FF's take a hell of a lot of abuse on a yak and I reckon the 2 yr warranty is easily worth the extra you pay in the UK. I can't go into details, as J.O. have specifically asked me not to, but basically, I made the mistake of buying what seemed like a bargain and when things turned ugly Johnsons made all my problems disappear when they didn't have to and for no charge. If you haven't realised what a helpful and supportive company they are, both to individuals and our sport in g
  12. I know Biggar, I've flown at Tinto, to the West, on my hang glider. Looks like you're nice and centrally placed for both coasts. Should be plenty of good fishing for you.
  13. Can anybody make a positive ID for this bream I caught at Eastbourne Ledge on Monday? I was thinking maybe a Golden Bream, it had distinctly yellow stripes, but I've been told they're not a native species. It's certainly looks like a different species to the common black bream I caught earlier.
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