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  1. i thought there bright give them ago , why not will let you know how i get on
  2. i can find some bread, no pellets, canel fishing, just float fishing,
  3. oops i think i need glasses sorry to here you never got much, least you tried
  4. i hope i have a catch, if not a few bites, im taking sweetcorn, tinned ham and cherries as bait as i missed my tackle shop for maggots today do you think this will be okay,any other bait ideas would be much apprichated? thanks scott
  5. good look with your match, hope you dont have to think about the onw that got away lol
  6. hi does anyone know if there are any tackle shops open on sundays in derby? as i need a few bits thanks scott
  7. there used to be a maggot farm where i used to live, they even did blue strange i thought
  8. hi that sounds great im 30, i need all the help i can get, i dont drive but can get my partner to drop me off,cant wait.not sure if you can send a private message on here i can send you my number. thanks scott
  9. Hi does anyone come from derby who could spare a bit of time to help with some angling, as im new and could do with the help?. thankyou scott
  10. this one lol http://www.northamptonneneanglingclub.co.uk/Knots.htm
  11. hi im in DERBY, NEW SINFIN, if anyone could help would be great thanks scott
  12. okay thats great, but do i need to put super glue on it can i not just leave it? scott
  13. hi i found this page http://www.northamptonneneanglingclub.co.uk/Knots.htm with the knot i need how do i dress the knot? thanks
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