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  1. Hi Guys, Im here to ask for your help. This includes all anglers : sea, coarse, game, kayak, boat etc etc. http://www.facebook.com/groups/savewhitbyspiers/ Anglers at Whitby are now without 2 of the best fishing marks in our area. Both piers are closed to the public due to neglect of upkeep of the structures by Scarborough Borough Council. We have formed a facebook protest group at the link below, and we are holding a protest on the entrance to the outer west pier to express or disgust at Scarborough Councils Underinvestment in our town and pier. I realise a lot of you will be
  2. Come on guys lets have you signing up. Its for a good cause. 1,100 members in 24 hours and growing fast : http://www.facebook.com/groups/15059182169...151141268309728 Save Whitby Piers Facebook Group
  3. Believe it when I see it. You lasted 20 minutes last year before you went mop fishing.
  4. A big well done to Paul Brittain on a good catch for the time of year. There was also some good pollack throughout the festival. These came from Sea Urchin and trot on And cod in numbers on 2 doggs All in all another great festival for Whitby
  5. Try 1st wet and wild of Hull http://www.whitbyseaanglers.co.uk/forum/in...p?topic=20458.0
  6. Some lovely fish there Barry. How big was the biggest pollack ? They are my favourite fish to catch, but when I was talking to Paul about them recently he said they dont fight as well in deep water because their swim bladders often blow. Is this something you have experienced ? When we catch them on the kayaks, in 20-30 ft of water they go ballistic.
  7. If 95% of anglers want to target cod, all I can say is that 95% of anglers have never sampled the fight given by a good sized pollack on light tackle. Ive had cod to 22lb with yourself and pollack to 10lb from the kayak. If you gave me a choice of the 2, the pollack would win hands down. There is no other fish like them in UK waters. As for what customers want. Heres a question. When your phone rings on an evening and the lads book in. Do you ask them what they want to fish for, or do you say bring plenty of shads and squid ? Im not against cod fishing, I thoroughly enjoy it, but its
  8. Heres some fish caught well inshore by commercial operators
  9. Somebody needs to educate the Whitby Charter Skippers on species fishing. The potential is huge at Whitby yet you will be lucky to get a skipper to steam away from traditional cod grounds. The kayak lads have pushed the boundaries of the inshore fishing where there is more species than you can shake a stick at, Ive seen pollack to almost 15lb in 20 foot of water and they swim like an exocet missile. I doubt you will catch a conger but I would love for you to prove me wrong, but the potential for big Turbots, halibuts, Skate, Haddock, Pollack, monkfish etc etc etc is there as the commercial
  10. I hope not. They havent a clue about sea anglers or what they want. As Clive says, dont expect too much in the way of change. A few more jobs for the boys, another layer of beurocracy and no more fish will be the end result here.
  11. Try tax. By far the largest part of the money we pay for fuel is in taxes. Ill just mention something else as well. When I started my job 13 years ago I got 42p per mile fuel allowance. At that point petrol was 65p per litre. I now get 47p per mile and petrol is £1.30 per litre. Thats a lot of menoey to loose each month of your income. But they tell me I am lucky to have a job. So I just keep quiet.
  12. I have mixed feelings about this. Removal of the primary care trusts is good as its streamlining management (at the moment the whole system is top heavy with managers who seem to do very little). Gp Commissioning could be a good thing as it will remove that middle level of management. However, do the the GP's have the time and expertise to run the show ? Also with the new funding for results system in foundation trusts, you will have the staff on the ground so caught up in a new level of bureaucracy designed to prove what work they are doing, they will now no longer have enough time to do
  13. Was going to ask where it was. Ive had to offers of free holidays to Norway recently and foolishly never went. I was invited Salmon fishing on the Guala In July, and also to Trondheimsfjord for some winter cod fishing only a few days ago. Hope to get out there one day soon.
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